Golf Swing Plane Trainer: The Easy Swing Plane is number 1

The only swing plane trainer you need

Have you heard the phrase in golf 'golf swing plane' but have no idea what it means in your golf swing? It's talked about in golf instruction daily, yet for all its simplicity it's often made more complicated than what it needs to be. Fortunately, a great golf swing plane trainer system called the Easy Swing Plane has been created which any golfer can understand and implement today. 

If you have been struggling with your golf game then there's a 99% chance your golf swing plane is the issue and is where you are leaking shots every round.

Director of instruction Jeff Richmond has put together this simple golf program that will take you through 3 simple steps to getting your swing plane mastered.

He not only makes it easy to learn but shows you how you can get great results in your own game.

The Easy Swing Plane system has been great for me and many others who have used it.

Here is my Easy Swing Plane review after going through and using the system for the 1st time.

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It helps you get your golf swing on plane which results in a more consistent golf swing leading to lower scores. It's very easy to understand and implement the drills which produce faster results for the golfer. The Easy Swing Plane can be used by golfers of all levels, ages, and physical abilities and requires only minimal practice each day.

On page 38 you'll learn the key position in the first 3 / 4 feet of the golf swing that guarantees a consistent, solid golf swing leading to lower scores.

The Full Circle PVC Golf Swing Trainer works perfectly with the Easy Swing Plane and is a recommended addition to improve your game.

For the value, it provides the low asking price is well worth it and golfers that have used it have achieved great success. 


The Easy Swing Plane has been reviewed positively online. Although there isn't a low of reviews to go through, the ones I found were all positive with golfers reporting great success with using the system.

A couple of golfers who purchased the system had this to say:

"Within a few days, I was showing experienced players what a straight and accurate shot looked like"

"My whole club set with bag cost $200 brand new. Some of my friend’s drivers cost twice that! Imagine their reactions when I was out-driving them with a $20 club. Those same friends gave me flak for buying an online lesson. Guess who's on the receiving end of that flak now!"


After a short time of reading through the eBook and videos, you'll see why Jeff Richmond knows what he is talking about in the golf swing. Especially when it comes to the golf swing plane. He knows how to make an often explained complex subject be taught simply which is why the Easy Swing Plane is the number one golf swing plane trainer online. Jeff doesn't promise overnight results, but he does guarantee better golf in a short time by following his simple progression of steps.

Richmond breaks down the golf swing plane into 3 simple steps that you can only progress through until the previous one is mastered.

On page 54 you'll learn a key backswing position that ensures your swing is on track and ready to deliver a perfect, repeatable golf swing.

He shows you how to practice efficiently so you're not wasting hours at the driving range.

Rather than just giving you words on a page to follow, Jeff provides detailed images and videos that show you every step in developing your own perfect golf swing plane. 


The Easy Swing Plane system covers every aspect of the golf swing plane you need to know. The best part is it not only covers the swing plane in detail but comes with special bonuses of the golf set up to ensure you are in the right position to making better golf swings. 

This is what you will learn in the Easy Swing Plane system: 

  • The difference between a one plane, two plane, and an off-plane golf swing

  • How the position of golf grip affects your swing plane

  • Checkpoints to ensure the perfect golf swing every time

  • How to practice more effectively every day from home

  • 3 simple at-home golf drills to fast track your golfing success

  • Much, much more ......


When Jeff Richmond put together the Easy Swing Plane system, he wanted it to be the best golf swing plane trainer online. To be the best online, he made sure it could be used by golfers of all abilities including high and low handicap golfers and even those in poor physical shape with little time to practice. 

If you are new to the game of golf, the system is perfect for you because it will help you groove a perfect golf swing plane right from the beginning before you develop any bad golf swing habits.

This will impress your golfing buddies who have been playing for years!

For the experienced golfer, the system will help you fine-tune your golf swing by getting your golf swing on a better plane for the 1st time ever.

This may shock you as you're not used to hitting the golf ball so long and straight.

On page 63 you'll learn the critical downswing position (with a simple drill) that will guarantee you're ready to launch long and straight drives off the tee.

So whatever your golfing ability is, the Easy Swing Plane system is the only golf swing plane trainer you need.

Overview of the Easy Swing Plane system

The Easy Swing Plane system focuses on developing a vital part of the golf swing that is overlooked by so many ... the golf swing plane. Whilst many golf instruction systems talk about ways to improve when it all boils down to it the correct golf swing plane is what gets results.  

When you see the swing plane pictures of former and current great players such Ben Hogan, Nick Price, Louis Oosthuizen, and Tiger Woods you'll see what I mean.

The system goes through 3 steps to complete the correct swing plane.

Each lesson follows each other so it's vital you follow each one and master and not skips to the end.

This is where many golfers fall down and don't see improvement!

Jeff makes this clear in the instructions which is what makes this such a powerful golf swing plane trainer to have in your arsenal. 

The core system also comes with free bonus training videos on how to get in the perfect golf set up at address to ensure you get the most out of the system leading to lower golf scores. 

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87 pages of detailed instruction including images showing each position to strive for to develop your own golf swing plane.

Plus an extra 42 pages with pictures of the 10 bonus lessons of the golf swing set up.

3 videos showing the golf swing plane drills

  • Torch takeaway drill (23 seconds)

  • Nick Price isolation drill (5 minutes)

  • Torch transition drill (29 seconds)

  • Jim Furyk drill (21 seconds)

Special Bonus: You'll receive a copy of 'Add 42-Yards To Your Drives' eBook which provides 3 powerful elements to generating extra distance off the tee.


The Easy Swing Plane provides 180 pages of proven, game-changing golf instruction plus detailed pictures and videos. It's the most comprehensive system on the subject of the swing plane, making it the best golf swing plane trainer online.

The system is retailing for $47, which is amazing value for all the information it contains.

Especially considering it will cost you around $100 and over for a 1-hour personalised golf lesson with your local professional. 


It works for golfers of all handicap levels, ages, and physical conditions. It provides valuable skills for beginners to golf and those that have been playing for years. One of the few programs that focus entirely on the golf swing plane in detail. 

Affordably priced and also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, giving you the option to test it out and return it if you don't see any results. 

3 part step by step system means you can't move onto the next stage until you've mastered the previous.

This guarantees you'll become proficient at each part giving you a golf swing plane that delivered excellent results on the golf course. 


Most of the program is in the form of an eBook so you'll have to do some reading to digest the content.

Whilst there are plenty of detailed pictures showing you what to do, those golfers that like learning off video may not learn as quickly. 


If you struggling with any sort of consistency in your golf game the Easy Swing Plane is for you. By developing the correct golf swing plane shown using the 3 easy steps you'll automatically fix common swing faults such as slices, hooks, pull, pushes, fat and thin shots.

Even if you've played golf for years, there will be at least 1 thing you'll learn from this powerful golf swing plane trainer to lower your golf scores.

With a 60-day money-back guarantee there's absolutely no reason why you shouldn't at least give it a try and see for yourself.     

Final thoughts

The Easy Swing Plane system lives up to its promise, and Jeff Richmond has delivered a simple, yet powerful golf swing instruction that golfers need. 

The golf swing plane forms the foundation of every good golf swing so it's vital you learn it and put it into practice.

If you have any questions about this Easy Swing Plane review please let me know, I would love to hear and give you my honest thoughts.


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