Rotary Swing Review: Why It's The #1 Golf Swing System Online

Rotary Swing Review

Do you need the Rotary Swing system?

With all the thousands of different golf instruction systems online today it makes it extremely difficult to know which one is right for you. After all, a lot of them provide solid, helpful advice and techniques that can help most golfers play better golf. However, the Rotary Swing system really delivers when it comes to providing the complete system to perform a sound, efficient golf swing which is why I wrote this Rotary Golf Swing review.

It's called Rotary Swing by Chuck Quinton.

It's one of the very few golf instruction systems that bases its teaching on pure body bio-mechanics and physics that shows you how to swing a golf club the way your body is designed to.

In fact, the vast majority of today's best touring professionals all swing the golf club using Rotary Swing fundamentals. 

I have personally used the Rotary Swing (RST) system and credit much of my improved golf to their teachings.

Here is my Rotary Swing review after going through and using the system. 

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Major benefits

It doesn't just improve your golf swing but does so in a way that's bio-mechanically friendly to your body. This means any changes you make will increase the longevity of your golf swing for years to come. It's the only system that offers FREE golf swing reviews as part of its membership online which is extremely valuable for golfers of all levels. 

It has the largest collection of golf instruction videos online (350+), all designed to lower your golf scores regardless of your current handicap. 

For what it provides including a massive database of over 350 videos and 6 personal golf swing reviews, it's tremendous value. 

Other membership options are available that offer unlimited golf swing reviews to fast track your improvement.


The Rotary Swing system is one of the best reviewed golf instruction products in the golfing industry. Thousands of golfers worldwide have increased their distances, lower their scores and cut their handicaps from using the system.

Here's just a few reviews from real golfers who have achieved incredible results:

"I can't realistically see myself hitting the ball any better or more consistently down the range or on the course than I am now, and I understand my misses now as well."

Colin Earl

"I think he's come very close to a golf swing model that appears to be ideal ... It's a big muscle, motor-driven swing that's repeatable ... You don't have to be a super athlete."

Dr. Jeffrey Broker

"If you make a commitment to the program and you go through the program the way it's laid out, you will get better."

Greg McNeill

If you want to find the most comprehensive Rotary Swing review to learn how you can play better golf and shoot lower scores then this is the only review you need to read. This review shares all the pros and cons of the Rotary Swing instruction program which teaches you the most efficient way to swing a golf club resulting in better golf and more fun.

Fast and easy results

After just a few minutes of watching Chuck Quinton explain the Rotary Swing system, you'll soon see why he's regarded as one of the best in the golf industry. Chuck has developed the system with the help of Doctor's, Physicians, and other medical experts to ensure he produced the most efficient and body friendly system for you the golfer. 

He explains each part of the golf swing in simple language that's easy to understand and implement ensuring maximum effectiveness in your golf swing.

Chuck believes in teaching moves in the golf swing that are specifically designed to work with your body so they reduce injuries and ensure your longevity in the game.

Rather than confuse you with the whole golf swing in one go, he shows you piece by piece how to build your ideal golf swing.

This means you can improve the areas you only need help with and move progressively at your own pace.

You'll see faster and better results on the golf course.

Very comprehensive and detailed

One of the things golfers love about the Rotary Swing system is the detail and quality of the instruction it provides. The Rotary Swing system covers every single part of the golf swing and more. They even show you insightful analysis of professional golfer swings so you can see what they do right and how it can apply to your golf swing. 

Here are just some of the things you'll learn: 

  • The safest, most powerful, efficient golf swing anywhere

  • Add distance off the tee without extra effort

  • Fix common swing issues such as loss of lag and over the top

  • Make a full shoulder turn even if you have no flexibility

  • How to compress a golf ball with your irons like the pros





Made for all golfer types

When Chuck Quinton developed the Rotary Swing system, he wanted the system based on the true fundamentals of the golf swing. Not a system based just on what worked for him or some touring professionals. The system will work for beginner golfers because it will get you and your golf swing ingrained with the right moves early leading to a longer lasting and better golf swing.

Even if you've been playing golf for a long time on a high handicap or even a low one, Rotary Swing can show you how to make progress step by step and see improvement even if you haven't for years.

Maybe you're out of shape, or not as flexible as you once were.

With Rotary Swing it doesn't matter, the way the golf swing is taught makes it possible for everyone to produce a tour quality golf swing from the ground up.

Overview of Rotary Swing system

The Rotary Swing system focuses on the core elements of making the most efficient golf swing possible. That means moving your body in specific ways to produce a safe, powerful golf swing that repeats time after time. 

One of Chuck's favourite sayings with his teaching is:

"Big body turn and tiny little arm swing"

Lessons on the site are covered at every level from beginner to the more advanced players.

However, at the core of their golf instruction training is the RST 5 Step System which takes you through the critical parts to make an efficient, tour quality golf swing.

Additionally, there are dozens of bonus videos that cover subjects such as Winter golf training, how to bomb your driver over 300-yards, before and after swing examples, golf specialty shots, pro lessons and perfecting your golf impact position.  

The Rotary Swing premium membership includes all of the following and much more:

  • Six (6) x golf swing reviews with membership - feel like a tour pro and get your golf swing reviewed at least 6 times by an accredited RST teacher. They will identify the areas in your swing that need fixing and give you pin point advice with videos to watch so you can fix.

  • Access to the golf swing analysis tool - identify and draw important swing plane lines on your golf swing and compare to a professional golf swing model to see where you need improvement. Watch face on and down the line views to capture your entire golf swing.

  • Fault / Fixes videos - access to these special videos that demonstrate the most common golf swing faults and provide you with detailed fixes on how to fix them. Covers topics such as over the top, weight shift, loss of lag / poor release, over-swinging and the reverse pivot.


After trying dozens of different golf instruction systems online I believe the Rotary Swing system is the best value for money. The premium membership sells for just $179.97 a year or you can pay by the month for $19.97.

This is outstanding value considering the size and comprehensiveness of the membership site and the bonus of getting your golf swing reviewed at least 6 times.

This is something you would pay $200 a month for from your local golf pro for 1 hour long lessons!

If you're interested in the premium membership, sign up here for your FREE Rotary Swing membership first to try it out.

Then, click on the link in the top right hand corner that says 'Go Premium Now' and get started with your premium membership.

If for the unlikely reason you don't like it or wish to quit, you can cancel at any time at no cost.

You'll learn how to make incredible swing improvements like these golfers below.

Rotary Swing Review


It works for golfers of all ages, body types and handicap levels whether high or low. It provides a step by step system that teaches each part of the golf swing ensuring improvement in all golfers scores. 

One of the few programs that offers both a golf swing analysis tool and regular golf swing reviews that are tailored specifically to improve your golf swing ... not someone else's. 

Reasonably priced for what it offers and there's lots of support for questions about every single video on the membership site. 

You'll always know what to do next and never be left stuck on how to perform a certain move in the golf swing.


Not much negative to say about Rotary Swing as it's really the complete system bar a couple of small things. The ongoing monthly or yearly cost instead of a once-off fee may not be affordable for many golfers.

The large volume of videos on the site can be overwhelming especially if you're a first time golfer.

However, there are steps you can take to narrow down the specific videos that are just right for you.

What makes Rotary Swing different and is it right for you?

Rotary Swing is different because it's golf instruction based on pure golf fundamentals that are backed up by science. You'll find the answers you've been looking for in the golf swing that no other golf instruction system online could provide. It's one of the few sound approaches to the golf swing that make complete sense.

It's not a system based on what another golf instructors have found works for them or even works for a touring professional.

No matter what your golf swing beliefs or swing methodologies are, the fundamentals of Rotary Swing will help you improve faster, hit the golf ball further and have more fun on the golf course.

This makes it the only logical choice of golf instruction you need to take your game to the next level regardless of what level your game is at present.

Final thoughts

The Rotary Swing system lives up to its promise to deliver the most efficient and powerful golf swing on the planet.

Chuck Quinton delivers on his promise to provide you with all the game changing, swing methods you'll ever need.

If you have any questions about this Rotary Swing review or would like to know anything else about the system please let me know.

I'm happy to help you out.


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