The Strike Plan Review: Skills That Get Lower Scores For 99% Of Golfers

The Strike Plan Review

A swing focused on skills and not technique

Have you tried dozens of different golf instruction programs online and still not seen any improvement in your golf scores? Are you struggling to hit those pure, compressed golf shots that you see the pros hitting all the time on television? If this sounds like you, then The Strike Plan by Adam Young might just be the program to turn your golf around.  

It's completely different from most other golf instruction you'll see online and for that reason it's exciting!

Golf instructor Adam Young from Adam Young Golf has put together an extremely comprehensive program that has turned heads in the golf industry.  

Adam's golf coaching is powerfully unique that focuses more on developing your golf skills rather than technique. 

This is revolutionary stuff well worth investing your time and money in. 

Here is my completed post of The Strike Plan Review after watching and applying the skills and methods in the system for the 1st time. 

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How does the Strike Plan benefit you

It makes it easy to learn the golf swing by focusing less on technique and more on the skills you need to make a better golf swing. This means you'll have less swing thoughts going through your head when you're ready to hit the golf ball.  It's easy to digest the instruction and you can start practicing immediately which will ensure faster results on the golf course. 

The Strike Plan is suitable for golfers of all levels such as high and low handicappers, junior to senior golfers and anyone that is in poor or great physical condition.  

In module 1 you'll learn 8 skill drills that will teach you how to hit the sweet spot on the clubface more consistently. 

For the vast information it contains, the very low asking price compared to hour long professional lessons is great value for the every day golfer. 

Golfers who have used the system have improved their ball striking and lowered their golf scores significantly.

The ImpactSnap Right Hand Golf Swing Training Aid works great with The Strike Plan system and is a recommended addition to improve your golf swing further. 

Reviews received

The Strike Plan has received many positive reviews online from golfers that have benefited from the system. The golfers who have improved significantly range from beginners to seasoned veteran's in their 60's with high handicaps. Even a fellow golf instructor was impressed.

Their results include shallowing out their golf swings, learning to compress the golf ball and breaking scoring barriers such as 100, 90, 80 and beyond.

Here's just a few of the comments received including one from a golf instructor:

"I have been playing golf for over 40 years and have taken an absolute tonne of lessons and spent literally thousands of dollars! I am also a tech rep for Titleist. I really felt like I knew the golf swing very well. I've been proven wrong!! Your video series is the BEST! Ba none. The explanations, drills and concepts are spot on and easy to perform and understand. They've re-energized my golf swing, attitude and joy of this beautiful game. Thank you from the bottom of my heart". 

"Striking the irons much better, small draw on most shots and finding it much easier to to take a shallow divot after the ball".

"Have watched through the Strike Plan this weekend and have found it very useful, particularly the drills for heel and toe shots. That was of use on Sunday morning as a new client arrived with the shanks and using the drills and a clear concept he was able to cure himself without a direct technical change. I look forward to using these in the future".

If you want to find the most comprehensive Strike Plan review to learn how you can play better golf by learning the best skill drills and methods then this is the only review you need to read. This review shares all the pros and cons of the Strike Plan system which teaches you a series of skill drills to make it easier to improve your golf swing leading to lower scores.

What kind of results can I expect?

After you begin to go through the system you'll start to see this isn't your average golf instruction program. Adam makes no secret of the fact that improving your golf skills is the key to lower scores and not overly focusing on technique. This is the key concept that you will understand and need to embrace to get the most out of the system.  

Adam like all good golf instructors can't and doesn't promise instant results, because this largely depends on you and the effort you put in to learn the skills.  

However, if you develop a simple plan to practice the skill drills in the system there's no question your ball striking will improve.

Better ball striking = lower golf scores.

Simple concept but powerful impact

The Strike Plan system provides everything and more you need to make better contact with the golf leading to lower golf scores. The best part is it focuses on making a better strike on the golf ball and eliminates dozens of different swing thoughts you might have making it easy to follow for all golfers.

Here is some of the things you'll learn in The Strike Plan system: 

  • One swing thought
  • Compress the golf ball 
  • Identify toe and heel shots & how to fix
  • Find the low point in your golf swing
  • How to shallow the golf swing
  • Much, much more ......



Great for all golfers

Adam created The Strike Plan with a goal to provide a system that any golfer of any ability could understand, implement and achieve fantastic results on the golf course.  He made sure it was simple enough it could be followed by not only better players off low handicaps but those that only play every now and again off high handicaps. 

In fact, even if you're super unfit and carrying a few extra kilos, The Strike Plan is a perfect way to improve your golf swing and lower your scores.   

If you're just a beginner, the system is perfect as it will narrow your focus to creating a better strike on the golf ball early instead of developing dangerous swing habits. 

What's exciting for you is, your new found swing will even impress your golf buddies who have been playing golf and struggling for years!

For the seasoned golfer, this system will provide a few eye openers on what you should be doing to improve instead of outdated previous methods.  

You”ll be shocked at just how simple the skill drills are that make an enormous difference to your ball striking. 

So whatever your current golfing ability is, The Strike Plan has something for every golfer out there. 

Overview of the Strike Plan system

The Strike Plan system focuses on one important area that is often overlooked by most golfers when trying to improve. Many golf instruction systems talk about changing your technique, this system focuses mostly on the skills needed to develop to improve your ball striking. You won't need to learn several different swing positions, but you'll learn important skill drills focused on getting in the right golf impact position.   

This means you'll discover how to hit the golf ball first and then the ground that produces those pure, crisp penetrating golf shots.  

The Strike Plan system includes all of the following:

18 videos showing all the concepts, techniques, skill drills and more

  • Face strike concepts and skill drills 
  • Low point concepts, technique and skill drills
  • Arc height concepts, technique and skill drills
  • Combination concepts and skill drills
  • Ball position and where to place to improve contact
  • Pro swings analysis to improve ball striking
  • Bunker 3 ball drill

Special Bonus: There's also an additional video that covers how to drive the golf ball higher, further and with less spin.  

Worth every cent

The Strike Plan provides 18 videos of revolutionary golf instruction that will change the way you think about the game and improve. The concepts, techniques and skills in the system are a must for all golfers who want to simplify their learning to lower their scores.  

The system is retailing for $59.95, which is terrific value for the dozens of videos and information you'll receive.

It presents awesome value when you consider it costs around $100 per hour to go and see your local golf professional!

If you want to find the most comprehensive Strike Plan review to learn how you can play better golf by learning the best skill drills and methods then this is the only review you need to read. This review shares all the pros and cons of the Strike Plan system which teaches you a series of skill drills to make it easier to improve your golf swing leading to lower scores.


The system gets results for all golfers regardless of handicap, age or physical condition. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or seasoned golfer, the system provides valuable information that will benefit all golfers.   

Yes even those golfers that are shooting 105, 110 or higher!

It's the only golf system that focuses entirely on mastering the golf impact position by learning through skill drills and not technique.  

Affordably priced and the videos are broken up in a way that you can learn at your own pace.   

No complex golf swing techniques to learn, just simple swing drills to help you master a perfect, compressed impact position. 

Simple to learn which speeds up your results leading to lower scores.

Get more consistent distances with every club because of the better striking position.  


The system is different from most out there because it focuses mostly on improving your golf skills and not much on the technique. This might be too much of a shock to some golfers who are used to learning different swing positions in order to improve.  

Some of the videos are over 10 minutes long (just a few) so you'll need to concentrate for a bit longer to digest which may be tough for those golfers with short attention spans.

Is this golf system right for you?

If you struggle to hit the centre of the clubface (golf ball first and then the turf), then The Strike Plan is definitely the golf system for you. By learning the skill drills contained in the system you'll fix your most painful swing faults such as fat, thin, slices and pulled shots. 

This will happen regardless of whether you've been playing for years or just taken up golf last week.

Learning how to hit solid, well compressed golf shots is a skill any golfer can learn with this system.

Final thoughts

The Strike Plan system is the perfect answer to all golfers struggling to make improvement in their golf game.

Adam Young has put together a simple, yet powerful system that I believe will change the way you think about the game of golf.

Just by remembering Adam's golf philosophy will change your thinking for the better:  

"Get obsessed with the task, not the technique".

If you have any questions about anything that I have covered in The Strike Plan Review, please let me know and I'll be happy to share my honest thoughts. 


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