Mental Golf Tips: 10 Proven Ways to Supercharge Your Golf Game

Mental Golf Tips

The best mental golf tips for your golf game

Do you struggle to maintain a consistent golf swing every time you play a round? Maybe you find it difficult to concentrate for a full 18 holes of golf? If either of these sound like you then it's likely you would benefit from some proven mental golf tips to strengthen your golf game.

The good news is it's not difficult to build golf mental toughness and play at a higher level than you currently are.

It takes just a bit of self awareness and some simple strategies as outlined below.

I also use the Golf State Of Mind pre-round confidence booster audios to strengthen my mental side of golf to shoot lower scores.

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Don't be over ambitious & focus on the step you're making

Don't set the bar too high when playing golf. This game is about accepting the result and having the desire to improve. Too higher expectations can cause pressure build up from within and frustrations when you under perform. Don't focus on the score and instead pay attention to the process and appreciate little progress.

Concentrate on what you can control, in this case hitting good shots. Even professionals talk about the process and keep themselves from being distracted.

Distractions can include your score, other players score and what might transpire or what is expected to happen.

A good pre-shot routine helps you achieve a measure of success, thus avoiding disappointments while improving your performance.

This reduces pressure and allows you to shoot lower golf scores.

Work out a strategy and envision success

Golf is not a reactionary game where you have to dodge balls and clubs while trying to get your ball into the hole. The game starts upon your command with the ball on the ground waiting to be hit. Take time and study each hole and shot carefully before making your move.

As you walk around the course visualize yourself playing each hole well. This is not about expectations but allowing yourself to feel like a champion.

Imagine the feeling of hitting the ball from the fairway and getting it close to the pin and making birdie.

This activity feeds your subconscious mind which in turn conditions your conscious reality to succeed while playing.

Learning this mental side of golf technique is a powerful weapon when used right during a round of golf.

Mental Golf Tips

Make pre-round warm-up a habit

Adopt the culture of Tour pros who make their pre-round warm-up repetitive. There is a tendency for golfers to stop after getting to the first tee because you may feel you have done all the preparations for the round. Spend sufficient time warming up your mind and body as this will allow you to feel comfortable during the game.

Performing mental golf tips like this can have a positive affect on your golfing performance.

Take you pre-round warm up for what it is

How you are hitting the ball in practice has no correlation to the way you are going to perform in the game. Appreciate each hit and set out to improve. Avoid being hard on yourself and trust your efforts and the process.

Work on hitting different types of shots while changing golf clubs. When you hit an exceptional shot with one golf club change the club and switch the focus.

This reinforces success by signaling your mind that every final shot with a club is quality one.

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Start warming up with putting

Starting your warm up with putting allows your mind and body to synchronize for the game. The goal here is to familiarize yourself with the speed of the greens. Start with long distance putts at varied distances aiming for the fringe or somewhere near the edge of the practice green.

Next, move your way up to putting whilst aiming at golf tees as a target.

This helps in narrowing your focus as the target hole appears bigger during the game.

Finally, hole ten short 2 foot putts in a row and listen to the ball falling in the hole. 

This is a great way of building your confidence in your putting.

Warming up your body as well as your mind

Preparing yourself mentally before a golf challenge has a great impact on your performance. You need to spend a number of minutes to do some warm up exercises before a round. A good warm-up routine allows you to play more consistently in golf.

Just like any other sports warming up is necessary for obtaining the best performance and avoiding injuries.

Many golf players tend to forego warm up exercises. But golfing is like sprinting with an explosive action which requires force.

Below are some pre-round mental golf tips exercises which will help you enhance your game.

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Prepare your muscles for the game by stretching

Prepare your body for the golfing challenge. Stretching helps get your muscles ready for the game. This prevents injuries and gets you ready for the round. Minimize static stretching during your warm up routine as it reduces your power output.

Dynamic stretching increases your power output and get your mind and body sharp for the round.

These type of exercises get your heart beating faster and prepares your body for anything. It can be walking briskly, skipping or doing simple jumping jacks.

Stay healthy

Fuel your body with food and drinks before each pre-round to obtain the best performance. Drink a lot of water since dehydration reduces your performance during a round of golf.

Eat enough and avoid being too full as well as foods with starch and sugar which will increase your blood pressure.

Eat nuts and fruits which give you the right amount of energy to stay sharp while warming up and through your round.

Mix up your practice with different shots

Play different types of shots as possible from different lies during the short-game warm-up. This allows you to get more creative as well as familiarize with the golf course.

Always visualize specific landing positions for every shot. Appreciate every good shot and change positions whenever you hit your target.




Work on your own routine

It's vital that you develop your own pre-shot routine before playing a round of golf. This could be anything from closing your eyes or waggling the golf club 10 times. Find whatever works for you and your golf game.

Focus on building this routine as part of your mental game of golf training. 

This is the foundation of good rounds and one of the best things you can control while on the course.

Appreciate your golf

Adopt the golf attitude of being truly grateful. Love and enjoy the game regardless of what you score. Your free time should be used for fun and not self-punishment and regrets.

Learn to get over minor tragedies especially during the round.

Experience and skill come with continuous practice.

Allow yourself to grow and enjoy the game.

What else you need to do

Always have the necessary golf equipment during the game. These include a yardage book, a pitch marker repairer, ball markers and tees. Remember to get to the golf course early to avoid preliminary activities like changing, visiting the golf shop and restroom from eating into your warm up time.

These mental golf tips will help you produce the best performance. They also make you look professional and give you more golfing confidence.

You will be fully prepared by the time you step out onto the first tee.

Start today

Avoid inconsistent shots and disappointing rounds by developing a habit of warming up.

Don't forget to check out and use the Golf State Of Mind pre-round confidence booster audios like I did and learn even more great techniques.

Implementing the right mental golf tips in your game can have a tremendous positive affect on your golf scores.


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