How to make a superior golf pre-shot routine in just 5 simple steps right now

When you step onto the first tee of the golf course, your physical skills are what they are. How well you access your best skills, is largely down to the quality of your golf pre-shot routine. How you feel and what you focus on before and during every shot will have a big effect on your execution. In this article, we’re going to unpack the pre-shot routine in golf and determine the steps that you need to take to maximize your chances of a good outcome.

How to play better golf in winter this year with these top 5 winter golf tips

If you’re a golfer that’s familiar with temporary greens or using a hammer to get your tee in the ground, your season likely comes to an end by the time kids are knocking on the door saying Trick-or-Treat. Finding Winter golf tips is a common practice for those that live in the northern hemisphere. The winter months away from the course provide ample time to think about what you want to accomplish next season.

How Zac Radford is pursuing his PGA Tour dream and what you can learn from it

Unlike a generation of golfers following in Tiger Woods footsteps taking up golf as soon as they can walk, pro golfer Zac Radford has taken a different path. He didn’t take up golf until later in High School after being introduced to the game by his father and grandfather. Growing up playing baseball he learnt the hand eye co-ordination skills that would later benefit a blossoming golfing career.

The 7 Critical Golf Swing Steps You Must Know To Play Better Golf Today

What makes golf difficult is the thousands of different golf instruction methods available and the endless confusion it causes golfers. Most golfers get overwhelmed and lose sight of the very basic steps that are needed to play better golf. The internet has caused much confusion to golfers with its endless supply of videos and articles giving golfers a non-stop supply of knowledge on their golf swings.

Benefits of Golf for Children: 3 proven reasons to start them early & grow

"I never played a round when I didn't learn something new about the game." - Ben Hogan. There's probably not a golfer around who wouldn't agree with the great Ben Hogan. The benefits of golf for children is enormous. Golf is a game of constant learning, practicing, honing and humbling.  And the learning aspect of it translates well beyond the fairways. Starting your children with golf may be one of the best things you can do for them. There's so much children can learn from the game on a physical, social and emotional level and so many benefits they can gain from spending time on the green.

Hands In The Golf Swing: The 4 Phases They Move Every Golfer Must Know

The role of the hands in the golf swing is an important, yet often misunderstood, concept. Most of what you’ll find in golf instruction literature will focus on the configuration of your hands on the club, and how certain types of grips effect the ball flight, etc. However, the hands do so much more than just grip the club. Now in many instances in golf, more information can be detrimental. As my father once said, a clutter mind always says no. However, with the proper knowledge of how the hands interact with the club, and the rest of the body for that matter, you will find yourself hitting more accurately and consistently when out on the course.

7 great ways you can encourage your kids into golf today

You enjoy golf. You know it's a great way to relax, get outside and get some exercise with a little bit of healthy competition thrown in. You'd love it if your kids would unplug themselves from their devices, pick up a club and get out there to enjoy it with you. In this technology driven world it's becoming more and more difficult to get kids into golf and competing in outdoor activities.

The 4 Best Golf Apps Today That Make Golf Easier For You To Shoot Lower Scores

It only makes sense that if you want to play your best golf, it helps to have the best technology at your disposable. Having the best golf apps in your arsenal is a great way to get the edge in your golf game and make improvement faster than ever. Golf swing apps can help you identify problems in your golf game quicker than any golf lesson could.

Best Young Golfers today: What Makes Them Great & What we Can Expect From Them in 2018 And Beyond

World golf is fortunate to have a number of talented young golfers as we enter 2018. All golfers have proven themselves to have incredible world class talent and have been successful on the global stage, some even at the highest major level. These best young golfers have combined to win all four majors collectively and represented their countries at both the Ryder Cup and President’s cup. So what makes their golf game so good and why they’ve achieved the success they have at such a young age?

How to Hit Irons: 3 Death Moves You Must Avoid & What To Do Instead

Do you regularly hit your irons off the toe or heel and struggle to reach the green? Maybe you catch the ball thin or fat and watch the ball either fly over the back of the green or come up 30-yards short? If you are guilty of either one of these then it’s likely you want to know how to hit irons consistently and hit more of your targets. I learnt these moves from the team at Rotary Swing who provide the most comprehensive golf instruction training online.

Why Jordan Spieth’s golf swing wins majors and what you can learn to improve your own swing

Jordan Spieth is one of the brightest young stars of world golf. With a collection of majors already in his possession he’s destined for a great career as his game continues to go from strength to strength. But, why is Jordan such a good player? What makes his game perform so well at the top level tournament after tournament? The Jordan Spieth golf swing is analysed every round he plays as experts try to dissect what makes him so good.

Lag in the Golf Swing: 4 Ways You Can Create Massive Lag & Launch Longer Golf Shots

Are you consistently one of the shortest hitters in your group every round of golf you play? Do you struggle to reach long par-4’s in two and need to use a lot of hybrids and 3-woods for your approach shots? If either of these sound like you then it’s likely you find it difficult to create sufficient lag in the golf swing and are desperate for that extra bit of power to help make the game easier. Well you’re not alone, most golfers I see struggle for distance and as a result find golf a lot more difficult than it needs to be. 

How to Get Better at Golf Without Lessons: 9 Proven Ways You Can Do It Today

Are you always busy and have no time to practice golf and improve your golf swing? Maybe you’re short of cash and can’t afford in person golf lessons with your local pro to re-shape your golf swing and find improvement? If either of these sound like you then you’ve probably searched online looking for ways how to get better at golf without lessons.

The Truth About Putting Review: The #1 Putting Program Online Gets You Fewer Putts & Lower Scores

Do you have more than 33 putts every round of golf you play? Do you struggle to make those nervy 6-foot putts for par and 3-putt more than once every 18 holes? If you’re guilty of either one of these, then The Truth About Putting program is just what you’re after. I went through and tested the program and completed this comprehensive The Truth About Putting review to give you a better overview of the program so you can decide if it’s right for you.

Consistent Golf Swing: How The 1% Of Golfers Shoot Consistent Golf Scores

Have you ever played a round of golf where for 12 holes you were on fire and then all of a sudden your game fell apart and you crashed the last 6 holes when a great round was in sight? Or, maybe you were playing terrible for 12 holes and then all of sudden a ‘light bulb’ goes off in your head and your game suddenly improves and start hitting everything flush for the remainder of the round? If this sounds like you, then creating a consistent golf swing and shooting more consistent golf scores is probably at the top of your golf wish lists.

Shallow Out Your Golf Swing: Avoid 3 Mistakes Made by 99% of Golfers

Do you struggle to hit the centre of the clubface with most of your golf shots? Does your golf swing come down very steep and results in a lot of inconsistent shots left and right of the target? If either of these sound like you then learning to shallow out your golf swing is one of most important parts of the golf swing you can learn.

Body For Golf Review: The #1 Golf Fitness Program Online Gets You a Better Body & Lower Scores

Does your body feel sore and tired after every round of golf? Do you regularly get injuries as a result of playing golf? If either of these sound like you , then Body For Golf by Susan Hill might just be what you’re after. It’s completely different from most golf instruction you’ll see online today because it focuses on getting the most out of your body so you can swing the golf club that way it’s supposed to. Professional Golf Fitness, Golf Biomechanic and Sports Nutritionist Susan Hill has put together this highly rated program that has achieved amazing results in the golf industry.

Mental Golf Training: Why Golf State Of Mind Is Golfers #1 Choice Online

Do you have multiple swing thoughts going through your head every time you step up to hit a golf ball? Or, maybe you have a goal of trying to break 100, 90 or even 80 every time you play a round of golf? If either of these sound like you then you will benefit enormously from mental golf training as taught by David Mackenzie from Golf State Of Mind. I've been through and tested the Ultimate Mental Game Training system to give you a better overview of what's included and how it can help your golf game. 

Golf Instruction Online: The Definitive Guide For All Golfers (2019 Update)

Do you get overwhelmed by all the golf instruction online and have no idea which one to choose? Not sure if the golf lessons online will actually work and help you shoot lower scores? You're not alone, for many the internet has take over our lives and in turn produced information overload when it comes to golf instruction. In fact, searching for golf instruction online in Google brings up a whopping 1,840,000 searches. Wow! The good news is I've researched and reviewed the best golf instruction videos and programs online to help find the right one for your game.

5 Ways to Beat Golfers Nerves and Shoot Lower Scores Today

Have you ever felt nervous with your hands shaking before hitting your drive on the 1st tee? Does the thought of 10 people watching you tee off make you feel uncomfortable and a nervous golfer? If you've experienced any of these or similar then you've been feeling golfers nerves. This is perfectly normal and in fact most touring professionals will tell you they still experience the same even after playing for years in front of thousands of people. The good news is these nerves can be managed and you can learn to keep calm and play golf better than you have before.