7 Dangerous Golf Snacks That Can Sabotage Your Round of Golf

Dangerous Golf Snacks

Dangerous golf snacks to avoid

Are you sabotaging your round of golf by making these fatal mistakes? Eating the wrong foods before your round can have damaging effects on your scorecard. If you continue to eat the wrong golf snacks during the round things can get even worse. Imagine playing the round of your life and then your body starts to tire and wain with only 4 holes to play?

That short par four suddenly becomes almost impossible when your golf swing lacks energy and drive.

Eating the right golf snacks before and during your round will give you the energy you need to power your round.

However, get it wrong and your golf will fall apart very quickly.

This is because golf is a marathon and not a sprint. A typical round can take up to 5 hours and your body must be fueled correctly to go the distance.

Avoid the following golf snacks before and during a round and your body will be able to perform at its optimum and great scores will inevitably follow.

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Sports Drinks

Most sports drinks are advertised as super high energy fuel for your body. However, most are loaded with useless sugar and other chemicals. They will give you a short term high but soon after your energy levels will come crashing down.

Drinking water is your best choice to keep energy levels high and avoid any crashes.

If you must have a flavoured drink make sure it is low in sugar. Always read the nutrition table on the back of the bottle.

French Fries

You probably could have figured this one out yourself. However, you’d be surprised how often I see players munching on a few fries at the half-way house.

They might satisfy your hunger but that’s about all they do. French fries are high in saturated fat and salt making them one of the worst golf snacks you could eat before or during a round of golf.

Avoid them at all costs!

If you want to know what are the most dangerous golf snacks to destroy a golf round you need to have the right information. Discover what are the most dangerous golf snacks and what you should be eating instead to play better golf.

High Sugar Breakfast Cereals

Not all breakfast cereals are bad, but try to avoid the ones that are high in sugar and simple carbohydrates. Most cereals are high in simple carbohydrates so when eaten it's just like consuming straight sugar.

It’s the same effect as most sports drinks where you get a short term energy spike following by a fast crash.

Stick to low sugar rolled oats, porridge and fresh fruits for breakfast which provide longer lasting energy.

Nutrition Bars

It would be easy to believe these types of bars are really good for you just because of the name.

However, most are full of sugar and like most sports drinks come with a very short burst of high and then low energy.

Look for a healthy alternative bar loaded with nuts, berries and little sugar. These provide a consistent high level of energy.  


Any form of alcohol is bad before or during a round of golf. It makes you feel sluggish, bloated, is full of calories and drains your energy. This lack of energy affects your co-ordination and ability to complete a smooth golf swing.    

Save a beer for after the round while relaxing with your buddies.

Soft or Soda Drinks

Most fizzy soft or soda drinks are loaded with sugar or artificial sweeteners. This means all kinds of bad for golfers if consumed before or during a round.

You get a short term energy high followed by the inevitable fast low. A better alternative for fizzy lovers is to drink sparkling water or a low sodium soda.

Water is best as it keeps energy levels consistent giving you the strength to power through the round.

If you want to know what are the most dangerous golf snacks to destroy a golf round you need to have the right information. Discover what are the most dangerous golf snacks and what you should be eating instead to play better golf.

Hot Dogs

Similar to French fries, hot dogs are high in sodium and saturated fat.

Eating hot dogs will make you feel full and sluggish and inhibit your ability to make smooth golf swings.

These side effects make hot dogs a very poor choice for the serious golfer.

Give them a big miss!

What Should You Be Eating?

Read here for the best golf snacks to power you through a round of golf.

My favourites are apples, bananas and lots of water.

Add these golf snacks to your golf day routine and you’ll notice a significant improvement in your energy levels on the course.

What foods have you eaten that had a negative effect on your round?


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