The Perfect Golf Swing: Create the Perfect Swing For You in 5 Simple Steps

the perfect golf swing

The perfect golf swing is achievable

Have you been searching for the perfect golf swing for what seems like an eternity? Are you changing from one swing tip to the next in an attempt to find the magic bullet? Maybe you’re even close to giving the game away out of pure frustration! Believe it or not, it is possible to create the perfect golf swing.

One that everything just flows perfectly on plane and delivers that sweet, flush impact on the golf ball every time.

Although every golf swing is different, it’s important you understand that you are capable of performing a great golf swing that can deliver the results you’re after.

You can achieve the perfect golf swing for you like I did by learning the Rotary Swing golf system.

It's simple and easy to learn and is perfect for golfers of all handicaps who have very limited time to practice.

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Why most golfers fail to lower their scores

I have two theories on this and I think it’s pretty close to the mark. There must be a reason why despite all the readily available access to golf instruction via the internet, magazines, books and thousands of golf instructors worldwide golfers are getting worse.

The National Golf Foundation statistics show over 45% of golfers can’t break 100 on a regular basis!

Golf instruction overload:

With all the information available on golf instruction as I mentioned above, it’s no surprise golfers are confused. One website says this and then another will contradict that with the complete opposite view.

True, there is more than one way to swing a golf club but there is only one most efficient way to make the perfect golf swing as I’ll show you in the video below.

With too much information at golfers' disposal, most end up jumping from one tip to the next in the hope of finding the magic pill.

Lack of commitment to change:

When golfers do find some great golf instruction, it often doesn’t fix their game because they don’t commit to the right process to making changes in their swing. Most golfers will try some new tips their instructor told them or that they found online, try it once and if it doesn’t work they’ll reject it and move on to something else.

The problem is, most changes in the golf swing take time and often require a number of slow repetitions and drills to see the effects take place.

5 steps to the perfect golf swing

Now that you know the perfect golf swing is something you can achieve it’s time to watch the video and start learning the steps.

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The golf set up is where it all starts

Your first step to creating a great swing is to get set up in an athletic set up. This is not a step you should skip as most golfers do. A poor set up gives you less of a chance to produce a good swing  and yet is very easy to accomplish.

Here are 8 really simple checkpoints to build into your golf set up.

  1.     Feet about shoulder width apart
  2.     Ball positioned in line with your shirt logo or outside your left ear (see image above)
  3.     Enough axis tilt by setting up with the left hand grip and reaching under to hold with the right
  4.     Roll your ankles slightly inward so you are more anchored to the ground
  5.     Let your arms hang nice and relaxed
  6.     Head up so it forms a nice straight line with your spine
  7.     Elbows should be sitting directly beneath your shoulders
  8.     Turn the right elbow pit forward towards the golf ball so you can make a proper takeaway

Get your swing started with a great takeaway

A vital part of the golf swing is the takeaway which plays a huge part in the overall golf swing. A poor takeaway makes a good golf swing very difficult as it will require many compensations for you to overcome during the swing. 

However, a good takeaway lays a great foundation on the way to the perfect golf swing.

Here are 5 checkpoints to get you the proper golf swing takeaway.

  1.     Keep the wrists neutral with no early break so the club remains on plane
  2.     Pull the right shoulder in towards your spine (2 inches of movement)
  3.     Push the right heal into the ground as your commence the takeaway
  4.     The right arm should remain as straight as possible to the end of the takeaway
  5.     You should feel your right hip and glute engaged if you’ve performed correctly
the perfect golf swing

Getting a perfect on plane backswing

Getting that perfect on plane backswing puts you halfway to completing the perfect golf swing. The key is to ensure your backswing is on plane which means your spine angle has remained the same from your set up right through to the top of your backswing.

Get this right and you’re in great shape to strike the golf ball pure and solid.

Here are 7 checkpoints to get a great golf backswing

  1.     As your wrists break at the end of the takeaway, a small amount of shoulder elevation
  2.     The right elbow will flex
  3.     If you’re flexible enough you may have a bit more right arm rotation
  4.     Remember to pull your right shoulder back in towards your spine
  5.     Left arm will be parallel to the angle of your shoulders
  6.     Right elbow pointing towards the ground and your trail leg will be flexed
  7.     Don’t forget the right side of your body should be pulling you into all of these positions
the perfect golf swing

Start your downswing like a touring pro

Once you’ve mastered the entire backswing from start to finish, mastering the downswing in golf is the next critical piece of the golf swing. This is what separates the professionals from everyone else. It’s where the majority of golfers mess up and lose all power and consistency in their golf swing.


If you want the club to move towards the target your body must be rotating in the opposite direction.

These are the laws of centrifugal and centripetal force.

Here are 8 checkpoints to get you a great golf downswing

  1.    Pulling from the left side
  2.    Shift weight to the left side, shift to the left heal (75-80% of your weight)
  3.    Right heal rolls in and still on the ground
  4.    Left heal, left glute engage and push them into the ground
  5.    Pull with the left oblique
  6.    No movement from the arms and shoulders
  7.    Flat left wrist at impact
  8.    Head behind the golf ball
the perfect golf swing

Follow through like Rory McIlroy

The golf swing follow through is the final piece in the the perfect golf swing. If you have done the other 4 parts of the swing correctly the follow through will transition without really thinking about it.

However, there's still some important moves to think about and you finish your new, powerful golf swing.

Here are the 5 checkpoints to complete a great follow through

  1.    Continue to rotate through the shot
  2.    Continue to pull from the left
  3.    Keep your head behind the ball
  4.    Right hand crosses over the left
  5.    Maintain your spine angle by pulling through the shot
the perfect golf swing

It's over to you

As you work through the 5 steps you'll begin to see it's not that difficult to achieve the perfect golf swing and see some incredible results.

Work through each step one at a time until each is mastered and you'll start to shoot lower scores and drop your handicap.

Don't forget to get your FREE Rotary Swing membership here and starting learning more about their great golf instruction system.


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