Stop Pulling Golf Shots: Hit Them Straighter With 3 Simple Fixes

Pulling Golf Shots

Are you pulling golf shots deep into trouble?

Do you pull, tug, drag or yank the golf ball left of the target? If the answer is yes then I’m assuming you are very familiar with pulling golf shots. More often than not your golf ball lands in a really bad position on the golf course. The golf ball starts left and stays there and ends up in a bunker, water or even out of bounds which destroys your golf score. Fixing your pulled golf shots is just as important as fixing your golf slice as both cause lots of problems for golfers.

You often make good contact with the golf ball and don’t understand why the golf ball keeps going left?

It’s either that, or you hit a big banana golf slice that’s starts left and then curves hard around to the right into trouble.

The good news is there are many great drills and fixes to stop pulling golf shots. You can try them out in just seconds and get instant results.

The Golf Swing Shirt has also been proven to help better connect your golf swing and stop shots going straight left.

In addition to the simple methods below, I fast tracked getting rid of my pulled shots by implementing the secrets I learnt in the Easy Swing Plane.

This not only stopped me from pulling the golf ball but it added 35+ yards to my drives and improved my accuracy as well.

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Key points to stop pulling your golf shots

The key to stop pulling your golf shots is to learn how to control the starting line of your ball. When you can control your starting line you can play any type of golf shot you desire.

A lot of golfers that pull the golf ball do so because they swing with an over the top golf swing or they shut the clubface too early in the downswing dragging the golf ball left.

Let me me explain the first fix to the problem.

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Keep your back to the target a bit longer

Most golfers tend to spin their hips and their shoulders open too early in the downswing which causes the club to cut across the golf ball and drag it left. Slices of the golf ball are notorious for this move. Instead, on the downswing try keeping your arms quieter and your back to the target a bit longer.

This will force the clubhead to come more from the inside and swing out to the right setting you up a beautiful, more desirable draw ball flight.

The idea is that the club will drop more naturally into the 'slot' position putting it on plane and perfect to the strike the golf ball solid.

Practice this slowly and deliberately at home first so your body get used to it. After it feels right gradually work your way up to hitting short shots at the driving range and then finally full shots.

The easiest drill in golf

One of the easiest and most effective drills in golf is perfect for curing a pulled golf shot and can be done in the comfort of your own home. Try this out in your backyard! Grab a head cover or anything that can be used as a visual reference and place it about 10 inches behind the ball. Then place it about 3 inches or so above the height of the ball. Start making practice swings into the impact zone without hitting the head cover.

Golfers that pull golf shots regularly come over the top and drag the clubface across the line of the ball from top to bottom.

As a result they pull the golf ball hard left.

This simple drill fixes it and once you practice it at home you can take it to the driving range and start hitting full shots doing the same thing.

It really works!

If you want to know how to stop pulling golf shots fast you need to know what the causes are and how you can fix them. These 3 simple methods will fix your pulled golf shots so you can hit straighter shots and shoot lower scores.

Simple drill to stop pulling golf shots

Place an alignment stick or a thin piece of wood in the ground a few metres in front of where you are set up. Set yourself up parallel to this target with your feet and shoulders. Practice hitting shorter shots aiming at the alignment stick, but importantly get the ball to start on a path to the right of the alignment stick. To do this you'll have to keep your shoulders closed or shut a bit longer in the downswing and swing more from the inside.

This will encourage the right to left draw ball flight that I talked about earlier.

Gradually work your way up to longer shots until you feel comfortable.

If you are having trouble with pulling the golf ball then give this drill a try. Test it out at the golf driving range next time you visit and you’ll see almost instantly improved ball striking.

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Quiet arms on the downswing

Another reason you could be pulling your golf shots is your hands are getting overly active in the downswing causing the clubface to shut and the ball to go left. The key is for the arms and hands to remain as passive as possible in the golf swing and in particular the downswing.  When your arms and hands get too active they release the clubhead too early and close the face which leads to lots of pulled shots.

Swing the golf club with the bigger muscles and let them lead the arms and hands through the downswing letting them catch up.

Fast arms and hands lead to lots of inconsistent and errant golf shots.

Watch your right shoulder

For a right handed golfer the right shoulder plays a major role in the downswing. As explained above when the shoulders spin too quickly it can lead to a steep downswing which results in the club path coming across the ball too much leading to a pull. Another good fix is too move your right shoulder down at the start of the downswing instead of out towards the golf ball. 

This will encourage the path of the golf club more from the inside reducing the chances of pulling the golf shot.




Is your clubface closed at impact?

A less common reason for pulling golf shots and not often talked about is when you might have a closed clubface at impact. Regardless of how good your path is coming into the golf ball, if the clubface is closed the ball will always go left.

Most golfers that pull the golf ball do so because of an over the top golf swing.

However, a closed clubface at impact can be just as destructive and will send your golf ball further and further left depending on the degree of the clubface angle.

As mentioned in the video, make sure your grip is not too strong causing the golf club to turn over at impact.

Weaken your grip a fraction and test what results you get and adjust accordingly.

How to fix a closed clubface

Here's a simple move that you can do to ensure you clubface is square from the very start of the golf swing. At address, most golfers make the mistake of having their elbow towards the back of their target. Or to think of it another way, the right elbow pit points towards the target line.

Instead do this:

Point the right elbow pit forward towards the golf ball. This should in turn make your right elbow point towards the ground.

Test it out now and you'll notice straight away if you perform a practice takeaway the clubhead will point towards the sky and won't be shut.

This simple change at set up will ensure the clubface gets into the right position from the start of the golf swing to the impact position.




Final thoughts

Stop pulling your golf shots and start hitting them dead straight today!

Remember, in addition to using the methods described above you can speed up the process of eliminating your pulled golf shots by using the secrets outlined in the Easy Swing Plane.

I've used it and so have thousands of others and all have gotten incredible results.

Let me know how it goes as I would love to hear your feedback.


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