how to fix your golf slice

How To Fix Your Golf Slice: Ultimate Guide To Slice-Free Golf In 2019

Every golfer that has played the game has experienced the pain and frustration of a golf slice. Over 10,000,000 results online for the combined search terms ‘fix golf slice’, and ‘how to fix golf slice’ highlights the enormous number of golfers searching for the answer. The slice has been robbing golfers of distance, accuracy and most importantly their confidence, on the golf course for hundreds of years. Golf slices are weak golf shots that usually end up in trees, bunkers, hazards and even out of bounds. It’s any wonder it’s the number one golf swing problem worldwide.

How to Fix Your Golf Slice in 2 Minutes Without Any Lessons

If you have every played a round of golf and watched every shot curve from left to right (right hander) then you are very familiar with the golf slice. You've probably even tried dozens of ways of how to fix your golf slice! The slice is and will continue to be the number one problem plaguing golfers around the world. Unless allowed for in your set up the slice puts golfers into an endless stream of difficult positions on the golf course. You slice the golf ball because of a certain amount of side spin put on the ball at the point of impact.