Correct Golf Swing Plane: 3 Secrets That 90% of Golfers Don't Know

Correct Golf Swing Plane

Do you have the correct golf swing plane?

Are you struggling to make any sort of solid contact on the golf ball? Maybe you feel like you are coming down steep and chopping the ball resulting in a big banana slice? If this sounds like you then there's a good chance your golf swing plane is way off and it's causing a multitude of problems with your golf swing.

You're not alone, as an 'off plane' golf swing is extremely common and effects over 90% of amateur golfers.

The good news is with just a bit of understanding you can find the correct golf swing plane for you and really see some fantastic improvement in your golf scores.

I used the methods in the Easy Swing Plane to get my golf swing on a great plane and its improved my ball striking immensely.

It's simple and easy to use and works for golfers of all handicaps regardless of their age or physical condition.

I've also had great success using the Plane Sight Laser Golf Swing Plane Training Aid to improve my swing plane.

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Simple solution to get the correct golf swing plane

I learnt a very simple way of creating your own perfect swing plane from the team at Rotary Swing.

Follow these 3 steps and you will create your very own professional golf swing plane and hit the ball longer and straighter than ever before.

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3 key movements to a great swing plane

  • Rotation – Rotating moves the golf club around the body which gives the swing plane its depth and finishes the takeaway.
  • Elevation – By bending your right elbow (right hander) creates most of the height and vertical movement in the swing plane.
  • Flexion - This follows on from elevation with the bending of the right elbow which gives that additional height needed to complete the backswing.
If you want to know how to get the correct golf swing plane and improve your golf swing you need to know  the facts. Learn 3 secret methods that 90% of golfers don't know that will fix your golf swing plane and lower your golf scores.

Here’s what you need to do:

Step 1

Grab a golf club and from the set up position make a rotation with your shoulders and you’ll see yourself creating a swing plane.

It’s a very shallow one with the club getting stuck behind your body, but it’s a swing plane.

You’ve just created a small piece of the swing plane.

Step 2

Take the club with your right arm only and lift the club up with your shoulder and then flex the elbow.

The club should be moving in a vertical direction.

This is the elevation you need.

Step 3

Get into your posture again with the right arm only and begin to rotate with shoulders.

You should be getting elevation and rotation and as a result have just created the correct golf swing plane.

Step 4

Bring both hands onto the club and as you rotate combined with elevation and flexion of the right elbow you have created the perfect plane.

Ensure you don’t let the left arm push across the body too hard or it will get the club stuck behind the body and cause a multitude of other problems.

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A second solution that also works

Most golfers struggle with their golf game because at some stage during their golf swing they come 'off plane'. The common reasons I see on the golf course are when a golfer takes the golf club too far back on the inside or too far outside on the takeaway. This puts your golf swing off plane immediately and then requires a number of compensation measures to get your golf swing back on the correct golf swing plane.

The second reason I see is golfers will move their upper body first on the downswing which causes the golf club to come down too steeply.

Again, this causes the swing to come off plane and results in numerous poor golf shots including slices, pulls and fat shots.

Read on below for the method.

A simple fix to get the correct golf swing plane

To get the best results in fixing your golf swing plane it's ideal if you can work in front of a mirror or to video your golf swing from down the line. You'll be able to see where the club travels throughout the golf swing.

1. Ensure your takeaway comes back straight with very little wrist break and stays on the arc of the golf swing.

Let the big muscles of the chest and shoulders do most of the work.

2. On the downswing ensure you drop your hands enough so the golf club stays on plane and doesn't come down too steep.

Ensure your lower body (legs) are starting the downswing.




What about Jim Furyk's golf swing?

2003 US Open winner Jim Furyk has one of the most unusual golf swings in world golf. He breaks the mould by having a very steep position (off plane) at the top of the golf swing but then drops his hands suddenly on the downswing to get it back on plane. Watch his golf swing here.

Now, there's nothing wrong with this at all and obviously Jim Furyk has had a wonderful career swinging the golf club this way.

However, Furyk has tremendous talent and has the ability to perform this compensation and still get the golf club in the right position at the right time.

For the rest of us I would recommend focusing on getting the correct golf swing plane right at the start through to the finish. 

There is another great training aid that I have used to get my golf swing plane fixed.

It's called the Plane Sight Laser Golf Swing Plane Training Aidand it can really help you get back on plane and hitting the golf ball long and straight.

I used this in conjunction with the awesome golf lessons at the Easy Swing Plane and now get my swing on plane every time.

The Easy Swing Plane helps you create your own professional golf swing plane that repeats and delivers a consistent ball flight every time.

Final thoughts

Having the correct golf swing plane is vital if you want to see any sort of improvement in your golf game. 

If your swing plane is either too steep or too flat then there is a very good chance you are not hitting the golf ball consistently well.

This is of course unless you are making some sort of adjustment to get the golf club in the right position before you make contact with the ball.

Getting the correct golf swing plane puts you in the best position to square the clubface at impact resulting in better contact and lower scores.

Give these golf swing plane drills a try before you tee off next time and I know it will really help your golf game.

Let me know if you have tried this technique or a similar one and results your received, I would love to know. 


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