Is the First Gay Golfer on the Men's Tours About to Come Out?

Are there any gay golfers?

When the CEO of Apple came out last week to announce that he was gay, it was big news for the day. Stepping out to announce your sexuality isn’t a big deal anymore. It’s the main talking point for a day and then people go about their business. It's only a matter of time before gay golfers come out on the major tours.

In sports, as in the business world, it’s the same way. Basketball, football, tennis, swimming, baseball, track, soccer, and Nascar all have one or more openly gay members participating in their sport.

The LPGA Tour does nothing to hide that they have gay golfers playing right next to straight players.

Rosie Jones came right out and said she was gay and she was the captain of the 2011 Solheim Cup.

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All this makes me wonder if there aren’t any gay golfers playing on the male professional tours. I am talking about the PGA Tour, Champions Tour, European Tour, Tour, Canadian Tour, Asian Tour, Japanese Tour, The Sunshine Tour, European Challenge Tour, PGA Tour of Australasia, PGA Tour Latinoamerica, and the Tour. With all the men playing on these tours, wouldn’t you think that, just maybe, there might be one gay golfer among them? 

It would be easy to play on the professional golf tour as a gay man and not be found out.

The only things golfers change in the locker room are their shoes.

They do not shower or change clothes together in the clubhouse after their rounds are finished.

The closest anyone gets to them besides their families are their personal caddies. And even the caddies and players go their separate ways when the day is done.

They usually don’t eat at the same places, stay at the same places, or drive together to get to the course.

This is not a team sport where a bunch of guys trains and stay together day and night for days on end.

I am sure the terms used in golf would have a double meaning to anyone that is gay.

Words such as driver, stiff, balls, shaft, hole, rough, are all terms used in everyday language by golfers.

Those are terms and saying that would have to be overcome. “You’re the man” would take on a whole new meaning.

Who'll be the first?

At the start of the 2018 Professional Golf season, let’s see if there is a male, professional golfer willing to have the Titleist to stand up and admit he is gay.

Now, that would be par for the course!

This post was written by our guest writer 'The Angry Golf Writer'. A passionate golfer and former golf coach the Angry Golfer can be reached at the Angry Golf Writer.


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