Is Golfing in Turkey the New Golfing Hotspot For Golf Lovers?

Golfing In Turkey

Golfing in Turkey is a must

Portugal, Scotland, Spain, Florida - there are parts of the world famous as golf destinations. In recent years Turkey has been working its way to being added to that list. The country which was once a little off the beaten golf trail has recently attracted celebrated players like Tiger Woods and Rory McIlroy to compete on its courses. Golfing in Turkey is fast becoming a must for avid golfers.

If you don't make the trip to Turkey you're seriously missing out on a great golfing experience.

Here are 5 reasons why once you’ve bought Allianz Global Assistance Golf Travel Insurance, you should head to Turkey for your next golf trip.

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The courses

Designed by famous names in golf course design like Feherty, Montgomerie and Faldo, the courses around Belek in Turkey are top notch.

The Montgomerie Maxx Royal Club will play host to the Turkish Open for the next three years, and is really as good as golf courses come.

Outside of Belek, you’ll find an excellent pair of courses at Vita Park, and another international standard 18-hole course at The Kusadasi Golf and Spa resort.

The climate

The game of golf requires stable, dry weather, which Turkey experiences daily. The summer is wonderfully warm, but the spring and autumn seasons offer particularly great golfing weather.

Remember your hat and your sun cream, but you won’t need to worry about losing a day to rain, and most parts of the country are free from pesky strong winds too.

If you want to know how good golfing in turkey is you've come to the right place. The best golfing in Turkey reviewed so you know the best golf courses to stay and play.

The hospitality

With such an emphasis and reliance on tourism in Turkey, you’ll find few places with such a welcoming environment.

If you stay in one of the beautiful resorts attached to golf courses in Belek, you’ll find every wish catered for in the luxury hotels.

Why not end a hard day of golf with a traditional Turkish Hamman spa, and then a full Turkish kebab meal?

The sight-seeing

Even on a golfing holiday, you can’t spend every minute of every day on the course. When you need a break from the game, Turkey is absolutely full of things to fill your time.

Whether you spend an afternoon exploring the local historical sites, or you decide to go on a boat ride on the Mediterranean Sea, you’ll have a wonderful Turkish experience.

Then, when you come back to the course, you’ll be refreshed and ready to focus again.

The convenience

It is ever so easy to get to the golfing area of Turkey with the airport at Antalya, being just 30 minutes from Belek.

Most of the resorts are the sorts of places that will scoop you up from the airport and allow you to switch off your brain from the moment you land.

Then, once you’re in Belek, you’ll find getting on the course easy too. Not only are there plenty of them, they’re also (for the moment!) under populated. But this benefit won’t last for long.

See you there

Golfing in Turkey is on the rise, so book your trip now before everyone else decides to visit the country for a golfing break too.

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