8 Best Golfing Holiday Destinations You Must Visit Before You Die

Golfing Holiday Destinations

Golfing holiday destinations you must visit

When thinking about your next golfing holiday, do you envisage yourself putting a hole in one in tropical climates, surrounded by lush natural landscapes? Or are you more inclined to enjoy a game of golf in a historical setting, where myths and legends await you around every corner? Take a look at eight of the best golfing holiday destinations around the world and what makes them so special to help you choose the right location for you.

We've covered everywhere you could possible think of to assist you enjoying the perfect golfing holiday.

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1. Algarve

There are few golfers who would disagree that the Algarve is the top golfing location in Europe. The Algarve offers stunning natural beauty, from its shimmering golden beaches along the coast to the quaint historical towns at its heart.

What’s more, the climate makes it an ideal spot for golfing and with over 30 courses to choose from, you’ll find it hard to return home.

If you want a relaxing atmosphere in the day, with somewhere a little livelier in the evening within close proximity, look at visiting Albufeira and its surrounding areas for your next golfing holiday.

2. South Africa

South Africa is the perfect destination for those wanting to combine their golfing trip with a family holiday. With such diverse landscapes and terrains throughout, it is sure to appeal to every golfer’s preferences.

Not only that, but some resorts are now combining two of South Africa’s popular attractions, golf and safari.

Not to say that you can tee off while admiring nature’s greatest creatures, but it does mean that golfers and their families do have the opportunity to enjoy a holiday of a lifetime together.

If you want to find out what are the best golfing holiday destinations you need to know all the right information. Discover the 8 best golfing holiday destinations you must visit before you die right here.

3. Costa del Sol

Commonly referred to amongst golfing fanatics as Costa Del Golf, this destination’s nickname speaks for itself. Tourists have been flocking to the Costa del Sol since the 1970's, and the economic boost has resulted in over 70 golf courses being developed.

Each course has its own unique style and scenery, and with so much on offer, golfers of all abilities can find something to their taste.

Not only that, but with a backdrop of rocky mountain scenery paired with great weather all year round, along with an abundance of beaches, towns, restaurants and night life, the Costa del Sol has everything you could possibly ask for from a golfing holiday destination.  

4. Barbados

Small but spectacular, Barbados is known worldwide for its pure elegance and luxury. From the white sandy beaches and lush tropical scenery to the laid back lifestyle, it’s no wonder so many head there year after year.

Known to some as ‘Little England’, Barbados’ routes stem from a Celtic background and with it comes a passion for golf.

There are a number of outstanding golf resorts on the island, along with plenty of things to see and do surrounding them.

Barbados really is the perfect place for friends, couples or families to enjoy golf and a holiday in the sun together.




5. Mexico

If you are looking for something that is on the other end of the scale to Scottish scenery, consider a trip to Mexico for your next golfing venture. In Cancun, a number of the golf resorts are surrounded by the Mayan ruins as well as thriving jungle scenery and cool blue lakes.

With an abundance of night life and entertainment a stone’s throw away from the golfing havens, Cancun caters for all kinds of needs and is also the perfect place for couples or families to holiday.

6. Scotland

Scotland is known around the world as the birthplace of golf. Even today, this country - with its abundance of spectacular scenery and culture - offers a great golfing experience of its very own.

The Kingdom of Fife and its world famous course, St Andrews is somewhere that every golfer should visit at least once in their lifetime.

Meanwhile, there are a number of other locations well worth a visit too. For example, while in the area, why not head out to Gleneagles or Turnberry?

If you want to find out what are the best golfing holiday destinations you need to know all the right information. Discover the 8 best golfing holiday destinations you must visit before you die right here.

7. Ireland

For many years, Ireland has rivalled Scotland for the number one spot in UK golfing destinations. South West Ireland in particular has developed many exciting golf courses over the years.

Surrounded by beautiful landscapes, it is a popular spot for friends and families to spend time together, soak up local culture and tradition, and enjoy a spot of golf at the same time.

8. Cyprus

For many years, holidaymakers have been heading to Cyprus for the warm weather and sun soaked beaches. But with the development of 10 golf courses, it has also become a golfing holiday destination for professionals, amateurs and beginners.

If you are want a relaxing holiday in the sun, where you can lie back and soak up the sun by turquoise waters after a round of golf, consider Cyprus for your next golfing holiday.

With so much choice on offer, deciding on the best location for your golfing holiday really does come down to personal taste.

Whether you want to soak up rays on a far away island or immerse yourself in local heritage and culture, with so much on offer you are sure to find something that truly meets your preferences.

Wrapping up

It doesn't matter which golfing holiday destination you choose of the top 8, because you'll be experiencing golf at the highest level the world can offer.

Rachel Campbell is a content writer for Royal Westmoreland, a luxury world-class golf resort situated in St. James, Barbados.


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