How to Increase Your Golf Swing Speed & Eliminate Your Power Leaks

Golf Swing Speed

Increase your golf swing speed for longer drives

Do you regularly find yourself hitting first off the fairway because your playing partners have all out-driven you again? Do you struggle to reach long par-4’s in two because your drives are not long enough? Are your drives barely reaching the 220-yard mark and you feel like you lack any sort of power in your golf swing? If any of these sound like you then there’s a good chance you're lacking decent golf swing speed and your golf swing has power leaks which are holding you back from hitting the golf ball longer.

You’re not alone as most golfers struggle to hit the golf ball much further than 220 to 240 yards and some even shorter.

The truth is hitting the golf ball further and increasing your golf swing speed has more to do with technique rather than size, strength or overall ability.

The Swing Man Golf system is great for building up your golf swing speed and hitting the golf ball further.

This is what I used and ever since have been able to launch 280 - 300 yards drives consistently.

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I’ve put together this short video that demonstrates 1 key move that can increase your golf swing speed and distance in just minutes.

Why golfers struggle for golf swing speed

The real reason why most golfers struggle for distance is not what most of them think. Most golfers believe it’s one of the following:

  1. Not big and strong enough

  2. Don’t have enough talent

  3. Too old and lack flexibility

  4. Golf swing too short

  5. Not enough shoulder turn

Now the truth is these 5 things do help you to hit the golf ball further. However, they are not the most important factor to increasing your distance.

There is a much better way to increase your golf swing speed.

However, we must first address the main power leak costing you distance.



Casting the golf club

Most golfers struggle for distance because of a fault in their golf swing called casting. This for the most part impacts your downswing but its root cause can also be traced back to the backswing. Casting is when the angle between the shaft and left forearm (right hander) is increased too soon during the start of the downswing.

If you look at the picture below you can see a perfect example of casting the golf club too early in the downswing.

This is usually done in an effort to try and promote club head speed on the downswing.

Unfortunately this has the opposite effect and reduces power and accuracy with all your golf shots.

The ideal position at the start of the downswing should look like the image at the very top.

Important tip: Don’t be in a hurry for the clubhead to get down to the golf ball. Patience is the key which leads to explosive power.

What do you need to do

In a perfect golf downswing you want the clubhead to get down to the golf ball as late as possible as this will give it more speed. More speed = More distance. As you commence the downswing and your weight has shifted to your right leg, your lower body should start the downswing whilst your arms remain passive.

This move helps to keep the arms and hands from becoming too active and casting the golf club early which reduces power.

The goal here is to keep that angle between your wrist and golf shaft for as long as possible before entering the impact area.

Try to maintain the angle until your hands reach the right leg as this will store up plenty of lag ensuring a powerful release into the golf ball.

Have a look at the image below and you’ll how this angle is maintained perfectly until the left hand gets to the right leg and releases powerfully through to impact.

Important tip: Keep the tension light in your wrists on the golf club and in particular your left thumb.

If you hold the club too tight it makes it very difficult to maintain the angle which creates the power in the downswing.

If you want to know how to increase your golf swing speed you need to know the right information. Learn how to increase your golf swing speed and fix your power leaks fast with these simple tips.

Simple drill for more power

A good drill to practice this move is to start with a short club first such as a sand wedge or pitching wedge. Make a half way back swing and stop at the position in the L formation with the angle between your shaft and left arm at 90°.

Next maintain that angle throughout the downswing until the hands get to the right leg and then release the golf club to impact.

Practice this slowly and deliberately a number of times before moving up to longer clubs such as the driver.

This will train your body to keep the angle in the left arm and shaft longer which will increase your golf swing speed leading to longer shots.

It’s your turn

Give this a try and remember to focus on starting slow with the drill until you are ready to build up to a faster speed and longer clubs.

Warning: Don’t go to the golf course straight away and attempt this at full swing speed as it’s most likely you’ll fall into old habits and start casting the golf club again.

Getting more golf swing speed is possible regardless of your size, age or natural talent.

Give this tip a try and let me know of your results, I would love to hear.


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