The Top 9 Golfing Gifts Your Partner Will Adore & Love You Forever

Golfing Gifts

Golfing gifts that will make you loved

So you have decided to buy your significant other a memorable golfing gift for Christmas! Good for you, us golfers are crazy about our sport and love receiving the right golfing gifts! You notice how I stressed ‘the right’, there’s a reason for this which I will talk about shortly. We may not be the best golfers around but if we can look a million dollars on the golf course, our poor golf can soon be forgotten.

The problem is not all golfing gifts are really what we call a gift. In fact, most of them are likely to end up in the garage collecting dust for the next 20 years.

Take a look in my garage and you’ll see a vast collection of balls, hats and putter training aids.

Buying good golf instruction online such as the Stress-Free Golf Swing system is a great golfing gift.

It's perfect for golfers of all levels regardless of ability, age and who don't have much time to practice.

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Golfers are different

You see golfers are a special breed! We’re so obsessed about our golf game and image that we only wear or use certain brands. It’s not that there is anything wrong with certain brands or products, but it’s not what we want to associate with.

You need to get to know what brand your partner likes, what they dress like and what skill level their golf is at.

This can clue you in to finding the perfect golfing gift they’ll never forget!

Ask yourself these questions?

What are they trying to achieve out of the game?

How do they dress and what new gadgets how they been eying off at the pro shop?

Golf Store Gift Card

This may seem the easy way out with no thought put in whatever. However, as golfers the thought of spending someone else’s money in a golf store is exciting.

We can then purchase exactly what we want.

We’re like little boys in a toy store!

The top golfing gifts that your golf loving partner will adore

Brand Name Golf Towel

Every golfer needs a golf towel for their bag. They’re great for cleaning dirty balls and wiping down club heads. They come in funky designs and bold colours that look great on any golf bag.

Even if your partner already has one, they’ll need a new one sooner or later.

Towels fade in colour over time because of the exposure to the sun.

My red Huntingdale Golf Club towel is now almost orange!

Round of Golf Certificate

This is a great present for the avid golfer. What more could a golfer want then the gift of getting to play a free round at our favourite golf course.

If you want to make it even more special, add in a motorised golf cart so we can drive around instead of walking.

Golf GPS Device

Most golfers have a GPS device in the year 2017. So if your partner doesn’t have one, this is the perfect gift.

It’s a must have for all golfers at the amateur and beginner level.

Talk to your local golf store and they will be able to recommend the right device for your partner.

Golf Shirt

A trendy, fashionable golf shirt looks great on the golf course so becomes a great golfing gift. Golfers take a lot of pride in their appearance on the golf course so if you get it right you’ll score some major points.

Find out your partners favourite brand and head to your local golf store or shop online to buy Bunker Mentality Golf Wear.  

You’ll find plenty of bright and trendy colours to suit all tastes.

Find out your partners favourite brand and head to your local golf store.

You’ll find plenty of bright and trendy colours to suit all tastes. 

Buy a top quality golf shirt is a top golfing gift for your golf loving partner

Golf Belt

Golf belts have become very much a trendy accessory in the last few years. All the top players at present are wearing very funky and fashionable belts.

Find out your partners favourite brand and find a belt that can go with any colour trousers.

Adidas, Oakley and Nike all make very stylish belts.  

Golf Putter Cover

Putter covers have become trendy in recent times. In fact many retail for over $5,000 on eBay.

Whilst I don’t recommend spending that much on your loved one, you can get plenty of other great designs at a reasonable price.

Type in the search bar at eBay ‘Scotty Cameron Putter Cover’ and you’ll find a wide range of colours and funky designs.

Giving a golf lesson is a top golfing gifts that your golfing partner will love

Golf Lesson

Golfers are always looking to improve their game. What better gift than to give a one hour golf lesson with a local golf professional.

Golf professionals are equipped with latest technology and can help any golfer make improvement in their game.

What better present than helping your loved one take 5 strokes off their game!

Personalised Golf Balls

Golfers used to just mark their balls with a felt tip pen with their initials. Today, golfers are copying the professionals and marking their balls permanently with special pictures and logos.

I love having my own signature marking on my golf balls.

Make sure you are 100% sure what golf balls they use or this golfing gift could make you look really silly!

Go to and create something that the golfer in your life would be proud of.

What you need to do next

Be absolutely sure of the brands before you buy any golfing gift.

Believe me you’ll know straight away by the expression on their face if you get it wrong!

If in any doubt go with the game of golf or golf shop voucher. This way they can buy what they really want and won’t be disappointed.

Follow these tips and choose something that best fits your partner’s tastes.

Buy the right golfing gift and you’ll have a place in their heart forever!

What's the best golfing gift you have ever received ... i'm interested to know?


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