How to Get the Perfect Golf Posture in 5 Simple Steps

Golf Posture

The correct golf posture is seconds away

Do you struggle to hit consistent, solid golf shots from tee to green? Maybe you feel uncomfortable at address and stumble awkwardly every time you hit the golf ball? If this sounds like you then there’s a good chance your golf posture is not right and it is causing a number of bad things in your golf swing. You’re not alone, as most beginner and amateur golfers fail to get in the correct golf posture at address.  

The great news is any golfer can learn to master the correct golf posture and start hitting straighter and more consistent shots on the golf course.

Once you have the proper golf posture you need to work on getting the correct takeaway and backswing.

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Why most golfers hit inconsistent golf shots

Most golfers struggle with consistency in their golf for reasons not what they think. They hit slices, fat and thin shots and look for answers to their problems in all the wrong places. When you examine their golf swings, it’s not unusual to see them set up in poor posture at address.

They are either too hunched over or standing too upright and lack any sort of athletic look to their posture.

Golf is a cause and effect sport and if you’re not set up correct to begin with, no matter how good your golf swing is, it is doomed to failure.




Common golf posture faults & what they cause


Hunched over with a curved spine

When you hinge and bend over too much from your waist it influences your ability to make a smooth takeaway with the club on plane.

It makes it difficult to make a full shoulder turn.

It also results in inside takeaways which increase your chances of coming over the top causing big banana slices, fat, thin, topped, pushes and pulls.

Too upright & not enough hinge from the waist

Similar to the hunched over position, an upright posture causes a poor takeaway either too inside or too outside.

This can result in flying right elbows which cause over the top golf shots as well as killer slices, topped, thinned, fat, pushes and pulls.

Sticking your butt out too far with an ‘S’ shaped spine

This puts a lot of stress on your lower back muscles and also makes it really difficult to make a full shoulder turn.

This creates an 'S' shape to your spine which can cause pain and discomfort to your lower back.

Here's 2 x examples of poor golf posture: Source

If you want to know how to get the perfect golf posture and look like a pro over the ball you need to have the right information. Learn how to get into the right golf posture getting you ready to make a great golf swing.

5 keys to the perfect golf posture

  1. Both feet should be pointing on a slight angle outwards at address.
  2. Hinge at the hips, lean forward with your arms hanging relaxed so your hands are sitting right beneath your head.
  3. Ensure you have a slight flex in your knees just enough to help keep your spine angle in a nice straight line.
  4. Tilt your spine about 6 to 8 degrees away from the target doing the drill as described in the video below.
  5. Feel the weight in your golf posture at set up over your ankles.

Don’t forget axit tilt

Another common mistake golfers make with their golf posture is not having enough axis tilt at address. Axis tilt is when you upper body is leaning slightly away from the target at address and your lead shoulder will be slightly lower than rear.

If you don’t have enough axis tilt in your golf set up you increase your chances of creating a reverse pivot which leads to numerous poor golf shots not to mention the increased risk of injury on your body.

Having the right amount of axis tilt has two important benefits:

1. Enables you to get properly loaded onto the right side for power

2. Easier to shallow out the golf swing on the downswing


Watch the video below to see how i demonstrate the correct amount of axis tilt at set up:


Stay centred over your ankles

A common myth in golf instruction is in your golf posture to feel like your weight is over the balls of your feet. However, when you think about this logically it makes no sense. Having your weight further over the balls of your feet not only inhibits balance during the golf swing but makes it extremely difficult to shift your weight back and forth.

Golf weight shift is how you create power and shallow out the swing plane.

Ideally, you want to feel centred and balanced with your weight over your ankles.

Additional points to remember

When you’re hinging from the hips ensure you do not stick your butt out too far as this causes an ‘S’ shape in your spine.

This is a big mistake that many golfers make without realising it, that can result in long term injuries to your back.

When practicing your posture at address, take a picture or record yourself so you can analyse.

You have done this correctly when you can draw a straight line that starts from your toes up through your hands to the front of your shoulders.

This is the ideal golf posture you should be striving for that results in better golf and lower scores.

Give it a try and let me know your results, I would love to hear. 


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