3 Ways How Rotary Swing Golf Instruction Lowers Your Golf Scores

Rotary Swing Golf Instruction

If You Think That More Practice Is Going To Improve Your Swing, You’re Wrong, And You’ll Either End Up Making More Mistakes Or Getting Injured

So here’s the deal.  I thought I was doing everything right to improve my golf game. I listened to the gurus who thought they had it all figured out, I practiced five days a week, and I was even spending big bucks on individual sessions to help me shed strokes of my game. But then I found out that everything I was doing was completely ignoring the fundamental reason why my game had stalledI'd never heard of Rotary Swing Golf Instruction at this point - but I'll explain more about that below.

I wanted to blast away my competitors, but the training techniques I was getting were only focusing on eliminating my slice and forgetting the stuff that really matters in the game.

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Most advice focuses on general tips that may or may not apply to your game

But here’s the problem: your body is unique and you’re probably making the same exact mistakes each time — they aren’t random even if your games scores seem to tell you they are. Most of us have been sold a lot of “tips” — whether well-intentioned or not — that actually cause us to focus on the exact opposite thing we should be focusing on.

When we hear things like “keep your eye on the ball” or “slow your swing” we end up working way too much and focusing way too hard…and these methods do nothing to actually improve your game over the long run.

Targeting the Actions of Your Muscles Is How You’ll Improve Your Game …. And Most Golf “Advice” Doesn’t Help Us Do That!

After learning how simple it is to re-train my muscles to do the work for me, I feel kind of cheated.

Here’s how RST improves your golf game:

  1. Building new, proper techniques is a biological process — it’s not only a thought process.
  2. With neuromuscular re-education, your body learns for you — with the right practice, you’ll never have to strain again.
  3. Smart, scientifically proven repetitions build new neuromuscular pathways in learning and allow you to master the form and significantly improve your motor pattern.

All of the typical golf instructions will yield typical results because they don’t actually train your body to know the difference between good form and bad form.

So it didn’t matter that I was working my butt off practicing and trying to listen to helpful “advice”, the focus was on the entirely wrong thing!

I was spending my time thinking I was going to see improvement but all the training neglected key understanding of how the body was made to move.

When I think about it, I still get a little angry at the wasted time.

But hey — that’s all in the past.


WATCH THE VIDEO BELOW THAT DEMONSTRATES how rotary swing can help you create the perfect golf swing:

I Finally Found a Golf Program That Actually Takes Care of Those Mistakes I Kept Making — For Good!

Seriously, from the minute I began working through the training videos, there was an immediate improvement in my game. It’s called Rotary Swing Golf Instruction, and it accomplishes everything I needed to blast passed my handicaps and watch my score get lower — I’m talking saving 10 strokes per round here!

Here’s why I love it:

  • Get immediate access to over 350 videos that cover every fault you can think of and help you play the game you never thought was possible.
  • Lower your golf score dramatically in a short amount of time — you’ll be amazed at the quick results.
  • Learn simple, proven methods to increase range on your hits.
  • Watch your game change before your eyes in just over a week — hit the golf ball straighter, farther, and do it consistently!
  • Learn a safer swing and reduce your chance of injury.
  • Top medical experts in neurosurgery and orthopedic fields created the best methods to develop RST — you’ll get trustworthy results with this!
  • Improve your swing and build confidence as you finally break your own bad swing habits and learn what works.
  • Get access to the 9 Days to Amazing Ball Striking Series and be the threat no one saw coming on your next game.
  • Decrease strokes and then relax as you lose all the stress in the game.
  • Expect a consistent game — impress your friends and business connections with your newfound improvement.
  • Have more fun on the golf course as you take out all the guesswork and frustration — enjoy the lowest scores you’ve ever had and watch your ball blast past your golf buddies.



But it doesn’t stop at just the 350+ videos

Rotary Swing does so much more than provide science-based fundamentals that help my worst golf faults. The most invaluable part of the whole Rotary Swing program actually is included for free. You’ll get personalized swing reviews from certified instructors that have one goal — your success. The customer service is really great.

I learned more in 9 days than I did over years of practice and listening to people who seemed like they knew what they were talking about.

This program is seriously addictive — especially if you are a competitive on the course. You get instant pay-off from easy-to-implement techniques that have been developed by experts — neurosurgeons, orthopedic, and bio-mechanic professionals.

I’m definitely not the only one who feels this strongly about this program.

Rotary Swing Overview

Rotary Swing is getting big, positive reviews from people like Dr. Brian McKeon, Boston Celtics Chief Medical Officer, countless players, and other medical professionals who see what can happen when people fail to use proper techniques.

It’s not just about blasting the ball past your buddies on the green, it’s about consistent performance over time — it’s about gaining confidence and having fun with the game again!

This course, including the hundreds of focused videos and personalized feedback, will get you where you are finally able to understand not only what you did wrong, but why you did it and how you can improve.

You also get access to articles and all of the new videos their certified pros upload each week. Enjoy drills that actually work to because they offer focused insight into the specifics of your golf game.

These are just a few ways you’ll be able to improve your game:

  • Learn how to fine-tune your draw and your fade.
  • Get that extra lag you’re wanting in your game.
  • Hit the ball farther — but here’s the great part — with less effort.
  • Work with your body to reduce the potential for injury and reduce your strokes.

It’s backed by medical professionals and top golfers and with a FREE 7-day trial — there are no strings

With no risk and a free week to check out everything Rotary Swing golf instruction has — it doesn’t get better than this! What I’m learning, friends, is that there really is no ceiling in this game unless you create it for yourself. You get complacent because you feel that your mistakes are just a part of the game for you and they always will be. You don’t have to play like that anymore.

With no binding agreements, there really is no reason to pass this up.

This whole program offers so much with zero risk involved. If you take a look at the videos and decide that you’re happy where your game is at right now and you don’t want to improve your swing for consistently better games — just move on.

It costs nothing to try it out, which is why I’m stoked to tell you guys exactly where you can get this deal today.

If you’re even a little bit curious about Rotary Swing, check it out! You can read more about it in the link below.

Enjoy the game!


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