Driver Play in Golf: How to Add 50-Yards to Your Drives

Driver Play in Golf

Max out your driver play in golf

The tee shot in golf does more than position the ball for the second shot. A successful shot on the tee can boost a golfer’s confidence and psyche, while an errant shot can contrastingly lessen poise. Your driver play in golf can make or break your overall score.

It’s important and it’s a fine line for a player. There’s no way around the fact that the tee shot is arguably the most significant shot on each hole.

What happens with the first swing ends up influencing each of the following shots.

In many golf circles, the tee box is a power competition of who can hit it the furthest.

While distance is surely a component of a successful golf drive, it’s not everything, and when treated as such can be detrimental to a player’s score.

Below are tips to enhance your driver play in golf with the goal of lowering your score the next time you hit the links.

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Surround yourself with the right equipment

To be successful on the tee box you need to have the right equipment. Golf is a sport that has such a small margin for error that you have to be very precise when it comes to gear and apparel. For instance, whether it’s golf shoes or not, you need to have shoes that prevent slippage. Any movement in your stance can immediately cause an errant tee shot on the golf course. A glove can help, too, especially if you are a person that tends to get sweaty hands whenever you play.

The actual driver you’re using has a huge influence on the accuracy you’ll enjoy. If possible, you want to try and have a driver that is personally matched to your swing.

Most golf stores have a professional in house, and they are a person that can direct you to the right size and type of club.

It’s not to say a skilled golfer can’t be successful with most drivers, it’s just to say that if there’s a huge discrepancy between a golfer’s swing or height and the actual club there will most likely be a negative influence.

If you want to know how to perform great driver play in golf and hit the ball further you need the right technique. Learn the skills needed to master your driver play in golf and generate more power off the tee.

Diminish the notion of a power sport

While it can’t be ignored that increased distance is desirable off the tee, it also can’t be overlooked that accuracy is more important. It’s better to hit a fairway drive 80 yards shorter than hit an errant one in the deep rough. Not only does it increase the chance of a successful second shot, but it helps reign in the notion of golf being a power struggle.

Golf is a sport that takes precision and calculated technique.

For many golfers, the idea that golf is a finesse game disappears on the tee box. For tee shot improvement, this is mindset needs to be diminished.

The drive is meant to be a distance shot, yes, but accuracy is just as key as it is with any other shot throughout a round.

The first step to improving in this area is understanding the importance of being patient and focused on a tee shot.

If you want to know how to perform great driver play in golf and hit the ball further you need the right technique. Learn the skills needed to master your driver play in golf and generate more power off the tee.

Practice consistency

Due to the trajectory and force that is usually exerted on the tee box, the need for consistency is very applicable to any shot you hit to start a hole. Practice leads to regularity and fundamental motor memory when it comes to swing mechanics. Even if you’re a seasoned golfer, it’s important to frequent the driving range and also the occasional lesson from a golf pro.

In a sport that requires muscle recall like golf, practice is necessary for players at every level.

Take your range practice to heart. Reel in the urge to aim for the furthest pin and simply aim for the realistic one.

Focus on precision and accuracy as opposed to distance when you train and it will help carry success over to your actual game.

What you need to do now

Golf is a sport that starts on the tee box and ends in a small hole in the green. It’s important to be accurate with your first shot to preserve prized strokes.

It can make a world of difference to have the right equipment, reduce the urge to swing for power and practice consistency. From there, it’s up to you.

This is a guest post written by Scott McCormick who writes for Golf Now San Diego.


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