Create More Power in the Golf Swing With 2 Key Moves

Power in the golf swing

Generate more power in the golf swing

Do you struggle to generate any sort of power in the golf swing and regularly get out driven by your playing players? You always have to bring out your hybrid or 3-wood to reach par-4's? If this sounds like you then you are losing distance most likely due to some common power leaks that are robbing you of power on ever shot. Most amateur and beginner golfers at some stage struggle with generating any sort of power in the golf swing.

It usually can be attributed to a number of reasons as there are many factors that affect the ball flight.

Sometimes it has to do with flexibility and age but most commonly it’s just an incorrect technique.

When it comes to generating more power in the golf swing it usually comes down to a lack of shoulder turn and losing lag in downswing.

I use the techniques taught in the Rotary Swing system that help me create more power in all of my golf shots.

It's easy to use and understand and works for both low and high handicappers who struggle for practice time looking to increase their distances. 

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Getting a full shoulder turn

What I see with most golfers that struggle with distance is that they are unable to make a fully 90° degree shoulder turn. When the shoulder don't turn enough the upper body can't produce that powerful coil effect when the shoulders need to unwind in the downswing.

This reduces clubhead speed and in turn distance.

A full shoulder turn enables with uncoil effect to take place in the downswing leading with tonnes of stored up power.

How to turn your shoulders for more power

Start by practicing swing the golf club with just one arm. You'll notice it's a lot easier to get your shoulders back past 90° degrees. This is because your right side is not restricting the movement and allows the right shoulder (right hander) to get out of the way.

After you've done about 10 swings, add the right arm and continue to make swings but let the left arm still do most of the work and allow the right side to only support the club.

This is key in the golf swing.

Your right side in the golf swing should play more of a supporting role and let the left side get a full turn and generate all of the power.

If you want to know how to create more power in the golf swing you need to have the right information. Learn the 2 key moves you must know to generate more power and hit longer golf shots today.

The simplest way to a full shoulder turn

Start off at your set up without a golf club at all. Focus only on pulling your right shoulder (right hander) back towards the golf ball. You'll notice how easy it is to get a full 90° shoulder turn.

This is because most golfers focus too much on turning their shoulders from the left side which makes it difficult to get the right shoulder behind you.

Now add a golf club and do the same move and you should be able to make a full 90° shoulder turn.




You're not getting enough lag

Lag is the angle create half way back in the golf swing between your left arm and the golf club. Most golfers are able to create a decent amount of lag angle on the backswing.

However it's on the downswing where they lose this angle and with it all the power in the golf swing.

This is called casting and I'll show you what it looks like the video below.

How to get more lag and more power

The key to getting more lag is creating that angle in the golf swing as described above and releasing it at the right time in the downswing.

These are the 3 keys I like to work on to increase lag and golf swing speed in the golf swing.

  1. Lighter grip pressure - this stops the club from being pushed too quickly and losing the angle
  2. Keep the angle to the right thigh - this is a great check point to get to with the club still parallel to the ground
  3. Increase the angle as you shift your weight - this is a great move you can incorporate to get even more lag

The best way to practice these moves is by performing half swings getting the club to the right thigh and still parallel to the ground.

Pausing ...

Then following through to a finish position.




What to do next

Give these methods a try and you will see an increase in power in the golf swing and better contact with all of your golf shots.

Remember to start off slow practicing both the shoulder turn and lag drills and progress up to doing the half swing drills.

Next, you can move up to making full swings at the driving range and you'll start launching shots you never thought possible.

Combine these with the techniques in the Rotary Swing system and you'll be fast on your way to longer, more powerful golf shots right through the bag.

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