Fix Your Golf Swing: Remember 1 Powerful Swing Thought

Fix your golf swing fast

You're closer than you think to owning your own golf swing and being able to fix your golf swing. There's no doubt about it. Golf can be one of the most frustrating hobbies known to man. One day you're high fiving your buddies for placing a beautiful shot in the middle of the fairway, and the next you're in the woods thanks to an uncontrollable slice.

However, if you know how to think the right way about the golf swing it is possible to play great golf every start you step onto the tee.

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You see, despite golf having so many ups and downs like a roller coaster ride, you're actually so much closer than you think to owning your golf swing. Right now you might be shaking your head thinking no way James that's just not possible! Maybe you slice or hook the ball too much. Maybe you find yourself hitting it in the water too much. Maybe it's too many 3 putts, or it just might be a lack of belief that you can fix your golf swing.

The fact of the matter is this: Regardless of what your golf game problem (or problems are) you can still turn things around and fix your golf swing.

Are you familiar with the phrase “Life is a game of inches”?

It's a statement that couldn't be any truer, especially when it comes to golf.



Walk with me for a second, maybe you can relate to this story. One day a golfer is out on the range hitting shots as if he was a tour pro. To make matters better, his instructor at the time was even impressed with how well he was swinging. Of course, the next time he comes back to the range, he's hitting the ball like he's never even played the game before.

I'm sure you know exactly what I'm talking about.

With all of this frustration building up, his instructor starts snickering at him and saying phrases like “Isn't that too bad” or “Maybe next time”.

The golfer couldn't help but get any more frustrated and in the process calling him a terrible instructor.

Yet there was a reason for these comments, as this instructor knew this simple yet powerful principle when it came to golf.


The golfer, still furious, demanded that his swing should be fixed immediately because he felt that he should be consistent, even if that level of consistency wasn't where it should have been. “I want to have a consistent swing, and you snickering at me isn't helping. So tell me what to do!” said the golfer. This is where the instructor implied that he was only a little bit off. The golfer, laughing at his response, said “You could have fooled me!” as he dragged his arm to the right-pointing to all of the slices that he hit.

The instructor says “Whoa slow down there, you're only about an inch or even less off.”

You see I didn't teach you this yet, but when you change the angle of attack on the ball just by an inch or even sometimes a few millimetres, those slices over there (as he points to the right) would have been on the green (as he points straight ahead).”

One inch over here you're in the woods. One inch over here you're in the water. One inch over here, you're on the dance floor. Do you see what I mean?

With a sigh of relief the golfer slowly muttered out “Yeah, I do see what you mean”.

Yet the instructor wasn't done ...

You see sometimes you're hitting the ground by just a few too many millimetres causes you to hit it fat and lose out on yardage

The instructor went on and on and before you knew it, this man saw the game of golf in a completely different way.

What you can learn from this

When your golf game goes all to hell and you can't seem to fix it, you're only inches (or even less) from fixing everything.

How powerful of a belief is that?

Most golfers will constantly tell themselves that it's virtually impossible to ever craft the type of swing that they deserve and desire, and many times will simply give up.

So the next time you knock a shot down, hit a slice, hit it OB, or even shank the ball, keep this in mind.

You are only inches (or even less) from completely fixing your golf swing.

This post was written by James Canzanella who is self-employed and enjoys playing golf as much as possible in sunny Florida, and is the proud creator of the Golf Swing Factor system.


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