How to Hit Fairway Woods Flush in 4 steps just Like the Pros

How to Hit Fairway Woods

How to hit fairway woods consistently solid

Do you struggle to get your fairway woods airborne or make any sort of solid contact with the golf ball? Maybe you hit three inches behind the ball or chunk your fairway woods making very little progress towards your target? If this sounds like you then learning how to hit fairway woods can really make a big difference in your overall golf score.

The truth is learning to hit your three, four or five woods is all about understanding the right way to go about executing the shot.

The good news is hitting solid, consistent fairway woods is achievable for every golfer no matter skill level you are at.

Once you have the right set up and swing thought the shot is not that difficult.

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Where golfers are going wrong with fairway woods

Most golfers make this common mistake when trying to figure out how to hit fairway woods It usually results from a strong rear or right side dominant push in the golf swing. This is in an effort to lift or scoop the golf into the air because of the lack of loft.

Their lead shoulder rises, they come out of spine angle and in doing so catch the golf ball thin and spray it sideways.

As you’ll read below, if you set up to the ball correctly with the right head position and learn to pull in the downswing … hitting fairway woods is not that difficult.

Watch the video below that gives some great tips to hit your 3-wood perfect.

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Aix tilt at set up

If you want to be able to hit solid and consistent fairway woods you set to have a good foundation. The proper golf set up is essential to ensure you’re in a great position to move the clubhead through the golf ball.

Ideally you want your lead shoulder to be tilting slighter higher at address.

It should remain in this position right through to the impact zone.

A quick drills that works

Place the handle of a fairway wood on your sternum at address. Next, tilt your right shoulder down until the bottom of the clubhead touches the inside of your lead thigh

This is the perfect amount of axis tilt to ensure you're in a great position to hit your fairway woods.

If you want to know how to hit fairway woods flush then you need to know the right technique. Learn how to hit your fairway woods solid and reach long par 4's and 5's with these tips.

Get your head position right

In the ideal golf set up with axis tilt you should have you head positioned behind the golf ball. During the takeaway your will move slightly away from this starting position.

Importantly, on the downswing make sure you head remains behind the golf ball and especially at the golf impact position.

Do this right and it ensures you won’t be lifting or scooping up at the golf ball and make solid contact at impact.

Pull in the downswing

I’ve spoken about this many times in other golf instruction articles because it’s so important. It’s vital in the downswing that you pull from your left side and don’t push which can create too much tilt at impact and results in a lot of fat and thin golf shots.

As discussed in the video, at the start of the downswing ensure you shift your weight to the left, pull from your hips and finally from your left obliques.

This gives your arms more room to commence the downswing.

This is the only way to guarantee you’ll shallow out the downswing and get in a great golf impact position with your fairway woods. 

3 more ways for better fairway woods

Here's another great video from the Perfect Impact System creator and Golf Magazine Top-100 teacher Tom Stickney that shows you how to hit your fairway woods. 

Combine together with better axis tilt, head position and left side pulling and you’ll be in a great position to launch some seriously long fairway woods.




How is your lie?

A good lie goes a long way to hitting solid fairway wood shots. The lack of loft on the clubhead means the ball needs to be sitting well to ensure you have every chance of producing a solid strike.

I often watch golfers attempt ‘miracle’ shots out of poor lies in an effort to reach the green.

However, most of these usually end in disaster due to the poor lie and inability to make solid contact.

Remember to follow these guidelines when hitting fairway woods:

1.     Ensure you ball is sitting on an even lie

2.     Preferably on a cushion bit of grass and not a bare hard pan lie or thick rough

3.     Don’t hit out of divots or holes in the fairway

4.     Be wary of downhill lies as these are more difficult to play

If you want to know how to hit fairway woods flush then you need to know the right technique. Learn how to hit your fairway woods solid and reach long par 4's and 5's with these tips.

Don’t forget ball position?

Because fairway woods have limited loft (15 – 25 degrees) to help get the ball into the air you need the ball forward in your stance.

This means anywhere from around 2 – 3 inches towards your front foot. This encourages the sweeping motion through the golf ball and maximises your chances of solid contact.

1.     Ball forward in stance about 2 to 3 inches

2.     Ideal position for when the club is bottoming out

3.     Encourages sweeping action for better contact

Don’t try to kill it

It’s absolutely vital that when you commence your downswing in golf that you are not trying to really smash or kill the golf ball.

A smooth transition from top of the golf swing to the impact zone is critical.

Remember these 2 key points:

1.     Resist the urge to really launch at the golf ball with a strong upper body

2.     Let the golf club do the work and make a smooth movement to the impact zone

Remember these keys

Learning how to hit fairway woods is not that difficult if you follow these tips.

Just remember the following:

1.     Axis tilt at set up

2.     Head position

3.     Pull in the downswing

4.     Have a good lie

5.     Ball forward in stance

6.     Smooth downswing

Give these methods a try and I’ll guarantee you’ll see an instant improvement in your fairway woods.


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