How to Stop Being an Annoying Golf Partner Your Group Hates

Annoying Golf Partner

Never be an annoying golf partner again

Don’t be an annoying golf partner and learn how to make a game of golf a memorable experience instead of a miserable one. I wrote recently about how to avoid annoying golf partners. Just as important as dealing with these people is about not becoming one of them in the first place.

You know the ones that make you want to wrap your 6 iron around their back side before the end of the day.

You are with a group for nearly half a day so it makes sense to look after them.

As I talk about certain behaviours you may come across something that you do and don’t realise what effect it’s having on your playing partners.

Making a few slight changes to your behaviour will not only help out your playing partners but actually lower your golf scores as well.

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Don’t ever give out golf tips unless asked

This is without doubt my number pet peeve about golfers. When I first took up the game my understanding was there an unwritten rule that you don’t give out golf tips. It is annoying and frustrating especially if it comes from someone not as good as you or even playing worse than you on the day.

Human psychology is we don’t like getting told what to do even when we are doing it wrong.

The vast majority of people and golfers included like to figure things out themselves.

It’s human nature, so don’t mess with it even if it seems so obvious. Keep quiet, focus on your own game and enjoy the round.

Avoid fishing for balls in every water hazard

The old saying in golf, a quick game is a good game. Wasting time looking for balls in rivers, creeks, lakes and dams only slows down your round.

If you can’t afford to buy brand new golf balls from the stores then you probably should take up another sport.

Golf balls are very affordable, even the top brand ones at present so there is no excuse.

Besides most balls found in water hazards have been there for so long they are next to useless.

If you want to know how to stop being an annoying golf partner and be a pleasure to play with you've come to the right place. Learn what to do and how to behave on the golf course so everyone wants to play a round with you.

talk too much & ask lots of personal questions

Another common one for me and a real tough one to deal with. Golf is a tough enough game as it is without having someone you have just met firing away question after question about your private life.

If you know the person that’s okay, but until you do take the time to observe them and what type of personality they are.

Everyone is different and it’s important to remember a lot of golfers like to be left alone to focus on the game.

Keep the chit chat to a minimum and enjoy the round.

Don't ignore your partners lost ball in the woods 

Speed up play and be a team player and help your playing partner find their balls when they go off line. Don’t keep walking towards your ball down the fairway.

Offer some assistance and make an effort to help, they will really appreciate it. This enables you to get back to your ball quicker and hopefully maintain the same rhythm from hole to hole.

Don’t be an annoying golf partner and make the effort to befriend your fellow golfers. You’ll play better golf, make more friends and enjoy the game a lot more.


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