Wet Weather Golf: 3 Lessons I Learned To Help You Master The Elements

Wet Weather Golf

How to play wet weather golf like a pro

When it comes to playing wet weather golf do you find yourself struggling to get the ball airborne? Or making any sort of solid contact on the ball at all? It’s not hard to do because Mother Nature has added an extra degree of difficulty on every shot you play. Instead of the golf club sliding easily through the grass it slows down causing major problems. The grass becomes heavier and thicker making hitting your golf irons especially more difficult. 

The technique you use in dry conditions won’t always work the same in the wet.

The  key is to understand how to work with the conditions instead of fighting against them.

Firstly, you need to develop a fundamental solid golf swing which is why I use the Perfect Golf Swing system.

It's simple to understand and use and is ideal for golfers of all levels including high and low handicaps.

Read below for 3 valuable tips I’ve learned over the years that work effectively when playing wet weather golf.

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Slice it out of the Rough

It’s not often I’d recommend playing a slice in golf but sometimes it’s necessary. In fact, slicing across the ball is effective in dry conditions out of the thick rough just as it is in the wet. This is because if the clubhead is square or closed the thick grass tends to grab the clubhead and twist it inwards.

It results in a low, fat shot that ends up half way to the target.

Set up slightly left of the target line and open the face up a bit and let the clubhead slide slightly across the ball.

The result will be less friction against the wet grass and solid contact with the golf ball.

Play Bunkers like Chip Shots

I originally learnt this tip online as an alternative method to playing the traditional style bunker shots in dry conditions. However, when the sand is wet and compacted it works really well too. Set up similar to a short pitch or chip shot with your feet closer together. Take a half back swing and hit closer to the ball than normal with plenty of speed.

Hold off or abbreviate the follow through and punch the shot out.

This finishing movement is the key & where the real success in this shot comes.

You’ll find the ball pops out quite easily with a little bit of backspin making it easier to get closer to the hole.

If you want to know how to play wet weather golf you need to have the right information. Learn how to play better wet weather golf with 3 lessons to help you master the elements.

Go with an Extra Club

Playing wet weather golf you not only get less run on the fairways but less bounce off the clubface. Allow for this on just about every shot you play including your putting.

Any water that gets caught between the clubhead and the golf ball will reduce the amount of power you generate behind your shots.

This is especially true for iron shots and fairway woods off the grass.

What to do next

It’s difficult to practice these wet weather golf tips until you actual find yourself in the situation.

My advice is to write them down in a notebook and keep safe in your golf bag. This way you can refer to it when you need it most after the heavens have opened up during a round.

What have you learnt playing in wet conditions that has helped your game?

Is there some other technique or strategy that has really made a difference to your game?


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