Proper Golf Backswing: 3 Must Moves That Guarantee a Winning Position at The Top

Proper Golf Backswing

A proper golf backswing that works every time

Does your backswing feel out of sync from the time you commence the takeaway? Do you feel like your lower and upper body aren’t working together correctly which gets your swing off to a bad start? Learning to perform a proper golf backswing is vital if you want to lower your golf handicap and golf scores.

The good news is you can do this regardless of where your golf swing is at right now.

All it takes is performing some simple, body friendly moves that move the golf club the way it’s meant to.

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All golf backswing drills and moves are for a right handed golfer … lefties just do the exact opposite.

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What makes up a backswing in golf

Every backswing in golf begins with a golf swing takeaway. This is the commencement of the golf swing until the golf club gets approximately parallel to the ground. Next, involves hinging of the wrists and the bending of the right elbow as it slowly moves the club to the top. The hips will rotate approximately 45 degrees and the shoulders about 90 degrees as the golf club moves to the top of the golf swing.

Depending on your flexibility the left arm will remain mostly straight right through to the top and the left hand will be relatively flat parallel to the swing plane.

From the down the line view your left arm should be just above your shoulder plane level, but this will vary slightly from player to player.

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What does a good and bad backswing look like

It’s important to understand that not all backswings are the same and a proper golf backswing for you might look completely different for someone else. You only have to look at all the best backswings on the PGA and European Tours to see that. However, in saying that there are some similarities that make these backswings super-efficient and repeat shot after shot.

The vast majority of these players make a smooth, one piece takeaway that gets the golf club on plane as their weight slowly shifts to the right.

A natural hinging of the wrists occurs as the golf club get higher into the air as the player feels the weight of the golf club.

Lastly, the left arm remains relatively straight, the right elbow is pointing down towards the ground and the left wrist is flat and 80% weight on the right side.

Make a proper golf backswing that add consistency to your golf game

The golf swing takeaway

The takeaway can often make or break the entire golf swing so it’s extremely vital to performing a proper golf backswing. The arms / shoulders all move the golf club together in one piece until the golf club gets approximately parallel to your target.

A poor golf swing takeaway is when either the golf club moves too far inside or outside the target line resulting in the need for compensations when the club arrives at the top of the backswing.

Your wrists should turn slightly to the right opening up the clubhead and you’ll start to feel your weight slowly move to the rear leg as your hips begin to open up.

Try to keep your right arm as straight as possible, not letting it fold too soon which helps keep the golf club in front of you.

Hinging the wrist

As your takeaway is finishing when the golf club is parallel to the ground next comes the wrist hinge in the golf swing. This should be a natural movement with your wrists hinging up and keeping the golf club in front of your body. It’s important you let the wrists break naturally by feeling the weight of the golf club.

Next, the right arm needs to fold about 90 degrees with the left arm remaining relatively straight.

Open up your hips to about 45 degrees to allow your shoulders to fully rotate.

Getting to the top backswing position

If you’ve followed the previous two steps the final part of the golf backswing sequence should be easy. Once you’ve made a good one piece takeaway and allowed your wrists to hinge naturally, the final piece is to continue to let your shoulders fully rotate to 90 degrees. You should feel about 70% to 80% of your weight on your right leg and in your right buttocks.

Also, ideally your right elbow should be pointing towards the ground with a relatively straight left arm.

Make sure your body is slightly tilted away from the target and not towards it in a reverse pivot type of action.

Finally, it’s important your left wrist is flat. A slight amount of bowing or cupping is okay.

A flatter wrist will make it easier to bring the club down on plane in the downswing.

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What you need to do now

Now you’ve learnt the 3 fundamentals to performing the proper golf backswing it’s time to practice.

First, forget about the golf club and practice for 25 repetitions in front of a mirror slowly moving your arms in front of you through takeaway, wrist hinge and all the way to the top of the backswing.

Next, grab a golf club and do the same slowly and deliberately for 25 repetitions watching the movement in front of a mirror to ensure you are doing everything correctly.

Practice hitting short shots around 50-yards so your body gets a good feel for the new movements.

Work your way up to hitting full golf shots only after you feel comfortable and are happy with the movements you see in the mirror.

Now you should be able to perform a tour pro golf backswing that will lead to more consistent golf swings and lower scores.

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