How to Hit Longer Drives By Eliminating This Number 1 Mistake

How to Hit Longer Drives

How to hit longer drives today

Do you struggle to get any sort of distance off the tee and constantly get out-driven by your playing partners? There are literally thousands of videos and articles out there dedicated to helping how to hit longer drives in golf. Most of these focus on the technical aspects of the golf swing and how changing this or that can help your game. The technical part of the golf swing is important to generating more power.

However, I believe most golf instruction overlook one of the most fundamental errors golfers make.

When you make this error it doesn’t matter how perfect your golf swing is it will affect your ability to hit the golf ball in the centre of the clubface.

I used the methods in the Rotary Swing to generate even more power in the golf swing.

It's simple and easy to use and is perfect for low and high handicap golfers who don't have much time to practice.

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What making this mistakes does

This reduces power as well as accuracy on every shot, in particular the driver. If you have other technical faults in your golf swing then eliminating this won’t magically make you a low handicap golfer.

However, it will at least enable you to make solid contact more often when will in turn deliver you more power and accuracy off the tee.

What's this number 1 mistake

The number one mistake is excessive movement (sideways) and getting the incorrect head position in the golf swing. What I mean is too much movement in either direction towards or away from the target line.

This was pointed out to me several years ago by a golf professional. It wasn’t until I saw a video of my golf swing that I realised there was a major problem.

Getting this fixed for me was a major factor in learning how to hit longer drives off the tee.

If you want to know how to hit longer drives you need to have the right information. Learn how to hit longer drives today by eliminating this number 1 mistake made by most recreational golfers.

Why is the golf head position so important?

Any movement in the head sideways causes all other parts of the body to move in tandem. The major parts of the body that power your golf swing are shifted including your hands, shoulders, back and legs.

It’s this slight movement that throws off your timing in the golf swing and makes it near impossible to make consistent contact with the golf ball.

For this reason the head position in the golf swing is absolutely vital!

What’s the ideal head position in the golf swing?

If you look at the picture below you can see that my head is in a similar position just behind the golf ball where it remained throughout the entire swing and at impact.

This is the position your head should be at the start of the golf swing right through to the impact position. It will move slightly after you have hit the golf ball, this is okay.

The key is to keep the position steady just past the impact position.

If you want to know how to hit longer drives you need to have the right information. Learn how to hit longer drives today by eliminating this number 1 mistake made by most recreational golfers.

Important to Remember

Whilst I stated that the ideal head position in the golf swing should remain stable, I probably should clarify. A slight movement up or down is okay particularly as you get closer to the impact area.

In fact many of the world’s top professionals make this slight move including Tiger Woods and the late Ben Hogan.  Additionally a slight move away from the target is okay but it must remain behind the ball at impact.

Try to minimize this movement though and keep your head as steady as possible.

What you need to do now

Give this a try next time you go to your local golf driving range.

It will take a bit of getting used to but I guarantee you will start hitting more solid golf shots which in turn will generate greater distance.

This is a great way to get more distance if you're struggling to know how to hit longer drives.

Don't forget to try out the Rotary Swing system and get even more ways to generate more power off the tee.


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