15 Top Golf Websites Online: How They Can Help Your Game

Top golf websites online for golf lovers

Golf is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and combined with the internet finding a good website is a must. I have put together a list of the 15 top golf websites that deliver on the latest news, golf instruction online, products and blogging. If you’re a golf fan like me and want to know everything that’s going on in the world of golf, check this out.

These top golf websites will provide you with everything you need to know with happening in the game of golf today.

Not only will these top golf websites online improve your golf game, but you'll be kept informed of the latest news, views and golf equipment releases from around the world.

It’s your one stop destination for the best golf instruction, news, equipment and golf happenings from the world of golf.

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(1) PerformanceGolfZone.com - When it comes to fixing your golf slice, this team have created a revolutionary system called the Reverse Slice Sequence. This system for fixing your golf slice is in a league of its own, and has an outstanding track record for curing everyday golfers’ slice.

Master golf instructor Eric Cogorno takes you through 3 powerful methods to fix your golf slice and play your best golf. His teaching is simple and highly effective, and will change the way you think about the game of golf.

(2) www.GolfStateOfMind.com - When it comes to mental golf training, David Mackenzie's Golf State Of Mind is golfers first choice online. You'll learn how to lower your golf scores and enjoy the game more using powerful mental golf techniques that work.

The methods are suitable for all golf levels even up to touring professional. If you've spent a lot of time on fixing your golf swing and made no progress then it's likely you've neglected your mental golf game

(3) www.RotarySwing.com - Rotary Swing or RST is arguably the best golf instruction site on the internet. It provides the only golf instruction backed up by science.

The instructors there are the experts when it comes to body friendly golf instruction and is the first place you need to visit to fix your golf swing problems.

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(4) www.TheStrikePlan.com - Golf instructor Adam Young has developed this unique system that focuses on improving every golfer's ball striking. It provides in depth video instruction that teaches you the skills needed to make consistent contact with the golf ball more often which results in lower scores

The information is easily digested in HD video format and is great for golfers of all levels looking to improve their golf game and lower their handicaps. 

(5) www.TheStressFreeGolfSwing.com - This ground breaking golf instruction system offers something for golfers of every level. It reveals the 1 powerful secret used by golfing great Ben Hogan that he used to become an amazing ball striker.

Suitable for beginner to top Amateur level golfers the stress-free golf swing is a must visit for the golf instruction enthusiast.

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(6) www.WisdomInGolf.com - If you've been struggling with your golf game then the Wisdom In Golf system can give you a simple, yet effective approach to lowering your scores. No complex swing positions to remember, just simple concepts based on how to effectively swing the golf club based on the human anatomy.

It's a great system for beginners through to golfers who have been playing for years who want to try a system that cuts through all the golf instruction jargon. 



(7) www.Golf.com – One of the biggest and best online. Run in conjunction with Golf Magazine and Sports Illustrated it has everything you need from golf news of all the major tours, instruction, equipment reviews, golf travel, photos, blogging and shopping.

If there’s only one website you have time to visit to get all of your golfing information online, then this one is a smart choice.

(8) www.GolfDigest.com – Another great website that's packed with excellent content is Golf Digest that also incorporates all of the major golf news, instruction and equipment from all around the world.

You'll find a stack of interesting articles on the latest news, equipment and instruction that is sure to please golfers of all ages and levels. 

(9) www.GolfChannel.com – A very popular website that has its own television show in the United States. Focuses very heavily on golf instruction with live demonstration on television as well as videos online for viewing.

Provides additionally a lot of great content on tournaments and players with a particular focus on the US PGA tour.



(10) www.GolfWRX.com – A relatively new website that I have found that has a lot of good information. Lacks the content of the other big two top golf websites but on the plus side has 5 golf forums as well as up to date equipment reviews.

This site is very user friendly and provides a lot of good instruction on the golf swing.

(11) www.PGATour.com – This is the premier site for everything that is going on the men’s US PGA tour. Whilst it does have some information on the other tours it predominately focuses on the main men’s tour as well as the web.com tour and US Seniors tour.

There’s not much in the way of golf instruction or equipment reviews but this site is particularly strong when it comes to player profiles and statistics.    

(12) www.MyGolfSpy.com – Arguably the largest website online when it comes to consumer reviews of golf equipment. Straight forward, no nonsense reviews on the latest clubs, balls and bags that give the every day golfer the information they need.

The site includes a great forum that includes golf instruction, news from the tour and a stack of giveaways for the every day golfer.



(13) www.HittingItSolid.com - I couldn't leave out my very own golf website when ranking the top golf websites online. My goal is to make golf instruction simple so ever golfer can learn easier and improve their golf scores faster.

I've poured my heart into building a quality blog that teaches every aspect of the golf swing that I've learnt from the team at Rotary Swing.

It covers simple golf swing drills and instruction that golfers of all levels can easily learn and create the perfect golf swing for them.

(14) TheArtOfSimpleGolf.com - This is another great golf instruction website that every golfer should visit, as it cuts out all the complicated golf talk when it comes to instruction. You'll get simple, straight up advice that even the worst of golfers can understand and get good results.

After watching the FREE introductory video you'll instantly get a great understanding of the teaching methodology that makes the Art of Simple Golf a great place to start. 

(15) www.ThePerfectImpactSystem.com – When it comes to golf instruction co-creator Tom Stickney has put together one of the best video training series. You'll learn all about how getting the perfect golf impact position and how it can greatly improve your ball striking and scores. 

Simple and easy to follow this golf instruction system is a must for the beginner golfer right through to top Amateurs looking to see real improvement in their golf game. 

Where to now

So there you have the 15 top golf websites on the internet today. There are many other great golf websites online but you will find everything you’re looking for at these fifteen.  

Take the time to explore each one of these and read what they have to say and you'll find the right one for you. 

If you've found another great golf website, please let me know by leaving a comment below.


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