Still Three Putting? Putt Like a Pro With This Golf Putting Video

Golf Putting Video

A must golf putting video for your short game

How many three putts did you have over the weekend? One, two, three or maybe more! It hurts doesn't it? Not to mention the pain and frustration of watching another putt slip by. You're not alone, it's happened to me and happens to many golfers every weekend. I don't need to tell you how important putting is and why watching a good golf putting video can really help.

I believe that putting along with the whole short game is the difference between a low handicap golfer and a high handicap golfer.

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Is this you?

Does this sound familiar? You’ve hit the green in two on a longish par four at your home golf course. You’re about 30 feet away and leave the first putt 4 foot short. You then slide the next one by for par and tap in for a bogey five.

Frustrating isn’t it!

Believe it or not putting makes up over 30% of your overall score. If you’re having more than 32 putts each time you play a round of 18 holes you're leaving valuable strokes out on the golf course.

Fortunately there is hope for us!

I recently reviewed a great golf putting video that provides some brilliant instruction on putting that can really help lower your scores.

It’s called ‘100 Yards and in Wins – Putting Perfection’ by Maria Palozola and Jay Delsing.

Putting Perfection – What Does it Cover?

‘Putting Perfection’ covers every part of putting such as grip, stance, posture, aim, alignment, path and more.

The video is broken down into the following topics:

     1. Having a solid set up

     2. Aiming the putter correctly

     3. Making a pure path

     4. Hitting it in the centre

     5. Controlling the speed

Plus an additional three bonus sections covering putting lessons from a pro, how to practice putting effectively and common mistakes amateurs make.

If you want to know how to stop three putting you need the advice of a quality golf putting video like this. Learn the benefits out of the 100 yards and in wins golf putting video and how it can help your game.

My Thoughts?

Maria Palozola and Jay Delsing have put together a very good golf putting video. Both Maria and Jay speak clearly in a language that is easy to understand. Maria and Jay’s credentials rate highly with Maria a qualified top 50 golf instructor and Jay having played over 500 tournaments on the US PGA tour.

Both instructors break the putting stroke down in a way that even a complete newbie to golf would understand.

The putting stroke is a simple technique and Maria and Jay ensure the viewers are able to follow this.

They don’t overcomplicate the stroke and make it very easy to implement what they are teaching.

Easy to watch

This golf putting video is importantly a breeze to watch. The content is broken up into short sections giving you time to digest the information and practice it without getting lost. What I liked was the importance they both stressed on putting to shooting an overall good score in golf.

Both Maria and Jay give praise and encouragement that any golfer can improve this part of their game with a little bit of work.

Another great part was that both Maria and Jay have different styles so you don’t feel as though you have to copy a particular method to be successful.

Putting can be performed well with many different strokes, grips and paths.

This gave me the viewer a sense of comfort knowing I didn’t have to copy one ‘special’ method to be a good putter.

My Favourite Section

The section titled ‘hitting it in the centre’ was my favourite part. This is an area of my putting where I have had a few issues so I was interested to watch.

Believe or not a lot of putting problems occur because of not hitting the golf ball in the centre of the putter face.

It sounds so simple yet many of us golfers continue to hit the ball off the toe or even closer to the heel.

Making this one small adjustment has already taken a few strokes off my putting.

Should You Buy

At $39.99 ‘Putting Perfection’ seems a bit expensive. However, when you consider the cost of hourly golf lessons it is money well spent.

I have watched the video several times already and that in itself make it an invaluable training tool.

If you’re like me and can gain just one tip from this golf putting video then the money spent you’ll get back in lower scores 100 times over.

Head over to and follow the links to the golf videos.

I would love to hear from anyone that has purchased ‘Putting Perfection’ and what their thoughts are.


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