Get the Proper Golf Swing Takeaway in 60 Seconds With a 2 Inch Move

Proper Golf Swing Takeaway

The proper golf swing takeaway is a must!

Do you take the golf club way too far on the inside on the takeaway of your golf swing? Maybe you take the golf club too far on the outside on the takeaway? Are you not even sure which way the golf club should be facing on the takeaway and are confused on how it should look? You’re not alone, knowing the proper golf swing takeaway confuses most golfers especially those struggling to break 100.

The good news is it’s really easy to get the correct position and once you know this you can replicate it time after time and enjoy great results with your golf swing.

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Why you struggle with the golf swing takeaway?

The takeaway like many other parts of the golf swing, there are several different ways of doing it. You can break or set your wrists early, you can perform a big sway to the rear foot, you can lift your arms early or you can rotate around your spine keeping it as a fixed centre point.

With so many options available to golfers, it’s no wonder they get confused and end up doing it the wrong way.

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The most efficient way to get it right 100% of the time

Despite the numerous ways of performing the takeaway, there’s only one optimal way to do it efficiently and remain centred at the same time. The key is you want your spine to remain centred throughout the takeaway and for your muscles and joints to rotate around it.  

The good news is when you’re doing it right, amazingly you’re only performing around 2-3 inches of movement.

When you think about the takeaway this way you’ll realize it’s a super simple and not a complicated movement. 

By understanding this it makes it incredibly simple to understand and easy to implement into your own golf game.

Don’t just focus on the golf club

The golf club has to move around 2 metres during the takeaway. If you were to sway with the golf club your head and arms would move along with it. Because of this large move away off the ball, you will then have to make an equivalent move to get back to the front leg. It may look pretty good when you look at your golf swing from down the line, but this large shift puts you in a tough position to finish off the golf swing.

Ideally, if you want to stay centred in the golf swing, you don’t’ want to be making a massive shift to the right.

Yes, you do need to transfer your weight to the rear side, but you don’t’ want to make an enormous large upper-body lateral sway.

What should happen is your right shoulder blade will move down and in toward the spine so that you stay centred.

Remember this:

You want to be moving in the opposite direction to what the golf club is moving.

When you move your body in the same direction of the golf club, you lose timing, power and consistency.

Here’s the right way to perform the takeaway

As you begin your takeaway just focus on moving your shoulder blade back in towards your spine and down. This move should only be about 2 to 3 inches in at the most. It will also keep your chest and arms connected and if done correctly the toe of the golf club will be pointing towards the sky and you’ll get about 45 degrees of rotation.

The rest of the rotation will happen with elevation in the second half of the backswing when the club gets to the top.

What happened is you’ve moved 2 to 3 inches but your golf club moves about 2 metres.

You’ve just completed the proper golf swing takeaway.

If you want to know how to get the proper golf swing takeaway you need to have the right information. Learn how to make a proper golf swing takeaway with a simple, 2 inch move that works every time.

What do most golfers do wrong in the takeaway?

Most golfers get the takeaway wrong by working against the scientific way your body produces power. I mentioned before that most golfers move their body in the same direction the club is going. 

A big power killer!

But, a lot of golfers also try to put the club in the same position every time with their hands.

This is extremely difficult to do and more often than not you’re going to get it wrong.

Because it’s hard to put the golf club in the right position every time when you can’t see where you’re trying to move the club! You should be looking at the golf ball!

So instead of trying to blindly put the club in the right position, why not just move your shoulder blade back 2 to 3 inches and get it perfect every time.

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Point towards the sky

When your golf club is parallel to the ground during the golf swing takeaway the toe of the clubhead should be pointing towards the sky.

It’s as simple as that!

This position puts you in an ideal spot to return the clubhead to a square position at impact and make solid contact with the golf ball.

This is the position you’ll see touring professionals in every time they swing the golf club. It is the correct golf swing takeaway position you should aspire to every time!

Don’t close and don’t open

As mentioned above, the toe of the clubhead should be pointing at the sky at the end of the golf swing takeaway.

The clubhead should not be pointing on an angle to the right behind your body in what’s called a ‘closed’ position.

The clubhead should not be pointing on an angle to the left behind your body in what’s called an ‘open’ position.

Key points to remember

  1. The proper golf swing takeaway only involves 2 – 3 inches of movement with your shoulder.
  2. Make sure your arms and shoulders are connected to your core or mid- section.
  3. Pull your right shoulder in and down towards your spine to start the golf swing.
  4. Also remain centred and rotate around your spine.
  5. This movement gives you 45 degrees of shoulder turn with rest provided by the second half of the backswing. Minimal hip rotation required.)

Practice and practice

Take the time to get the proper golf swing takeaway because it’s vital and an essential part of your whole golf swing.

Get this right and you are well on your way to making a better golf swing instantly!

Give this a try and I’ll guarantee you’ll start to see improvement in your ball striking and overall scoring.

Have you struggled with your golf swing takeaway? If so, what have you tried and what’s worked and not worked?


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