4 Reasons Why You Are Not Playing Better Golf & How To Today

Playing Better Golf

Start playing better golf today

If you haven’t seen any improvement in your golf scores for a while, then there’s a good chance you’re doing something wrong. It's such an obvious thing to say but quite often the most obvious that holds your golf game back. Let me guess, you’re practicing hard at the golf driving range but still not playing better golf.

You go there 3 times a week and hit ball after ball and feel like you’ve finally found a breakthrough.

Next, you turn up to your weekly Saturday morning competition all psyched up for a great game.

What happens … you struggle right from the start and leave the golf course even more frustrated than before … sound familiar?

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What to do

Golf is not an easy sport, you know that and so do I. However, like all things can be learned and played at a higher level if we do certain things right. The secret is to understand what is going wrong, how to fix it and continually improve and move forward.

I used the golf instruction in the Easy Swing Plane to get my golf swing on plane and start hitting the golf ball longer and straighter.

It's simple to implement and is perfect for low and high handicappers who have little time to practice.

Here are 4 great ways to ensure you start playing better golf today.

Not paying attention on the golf course

When you’re having a bad day on the golf course what are you thinking about? Are you hitting all your shots to the right, left, fat or thin? Are you 3 putting or just struggling to hit your driver off the tee?

Most golfers just wander aimlessly around the course making adjustments or tweaks to their golf swing after every poor shot.

At the end of the round ask yourself the above questions and you’ll instantly know what needs to be fixed and what doesn’t.

Now you can confidently head to the golf driving range and work on the very heart of your golfing issues.

If you want to know how you can start playing better golf you need to look at why you may not be playing well at present. Learn how you can starting playing better golf today with these 4 powerful ways.

Have you got the fundamentals right?

If you’re not playing better golf there is a good chance your overall set up is not fundamentally sound. What I mean is your posture, stance, grip and aim and alignment. You must have these basic elements right first before you have any chance of lowering your golf scores.

For example, it’s extremely difficult to hit straight irons shots if you’re hunched over at address and you’re aiming out to the right.

Jump online and watch a video or picture of your favourite player at address from behind and from the side.

Pay particular attention to their posture, back and arms position and how they are aligned. Check out the set up of  Rory McIlroy.

Set yourself up in front of a mirror and copy that same set up position. Get a friend to look at your set up from behind and from the side and see what they think.

A second set of eyes looking over your set up can really help.

Not practicing your short game enough

Your short game makes up over 40% of your overall golf score depending on your ability. This is why you should be practicing it the most. Most amateur and beginner players miss the majority of greens in regulation so playing better golf is about chipping and putting better. On the PGA tour the professionals spend most of their practice on the short game.

They know this is difference between winning and losing a tournament.

Instead of spending the full hour at the golf driving range hitting longer shots, break up the time more appropriately.

Spend around 40 minutes on the chipping and putting and the remainder on the driving mats.

Another smart thing to do is grab a copy of the Short Game Improvement Program like I did and become great at getting up and down from around the greens.

If you want to know how you can start playing better golf you need to look at why you may not be playing well at present. Learn how you can starting playing better golf today with these 4 powerful ways.

Are you practicing with a purpose?

What I mean is, are you practicing with the right intention to get improvement in your golf game? Are you just pounding driver after driver shot at the range without focusing on any target? If this sounds like you then you’re not focusing on how to practice golf properly. I’m always amused when I see guys taking aim at the moving golf tractor that picks up the golf balls.

If you’re there just for fun, that’s fine … but if you want to play better golf then you need a better approach.

The first thing you need to do is pick out a target in the distance at the golf driving range.

It might be a distance marker, a tree or whatever … it doesn’t matter. Move tee bays if you have to get aligned to a target you want to hit to.

Imagine that target is a particular hole at your home course. It might be a fairway or a green you are trying to hit to.

Bringing this visualisation to the golf driving range with you adds more of a realistic scenario you might face on the golf course.

Without it you are just wildly smashing golf balls into the distance without fear or conviction.

Now it's your turn

Remember the key to playing better golf is to learn from what’s not working, practice the short game, get the fundamentals right and practice with a purpose.

Complete each one of these and you’ll be on your way to lower golf scores in no time.  

Don't forget to check out the Easy Swing Plane system like I did and you'll see an instant improvement in your golf swing and scores.


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