Lag Shot Training Aid Review: #1 Secret Weapon For Golfers

Lag Shot Training Aid Is A Must For You

In this Lag Shot training aid review, you will discover why it is the most potent golf training aid available today. It teaches you to swing the golf club like a touring professional without thinking about swing positions and body movements. Its unique design has been made purposely for all handicap-level golfers. With the Lag Shot, you are getting an excellent training aid for your current ability. You are a busy person, so the Lag Shot provides value for your time each visit you make to the golf driving range. This ensures each session is productive and progress-making towards your golfing goals.

Designed for all golf handicap levels training you to move your hands, arms, and body efficiently, creating lag and power.  

It is used and endorsed by some of the best golf instructors including Andrew Rice, Adam Bazalgette, Gary Gilchrist, and Mark Durland.

If you want more distance and accuracy across all of your clubs, this golf training aid is what you’re after.

I use the Lag Shot Golf training aid to create a smooth tempo and synchronize my entire golf swing.  

Here is my Lag Shot Training Aid review after using and testing out this golf training aid.

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The Lag Shot Golf trainer offers golfers numerous benefits to improve their golf swing. Regardless of your current golf handicap or skill level, this golf training aid improves your ball-striking and overall golf swing. It teaches you to swing on a perfect swing plane without any complex swing thoughts or movements. Feeling the clubhead's weight attached to the flexible shaft and you immediately understand the golf swing better. When you use the Lag Shot for the first time, you will improve your tempo, rhythm, lag, and golf swing plane.

The Lag Shot Golf training aid is the only PGA endorsed training aid that creates effortless lag leading to more distance.

You will gain these benefits and more:

  • Perfects your tempo and timing
  • Promotes stable and centre face contact
  • Smooth and fluent transition
  • Creates effortless lag in the downswing
  • Generate more distance and improve accuracy.


    The Lag Shot training aid is used and endorsed by many of the world’s top golf instructors. Whether you are a low or high handicap golfer, the Lag Shot offers many benefits. Golfers who have incorporated this training tool into their practice routine have achieved more distance, consistency, and accuracy with every club. The Lag Shot golf swing trainer lets golfers feel what a tour professional golf swing feels like without focusing on different swing positions.

    Here are a few reviews from real golfers who have achieved impressive results after using the Lag Shot Golf training aid:

    "Can’t believe how this thing has slowed down my transition and smoothed out my swing tempo. Getting the extra lag and distance is great, but I love the fact that I’m hitting the ball further with less effort. At my age (74) that means your back and knees don’t hurt as bad the next day!"

    Charles A

    "I’m pretty new to golf, having played less than 2 years. Watching video instruction and taking lessons have been good, but it’s truly amazing to have a club like the Lag Shot iron that lets you FEEL what you’re supposed to be feeling in your golf swing. It’s really helped me improve my game a lot faster."

    Mike T

    "Before Lag Shot I was carrying my 5-iron 160 and my driver about 215-220. After Lag Shot those numbers jumped to 180 and 250+. I don’t have much else to say... the proof is in the results. The numbers don’t lie."

    Rick C

    "I think a lot of female golfers struggle with lag, and although I’ve had lots of lessons over the past 20 years, I just couldn’t generate enough lag to release the club properly and get speed in my swing. After just a few practice sessions with my Lag Shot 7 iron I’m hitting more greens in regulation because I’m hitting the ball solidly, and last time I played I drove a Par 4 (226 yards from red tees) green and had an eagle putt. I love Lag Shot!"

    Grace S


    The Lag Shot training aid is not a quick-fix solution to your swing issues that get you playing well for a week only to see your golf game fall apart the next. It is a long-term training tool that grooves your golf swing properly, so you don’t need to make drastic swing changes. The very flexible shaft design makes it easy to feel the clubhead throughout the swing, ensuring an on-plane golf swing. The Lag Shot is your go-to club at the golf driving range to sequence a fundamentally sound golf swing that delivers excellent results.

    The Lag Shot training aid is built to last a lifetime and is made with a wear-resistant clubhead design.

    It forces you to move the club correctly through the golf swing, ingraining good habits and muscle memory in your swing.

    It builds a dynamic, more athletic golf swing that produces more power and consistency when under pressure on the golf course.


    For most golfers generating more lag in the golf swing has always been challenging to do. Nearly all methods feel unnatural and contrived and rarely lead to long-term benefits. It is incredibly hard for senior and out-of-shape golfers who do not have their younger rivals' flexibility. Most golf training aids don't help because they are poorly designed, and you cannot hit balls with them. Being able to hit golf balls with a golf training aid is essential. Because we all know that what we feel in a golf swing is often very different from what is really happening.

    Fortunately, now with the Lag Shot Golf trainer, you can build lag naturally and effortlessly.

    Its whippy blue shaft makes creating lag in the golf swing easy, even if you’ve never had lag in your life.

    Practice inside or outside, hitting balls, or just practising air swings. The Lag Shot is the lag-creating machine you’ve been looking for.



    Whether you are a seasoned top amateur playing regularly or just a weekend warrior playing golf with the boys, the Lag Shot was made for you. The club gives you instant feedback on movement patterns with the whippy shaft. Quickly identify if you are swinging off plane, casting or, early releasing in the golf downswing. It teaches you to correctly sequence your golf swing. Improving your timing, rhythm, and coordination of the clubhead.

    If you are a busy person with limited time to practice, the Lag Shot Golf trainer is perfect to use at home and work on your swing.

    Better golfers can use the Lag Shot to enhance their sequencing in the transition, a pro move that is often the difference between low and high handicappers.

    The Lag Shot Golf Swing training aid is the all-in-one training aid made for all serious golfers.

    Overview of the lag shot golf training aid

    The Lag Shot training aid is a state-of-the-art design in golf training aids enabling golfers to feel improvements in their swing. Never before has there been a training aid that forces you to make pro-like movements in the golf swing. The best training tool you can have in golf is feeling, and the Lag Shot gives you that making changes and progress seamlessly. Stop jumping from one to swing thought to another and hoping for the best. This training aid eliminates all thoughts. The Lag Shot golf trainer gives you real-time swing feedback getting you on a path to better golf.

    When you buy the Lag Shot Golf training aid, you are not just getting a practice club; you are getting the ultimate teaching weapon.

    The Lag Shot Golf trainer teaches you this and a whole lot more:

    • Longer and straighter tee shots         
    • Consistent and solid irons
    • A smooth and reliable golf swing
    • Feel what a great swing is like
    • Create lag and store more power
    • Make a fluid transition
    • Create a smooth tempo and timing
    • Hit more greens in regulation
    • More clubhead speed without effort
    • Swing with pro-like rhythm

                      It teaches you how to load your body correctly, making the golf swing feel easy and effortless.

                      Discover how to create lag, move the body in the transition, and release the golf club at precisely the right time ensuring maximum speed and efficiency.

                      The Lag Shot Golf Swing training aid is everything you need in a golf training aid to shoot lower scores and have more fun out on the golf course.


                      The Lag Shot Golf training aid retails for around $119.00 USD. This is a one-off special introductory price, and the price will go up to its regular retail price of $169.00 USD soon. It is excellent value for money when you consider all the benefits this one golf training offers. You can spend thousands of dollars attending in-person golf lessons. But, you can make a one-off purchase of the Lag Shot Golf trainer and train yourself to make a pro-like golf swing.

                      It is of tremendous value for a golf training tool that teaches you how to feel a pro-like swing without having a coach by your side.

                      Many golf training aids focus on fixing specific areas of the golf swing. The Lag Shot fixes all golf swing issues.

                      You receive access to 10 premium golf instruction videos from 3-time PGA teacher of the year Adam Bazalgette showing you how to use and get the most out of it.

                      Buying the Lag Shot Training Aid will make you a better golfer. It is the best investment you can make in your game.



                      The Lag Shot Golf trainer pros make it the perfect investment for the avid golfer seeking improvement in their golf game. It fits right in your bag as another club, becoming a powerful training partner and key arsenal in your game. It works for all golfers making it a one-size-fits-all training tool. The Lag Shot gives you long-lasting results that stay with you and progress you through your grades. Take it out when you need it and use it to refine your current swing or simply to fix troublesome swing issues.

                      The Lag Shot helps you gain lag naturally without performing any forced or awkward feeling to manipulate the clubhead.

                      The whippy blue shaft forces you to do all the right things in the golf swing so you can unconsciously make a great golf swing.

                      The Lag Shot Golf training aid is the closest thing you’ll find to feeling what it’s like to swing like your favourite golfer.

                      CONS OF THE LAG SHOT TRAINING AID

                      The Lag Shot training aid will take getting used to for some golfers when practising for the first time. If you are very active with your wrists in the golf swing, the Lag Shot will challenge you. The whippy blue shaft often produces a lot of blocked shots right for first-time users. However, this is good because this feedback encourages you to make positive changes resulting in a better long-term golf swing.

                      It is only available in a 7-iron at present, so if you wish to practice with a driver, this is not available.

                      If you currently swing the golf club fast, the Lag Shot will be challenging because the whippy shift will cause a lot of clubface rotation.

                      Again, use this feedback to slow down your golf swing and find a nice smooth and balanced tempo.


                      Golfers of all playing abilities need the Lag Shot training aid. Regardless of your skill level or current golf handicap, this training tool is a must. Because the Lag Shot improves your whole golf swing, it offers something for every golfer. This includes golfers off low and high handicaps, plus senior and less flexible golfers. It improves your consistency and trains you to make a pro-like golf swing better than any other training aid.

                      Fix common golf swing problems such as early releasing, coming over the top, and flipping.

                      Make every practice session count at the driving range, and make the Lag Shot Golf trainer a part of it.

                      Grab the golf training aid golfers turn to make them feel and create their own perfect golf swing.

                      FINAL WORD ON THE lag shot training aid

                      The Lag Shot Golf training aid is an excellent tool for your golf game to take it to the next level.

                      Take your time practising with it, and be sure to watch all of the training videos that come with the tool.

                      You will be shocked at how effective the Lag Shot is with improving your golf game and fixing your swing issues.

                      If you have any questions about this Lag Shot Training Aid review or would like to know anything else, please let me know in the comments section below.

                      I'm happy to help you out.


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