4 Instant Benefits From Cheating On Your Home Golf Course

Home Golf Course

Get away from your home golf course

There are many ways to improve your golf swing and lower your scores. Most golf tips and instruction are focused on the technical part of the game. Don’t get me wrong it’s very important and a sound golf swing is a must to playing better.

However it’s also very important to take a step back and focus on other areas of the game of golf to see improvement.

Often playing away from your home golf course can do the trick.

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The safety of your home golf course

Most golfers are a member of a golf club and play 90% of their golf at that same golf course. This makes sense as you pay your membership which is expensive and you want to get value for money. Your home golf course is where a lot of your golf buddies are and you got to know the course so well you feel like you could play every hole with your eyes closed.

Again nothing wrong with this at all but I believe if you really want to become the best golfer you possible can you need to make a slight change.

Most all professional golfers have had to earn their stripes on the way up through the ranks by playing a vast array of different golf courses.

Yes it’s true they had to do this as part of the qualifying process.

I believe they deliberately play different golf courses on a regular basis for a reason.

Here are my top 4 instant benefits from cheating or playing away from your home golf course on a regular basis:-

It takes you out of your comfort zone

It makes you think before each hole and analyze what is in front of you.

It brings out more the golf course management skills needed to get to the top of the game.

You no longer have the luxury of knowing the shot before the hole has even begun.

If you want to know how to become a better golfer you need to not always play your home golf course. Learn how playing other golf courses regularly will improve your scores and make playing your home golf course a pleasure.

You are forced to play a several different shots

You end up hitting golf clubs that are normally not required at your home golf course. Your home club might be a short course that only requires you to hit short wedges into par fours.

However playing a longer golf courses brings into play your long irons or even fairway woods.

This helps you develop a stronger overall game with all of your clubs instead of just a select few.

You learn to play different slopes and lies

You quickly learn how to play shots off uphill, downhill and sidehill lies.

This is great development and practice for your overall golf game.

Playing off flat lies week in week out teaches you only one way to hit an iron shot.

You learn to play in different weather conditions

At my home golf course it doesn’t usually get a long of wind as it’s nestled down below the street level. However, when a play a golf course closer to the ocean that’s more exposed, it generally has a stronger breeze to deal with. This teaches you how to play shots into and with the wind. A vital tool in your arsenal in building a strong all round golf game.

If it’s not practical or affordable to play away from your home golf course try this.

Instead of playing each hole the same way each time try mixing it up.

Instead of hitting a driver into a short par 4 which gives you a half wedge in.

Try hitting a 3 or 5 wood off the tee which will give you a 9 iron or full wedge for your second.

Conversely on longer holes try different clubs you haven’t hit before and give yourself the opportunity to hit a different type of golf shot into the target.

How this helps in the long run

All these things add up to building a stronger overall golf game which can only benefit you in the long term.

It also gives you a new challenge and the brain an opportunity to re-focus on something different.

Instead of hitting the same shots on the same holes time after time.

I’m not saying avoid playing your home golf course all together, but try to play a different course every 2nd or 3rd game you play.

The benefits will be very noticeable in the long term.


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