Putting in Golf: 4 Reasons Why Your Putting Sucks & How to Fix

Putting in Golf

How to get better at putting in golf

Is poor putting leading you on the verge of quitting golf for good? When it comes to playing golf do you find yourself constantly missing short putts? Or maybe you struggle to get the golf ball close to the hole from 20 feet? It’s easily done and happens to the best golfers from time to time. You put the time in on the practice green but still find yourself missing those must make 4 footers for par. The truth is if you are not performing the right fundamentals no amount of practice will stop you poor putting in golf and missing putts.

Practice these fundamentals and better putting in golf is within your reach.  

I've successfully used the putting methods in the Truth About Putting to lower my putts per round to under 30.

It's easy to understand and use and delivers fast results on the greens.

Read below to find out 4 reasons why your putting sucks right now and how to fix it.

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Eyes move after hitting the ball 

Every golfer has done this at some stage and you’d be surprised at how often I see it on the golf course. It’s the most common fault I see in poor putters today! When your eyes move too quickly the shoulders rise and the putter blade opens.

Not only is your direction affected but often the putts are hit off centre on the putter face.

This results in your putts coming up way too short or too long. 

Focus on keeping your eyes over the ball until it has left the putter face and rolling towards the target.

This will ensure a solid strike on the ball and a putt rolling towards your intended target line.

Putter face not aiming at your target

It’s the first thing you learn in most sports and golf is no different. If you’re not aiming at your target then your chances of holing any putts are slim. I was shocked when my golf coach told me on some putts I was aiming about 15 inches offline!

Here I was thinking I was aiming at my target and he tells me I’m aiming in another direction!

Use the help of a friend to see if this is your problem. Get them to stand behind the intended target line and have a look at your putter face.

You might be surprised at what they point out!

If you want to know how improve your putting in golf you need to understand where you're going wrong. Learn why your putting might be struggling and what you can do today to fix it fast.

Gripping the putter incorrectly

When I talk about the gripping the putter I’m not talking about gripping it either overlap, cross handed, the claw or any other type of grip. I’m talking about the fundamental way the hands should work together on the putting grip.

Regardless of whether you are right or left handed both palms should be facing each other on the grip.

Both thumbs should be on the grip pointing towards the ground. Use a mirror to see how your hands are placed on the grip.

This position of the hands is consistent amongst the best putters in the world.

Putter doesn’t move with with the arms & shoulders

A fundamentally sound putting stroke moves similar to a pendulum in a grandfather clock. The arms, hands and shoulders should move in unison with the putter. Any break in the wrists will cause the putter blade to shut closed or flare open and the ball will move offline.

This sequence is a must in all good putting strokes and you should strive to do the same. 

Practice and more practice

If you suffer from any one of the above putting problems, there’s only way to fix them and that’s practice.

Most importantly, practice fixing them the right way!

Grab a mirror, grab a friend or whatever it takes and start working your way through them.

Improving your putting in golf is easily done if you follow this advice and add a little bit of persistence.

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