LiveView Pro Golf Camera Review: #1 Swing Improvement Tool

Liveview Pro Golf Camera Is A Must For You

In this LiveView Pro Golf Camera review, you will discover in real-time how to view your current golf swing and why this little gadget is so essential if you genuinely want to improve your game. It stands alone in the golf training market today, and there is nothing that provides this sort of valuable information to help you make quick improvements in your golf game. It’s fast becoming the go-to golf training aid for golfers who want to lower their golf handicap

As the name implies, LiveView is a mini camera setup that connects easily via Wi-Fi to an app on your smartphone or iPad that will give you a live feed right in front of you as you work on your swing indoors or out on the range.

This product is compact, lightweight (4 ounces), and portable, and easily stored in your golf bag to travel with you. Set up is a breeze, as this training aid can be attached to an alignment stick or a tripod.

I use the LiveView Pro Golf Camera when making swing changes so I can see how it looks and importantly what it feels like.  

Here is my LiveView Pro Golf Camera review after using and testing out this golf training aid.

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In your quest to improve your golf swing, you've probably watched hundreds of videos and tried every gadget and gizmo that promised to shave strokes off your game. What if I told you that there was one golf training aid that combines both? With the LiveView Pro Golf Camera, you can make changes to your golf swing in real-time.

You don't need to record and wait to view later; you can set the camera up down the line of your address position and see precisely how your swing is responding and what needs to be tweaked right away.

You don't need to wait a day or even a week to test your tweak, making your practice swings much more efficient.

If you want to analyzs your swing even further, you can go home and fully dissect your session using the LiveView Pro app.

It's like having access to a fully digital studio of your golf swing. Slow your swing down with the slow-motion playback feature, or draw lines on your swing to check your swing path and set up.

The ability to see your swing is a game-changer. I don't know how often I've been to the range and could not make solid contact.

I felt like I wasn't doing anything different, but ball after ball was topped, shanked, sliced, or pulled.

If only I could have seen my swing and what I was doing wrong, I could have adjusted right then and there… well, now I can. 


The LiveView Pro Golf Camera is used by golf instructors and golfers around the world. It offers numerous benefits to improve your golf swing leading to lower scores on the golf course. It’s a one-of-a-kind golf training aid that’s transforming golfers’ swings before their eyes.

Here are a few reviews from real golfers that have achieved excellent results using the LiveView Pro Golf Camera:

"I can’t think of anything I don’t like about this training aid. If you aren’t sure you’ve made a change, you can check it out instantly. If you’re a coach you can see two angles at once and show your students what they need to change and why. If you’re serious about improving, get lessons and get one of these today!

Shed R

"I had been thinking about purchasing the LiveView Pro for a long time. I finally did it and it had great results immediately. Easy to set up to my iPhone and iPad. A little learning to do with the software, but not difficult. Software updates in the future will only improve it. I early extend in my golf swing and after one session with the LiveView Pro, it has improved. If you have ever used a mirror for golf training then this gadget is perfect!"


"This is the best golf training aid I’ve purchased without a doubt. I’m still learning some of the variables in using the tool and I think a more thorough guide or reference manual would be helpful.”

Jack G

"This a great golf training tool for my clients. The real-time operation working with an iPhone or iPad lets you stay in good posture while dialing important feels while seeing the reals."

Martin E


Although the LiveView Pro is small, that does not mean it's not packed full of features. On the contrary, the fact that it's small is one of its main features. It's easily portable in your golf bag, meaning you can take it anywhere, maybe even sneak it on vacation with the family to make sure the flight hasn't messed with your swing. It's also wireless, meaning there are no cords to plug in for power or attach to a smartphone or tablet. Instead, it simply connects via Wi-Fi to any device, and its rechargeable battery won't have you looking for power outlets on the range.

Setting it up for use is simple. 

Attach it to a small tripod found at any discount store or an alignment stick. Set it up wherever you want to get the best video of your swing, adjust the height, and you're that much closer to improving your swing.

The LiveView Pro Golf camera works for both indoor and outdoor use. If you live in cold-weather states you can continue to work on your swing inside during the winter, rather than waiting until the following spring and starting your swing from square one.

Two settings allow you to use the camera as a live swing mirror, or you can record your swings to view at a later time.

All video is captured and automatically uploaded to your device, so you don't need to worry about syncing everything later to grab your videos.


Video recording is a tool used in many sports today to analyse and improve your results. Golf is no exception, so whether you are just getting into the game or you've played for years but just haven't been able to figure out why you are not consistent on the course, this training aid is for you.

Immediate feedback allows golfers of all abilities the opportunity to see their swing and fully understand their setup, approach, and swing path to determine areas that can be improved.

You can use the LiveView Pro both indoor and outdoor making it easy for you to continue working on your game from anywhere in the world, even when you can't get on the course.




If you practice your golf swing daily or even weekly, and you’re not seeing any improved results, then the LiveView Pro Golf Camera is what you need. See what you are doing instead of guessing and wondering why your swing changes aren’t working. Feedback is crucial in golf, and with the LiveView Pro, you get just that.

Use it at home or at the golf driving range and make every practice session count and accelerate your improvement.

Whether you’re a high handicapper, lower handicapper, weekend warrior, or even a better player, this is the must-have golf training aid for you.


Overview of the liveview pro golf camera

Using the LiveView Pro is extremely simple. Most users can get up and running with the device in a matter of a few short minutes. Even if you consider yourself non-techy, you’ll have no problems. Once connected, you have three options:

  1. You can just use the app's live view by sitting your smart phone or tablet in front of you while swinging and getting honest feedback.
  2. You can press record, swing away, and analyse it later.
  3. The "Auto Replay" uses the sound of impact via the iPad to signal the footage into a recorded swing.

    Within all three options, you can mark up the video using its various swing tools. With multiple shapes, lines, and colours, you can highlight numerous areas for review or focus on that one thing.

    Additionally, this can be done after the swing is recorded, or you can place them on the screen while swinging to get their feedback throughout the swing.

    I was most impressed that you can go in and create templates for the different mark-ups you want to use and save them, making them easy to access during or after practice.

    The LiveView Pro Golf Camera enables you to achieve:

    • The perfect golf setup   
    • A pro-like backswing
    • Shallow the club in the downswing
    • Get a great transition
    • Fix your slices and hooks
    • Shift your weight correctly
    • Square the clubface
    • Keep the golf club on plane
    • Proper wrist angles
    • Stay in posture 


    The LiveView Pro Golf Camera is an excellent addition to your training aids helping you achieve your golfing goals.


    Is it worth $349? Based on how much people spend per year on golf training aids to improve their game, and don't actually see results. I think $349 is an investment worth making.

    Most people are visual learners, and the ability to get instant feedback on your swing in real-time is invaluable.

    This kind of information is worth many times over the cost of the device.


    The LiveView training aid makes improving your swing as simple as viewing what you are doing right or wrong in real-time. The ability to make changes, try things, and see right away each tweak has on your swing is a pro all by itself, but beyond that, this simple little training aid offers multiple pros.

    • Easy to use and store
    • Quick Set up
    • Works wirelessly with a smartphone or tablet
    • Live view while swinging
    • Regular or Mirror view
    • Save swings to view at a later time
    • Ability to mark-up your video with lines, circles, etc. to check for positioning
    • The camera works well in low light.


      I had this picture in my mind of what my swing looked like, and then I saw it on a live view. Needless to say, it was a hot mess. But I guess that's not really a con, but rather more of a disappointment.

      The only real cons I found with this product have to do with the overall video quality.

      Up to 60 FPS is actually not bad, but it's certainly not HD. I'm sure the video could be improved, but that would also affect the overall size, which is a bit more desirable.

      • Video Quality is not HD
      • Price could deter some people


        Regardless of where you are on your golfing journey and what your golfing goals are, the LiveView Pro Golf Camera offers something for every golfer. Whether you want to break 100, break 80 or maybe even just beat your once-a-month golf buddies on the golf course, this golf training aid is for you. It’s a one-of-a-kind tool that could be the difference between your best golf and your worst.

        Fix your golf slice, topped shots, over the top golf swing, and anything else that’s been plaguing your game for years.

        Grab a LiveView Pro Golf Camera today with this special discount, and start making the golf swing of your dreams.

        FINAL WORD ON THE liveview pro golf camera

        Overall, I am incredibly impressed with the LiveView Pro Golf Camera. It enables me to change my golf swing to a camera down the line, and I can see what I'm changing with a smartphone or iPad that's sitting right in front of me.

        There's no recording, and having to watch back, I can see real-time the view as I make changes. There's no other device like this in the world.

        Whether you are just starting in the game or have been playing for years, the LiveView Pro Golf training aid is a product that every golfer needs to improve their swing, consistency and ultimately shave shots off their scorecard.

        If you have any questions about this LiveView Pro Golf Camera review, please let me know.


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