Stop Hitting Golf Heel Shots Today & Hit it Flush With 2 Proven Fixes

Golf Heel Shots

Cure your golf heel shots for good

Are you guilty of hitting your driver off the heel and slicing the ball out to the right? Perhaps you might even catch it further left off the driver clubface which results in a golf shank and the ball flies straight 45 degrees right into a water hazard or out of bounds? If this sounds like you, then learning how to stop hitting golf heel shots is vital if you want to start shooting lower scores.

The good news is with just a slight change to your set up, grip and swing plane you can fix your golf heel shots and hit the golf ball more consistently.

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Let's get started on fixing your issue today. (all fixes are for a right hander, lefties do the complete opposite with your body)

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What is what does a golf heel shot look like?

A golf heel shot is when the golf ball strikes the far left portion (not the hosel) of the clubface. Most commonly hitting the golf ball on the heel results in golf slices that curve around to the right and into trouble.

Depending on the path of the golf club they can result in lower golf shots and a distinct lack of distance.

It's a weak feeling shot and often feels terrible in your hands with the lack of power and accuracy the shots produce.

The 3 swing faults that lead to heel shots

A number of different reasons could be for hitting the golf ball off the heel, but mostly you'll find there are 3 causes for most golfers.

  1. Standing too close to the golf ball at set up
  2. Too much weight on your toes at set up
  3. Coming over the top with an outside to in golf swing

Read the cures I provide below to your relevant golf heel shot problem and you'll be on your way to making centre face contact with the golf ball.

Golf Heel Shots

Standing too close to the golf ball and how to fix

A pretty easy one to fix because of the nature of the problem. Obviously if you're standing too close to the golf ball, then logically you need to stand further away at set up. Why does this cause you to start hitting your driver off the heel for example?

Because you are too close to the golf ball at address, on the downswing your arms will naturally extend past the address position pushing the golf club out pass the golf ball causing heel contact.

Do this to fix:

When addressing the golf ball, stand up straight first. Next, bend your knees slightly, grip the golf club and let your arms hang down naturally by your sides.

Now, the butt end of the golf club should be pointing at your belt buckle and your hands should be approximately right beneath your chin line.

Ensure your bend over at the hips and not the waist. Depending on where the clubhead is in relation to the golf ball adjust your feet forward or backwards accordingly.

Too much weight on your toes at set up and how to fix

Much like the first problem if you do the opposite which in this case is not having too much weight forward, you need to adjust and bring some weight back towards the centre of your feet. Too much weight on your toes can cause the body to counter-balance in the downswing which causes you to either hit the golf ball off the heel or even the toe.

To fix you need to feel as though you have more weight in the arches of your feet at address.

The best way to do this is to stand a little bit taller in your golf set up which will ensure your weight is more evenly balanced throughout the golf swing and more likely to hit the golf ball solid.

Coming over the top with outside to in and how to fix

The over the top golf swing causes a multitude of problems in golfers, not the least hitting heel golf shots. It also leads to toe shots, fat shots and thin golf shots as well. When an over the top golf swing combines with a weak grip and an open clubface, heel shots often occur.

To fix you firstly need to grip the golf club correctly which means showing 2 knuckles on your left hand so your grip is strong enough so it squares the clubface on the downswing.

No knuckles showing on the left hand is a sure sign your grip is too weak!

To fix the over the top you need to practice making golf swings by keeping your right shoulder and right arm quiet.

At the start of the downswing try and keep your right shoulder back and don’t let it move too quickly towards the golf ball.

Keeping it back will ensure the golf club gets delivered on a more inside to out swing path and a better chance of solid contact.




Your next move

Now that you have 3 really good practice drills plus a bonus video move to cure your heel golf shots it’s time to practice.

Firstly, it’s best if you can to record your golf swing so you can see clearly what your issue might be.

Also, to be 100% sure that heel golf shots are your issue you can also apply some masking tape or spray your clubface with foot spray so that golf shots leave a clear contact position.

Once you have identified your fault practice the drill or new move for at least 25 repetitions.


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