mental game of golf

Mental Golf Tips: 10 Proven Ways to Supercharge Your Golf Game

Do you struggle to maintain a consistent golf swing every time you play a round? Maybe you find it difficult to concentrate for a full 18 holes of golf? If either of these sound like you then it's likely you would benefit from some proven mental golf tips to strengthen your golf game. The good news is it's not difficult to build golf mental toughness and play at a higher level than you currently are. 

3 Keys to Mastering the Mental Game of Golf & Lowering Your Scores

Investigating methods to improve golf performance is often present in the media, for example, a recent edition of Today’s Golfer magazine included a review of fourteen different wedges and professional tips on wedge technique, scoring tips provided by Henrik Stenson and the coach of world number one Rory McIlroy. A review of golf drivers, categorising which models produce the highest distance for amateur golfers is also presented in the latest edition of lifestyle magazine, Men’s Health.