Best Golf Drivers 2017: Which One Is Best For Your Game?

Best Golf Drivers 2017

The best golf drivers of 2017 and what they offer

Owning a new driver offers great satisfaction, but the process of selecting one can be very overwhelming. There are many models in the market offered by different manufacturers. The main selling features in 2017 are custom fit, improved forgiveness and moveable weights. Adjustments allow golfers to manipulate shot, spin and launch in a more intuitive way. Most models in the best golf drivers 2017 list are capable of combining this feature with adjustable loft on the hosel.

It is important to be more specific while making a selection. You can make a choice based on more distance or number of fairways hit.

Sometimes you may need to change your slice into a draw.

There are few exceptional models which offer almost all of these capabilities.

More information is provided by your manufacturer who is responsible for customizing your golf driver.

The price of drivers has gone up a little bit due to inflation, but the quality is improving. Below are some of the best golf drivers 2017 has to offer today.

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TaylorMade M1

This model is made of an extra 43 percent carbon fiber. This accounts for an extra 2kg sliding weight and a longer rear track. Increased weight improves the centre of gravity by 64% for varying the launch and spin.

More settings are incorporated so as to maximize launch, shot shape and spin. On the address, M1 features a larger profile with a much shallower face than before.

Get your very own TaylorMade M1 here.

TaylorMade M1

Titleist 917 D2

It is designed with Active Recoil Channel 2.0 and Radial Speed Face technologies. A SureFit CG design makes use of a weight port found on the rear side of the head. This allows you to dial the launch, swing weight, spin and shot much further.

Titleist 917 D2 is placed 30 degrees about the club-face. This helps in keeping spin levels much lower while at the fade position as the forgiveness remains unchanged.

Get your very own Titleist 917 D2 here.

Titleist 917 D2

Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic

Callaway features the new Jailbreak technology that provides strong, light and parallel titanium bars. These are used to connect the crown and the sole found behind the face. This helps in reducing deflection while allowing the face to take more of the load created by impact thus increasing ball speed.

It features the GBB Epic design which is provided with 27 grams sliding weight at the rear side of the sole.

This helps in adjusting the shot shape. It is also available in loser speed Sub Zero design which provides 2g and 12g sole interchangeable sole weights.

These are meant for dialing the launch, spin as well as adjusting forgiveness levels.

Get your very own Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic here.

Callaway Great Big Bertha Epic

Ping G

This model features the Dragon Fly technology which allows it to move the centre of gravity much lower and further back so as to boost launch and forgiveness. On the back of the clubhead are crown turbulators and a vortex which reduce drag to enhance club-head speed in air.

It comes in three versions, low spin LS Tec and draw-biased SF Tec both of which are adjustable by +1 and -1 degrees.

Get your very own Ping G driver here.

Ping G

Cobra King F7

The sole features three weight settings which provide low launch, high launch spin and an additional draw setting. King 7+ version with lower loft options is also provided. Both F7 and F7+ drivers come in blue, black and grey colours.

The grip is designed using Cobra Connect technology which allows you to track the drive using a smartphone application.

Get your very own Cobra King F7 driver here.

Cobra King F7

Mizuno JPX900

Users are allowed to place two 8g weights selected from three Fast Tracks on the sole to alter spin and launch. The Quick Switch hosel allows you to adjust the loft as well as opening or closing the face angle using the extra weight on the sole.

This driver features a bigger and more comfortable head than the previous model. The clubface is also reconfigured to make it more forgiving when hitting off-centre.

Get your very own Mizuno JPX900 driver here.

Mizuno JPX900

Srixon Z565

Z565 is an improvement of the Z545 driver with the incorporation of a new Power Wave sole meant to increase forgiveness and launch angle. This model employs a multi-step design which allows the lower part of the face to bend further thus increasing distance across the face.

The inclusion of a Stretch Flex Cup Face creates an extension around the crown and sole so as to create a bigger sweet spot.

Serial slicers can achieve a straight line flight with the provision of a slight draw bias.

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

This model is constructed using aerospace-grade titanium coupled with a crown and sole made from tri-axial carbon. 35 grams have added to the interior of the clubhead to optimize the centre of gravity as well as increasing moment of inertia by 17 percent compared to XR16 driver.

The head is made of a deep shape which improves air flow over the cup head for more speed and accuracy.

Big Bertha Fusion comes in two options, accuracy-focused and distance oriented 45.5 shaft length options.

2017 TaylorMade M2

This new model features a briefed, Geocoustic sole which reduces weight while improving the overall performance. The body is constructed using a lower density titanium and the crown is made of a six layer carbon composite.

A weight of at least 25g is placed on the underside and rear side of the club's sole.

A combination of these features helps to increase forgiveness without sacrificing centre of gravity, trajectory or aerodynamics.

Serial slicers are taken care of by the D-Type technology which provides extra draw bias.

Wilson Staff Trinton DVD

This is a product of competition where designers were offered a $0.5 million prize and market roll-out for the best model. The winner is designed with two interchangeable sole plates, one made of titanium and the other made of lighter carbon fiber.

Three more weights are added to help dial the launch and spin. This is also facilitated by an adjustable six-way Fast Fit loft sleeve.

Conformity and completeness of this driver are made possible by a modified version of the sole plate and a DVD logo.





A quality driver allows you to improve your gaming performance and lower your golf scores

There are many models in the market which make the selection process quite challenging.

These are some of the best golf drivers 2017 has to offer which you need to put on your priority list before carrying out further research.

They have enhanced forgiveness, improved COG, and MI, enhanced aerodynamics, trajectory, speed and accuracy.

These might be the drivers you need to boost your golfing performance as well as provide more fun.


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