Stress Free Golf Swing Review: #1 Secret To Amazing Golf

A stress free golf swing that any golfer can learn

If the golf swing to you seems to be a complex, ever-revolving series of movements that seem impossible to get right, then this Stress Free Golf Swing review is what you’re after? Do you feel like you have a thousand different swing thoughts going through your head every time you stand over the golf ball ready to take a swing? If this sounds like you, then the Stress Free Golf Swing system might just be what you're looking for. 

You see most golfers spend way too much time trying to change a multitude of things in their golf swings and end up messing up the entire swing.

The golf swing is not that hard if you just break it down to a few simple movements. 

The great news is, Director of instruction Jeff Richmond stumbled across a golf swing secret at the time only known by 9-time major championship winner, Ben Hogan. 

Jeff breaks down this simple movement and makes it easy to learn and shows you how you can get great results in your own game.

The Stress Free Golf Swing has worked great for my golf game and thousands of others who have used it.

Here is my Stress Free Golf Swing review after reading through and applying the simple methods in the system for the 1st time. 

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It helps you to eliminate dozens of different swing thoughts going through your head every time to stand over the golf ball. It's simple to learn and put into practice and as a result, delivers faster results. The Stress Free Golf Swing can be used by golfers of all handicaps, age groups, physical ability and requires next to no practice every day. 

On pages 31 and 32 you'll discover the one secret move that Ben Hogan did after his car accident in 1949 that turned him into one of the best strikers of all time. 

For the information, it contains, the minimal asking price provides great value for every golfer.

Golfers who have used the system have achieved significantly better golf scores.

The Swing Jacket Golf Training Aid works great with the Stress Free Golf Swing and is a recommended addition to improve your golf swing and lower your scores.


The Stress Free Golf Swing has received many positive reviews online. The golfers who have had success range from 20 years old are off low handicaps to golfers over 60 with high handicaps. Their results include slashing 5 strokes off their scores, breaking 80 for the 1st time, and adding over 15-yards to their iron shot distances.

A couple of golfers who purchased and used the system had this to say:

"Jeff, everything you've said is true! I've already implemented this move into my routine and the results have been outstanding. Just thinking about the one move has created bullet straight shots with the irons and driver!"

"Since getting and using The Stress-Free Golf Swing I am more accurate with all shots (as long as I trust the "move"). I am more confident and as a result more relaxed and I am focusing on keeping my head back through impact (a "biggie" for me). I have gone from mid to low eighties to low eighties to mid-seventies because my ball striking is more consistent!"


After a small amount of time going through the eBook and videos, you'll soon understand why the creator of this golf system Jeff Richmond knows what he is talking about when it comes to learning a simple golf swing. Especially when it comes to teaching an easy golf swing to golfers that only play every now and again. He knows how to make the golf swing seem easy which is why the Stress Free Golf Swing has become so popular and achieved incredible results from students around the world. 

Jeff doesn't promise instant results, but he does guarantee lower scores quicker if you follow and implement the secret move as he outlines. 

Richmond explains how this move is used even by today's top professionals and how you can now copy them to get better results. 

He shows you that you don't have to practice at the driving range for hours every week and how you can improve your golf from the comfort of your own home. 

Jeff provides clear, detailed images and videos that show you how to perfect the move and improve your own golf swing.  


The Stress Free Golf Swing system gives you everything you need to know to lower your golf scores. The best part is it narrows the golf swing down to one simple move making it easy to digest for all golfers.

It also comes with added special bonuses of the golf set up to ensure you are set up correctly to get the most benefit out of your newfound move.  

These are some of the things you'll learn in the Stress Free Golf Swing system: 

  • One swing thought

  • Learn it fast and practice it anywhere

  • You'll have a repeatable golf swing

  • It's simple

  • How to think clearly playing golf, instead of playing 'golf swing'

  • Much, much more ......


Jeff created the Stress Free Golf Swing he had one goal in mind and that was a system that any golfer could follow and get great results. He made sure it was simple enough it could be followed by not just low handicap but high handicap golfers as well and especially those that don't have much time to practice.

In fact, even if you're out of shape and carrying a few extra pounds the Stress Free Golf Swing system is perfect for you to improve your golf game.  

If you've just started playing golf, the system is perfect as it will help you groove a perfect golf swing right from the start instead of developing any dangerous bad swing habits. 

What's great is, your newfound swing will even impress your golf mates who have been playing golf for years!

For the experienced golfer, this system will surprise you and be a real eye-opener on the way you've been swinging the golf club. 

You'll be shocked at with just a small change the difference it makes to your ball striking. 

So whatever your current golfing ability is, the Stress Free Golf Swing system has something for everyone. 

Overview of the Stress Free Golf Swing system

The Stress Free Golf Swing system focuses on one key area of the golf swing that is often overlooked by most golfers. Whilst many golf instruction systems talk about several swing changes to improve, this system breaks it down to one key area to get better results.  

When you see the golf swings of top professionals such as Adam Scott, Phil Mickelson, Rory McIlroy, and Ben Hogan you'll start to see a pattern. 

The system explains how to perfect this move as demonstrated by several top professional golfers. 

The main system also comes with free bonus training videos on how to get in the perfect golf set up at address to ensure you get the most out of it leading to better ball striking. 


85 pages of detailed instruction including images showing key positions to master the secret move.

Plus an extra 53 pages with pictures of the 10 bonus lessons of the golf swing set up and mental golf drills.

7 videos showing the secret move drills and more

  • The arms-folded drill

  • Secret move with your arms drill

  • How to start the downswing

  • Secret move in action

  • Ben Hogan's slow-motion practice

  • Ben Hogan's waggle

  • Club throwing drill

Special Bonus: You'll receive 10 bonus videos showing the correct way to complete the golf set up so you're in a perfect position to master your new secret move. 


The Stress Free Golf Swing provides 85 pages of proven, game-changing swing instruction plus detailed pictures and videos. It's a revolutionary golf swing system, making it a must for every golfer who wants to hit more greens and lower their scores. 

The system is retailing for $47, which is great value for the information you'll receive.

It stacks up pretty well when you compare it to the $100 an hour you'll pay to see your local pro.

After going through this Stress Free Golf Swing review and then implementing the system, you’ll agree it’s the best golf system online.


It works for golfers of all levels, including age, physical condition, and flexibility. It provides valuable information for not only beginner golfers, but for those that have been playing for over 20 years. It's the only golf system that focuses entirely on this one move that makes the golf swing easy to perform. 

Affordably priced and also comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, giving you the option to try it out and return if it doesn't produce lower scores for your game.  

You don't have to learn several different swing thoughts to master this move, it's just the one!

This makes it easy and quick to learn so you can start seeing improvement faster.

This guarantees you'll starting striking the golf ball off the centre, resulting in more greens in regulation which in turn gets you lower scores. 


The system is mostly contained in the form of an eBook, so you'll have to do some reading to consume the content. Even though there are lots of detailed pictures to learn from and some videos, those golfers that love learning golf off video may take a bit longer to learn.

Is the system right for you?

If you struggle to hit the golf ball off the centre of the clubface and lack consistency, then the Stress Free Golf Swing is definitely for you. 

By learning these secret Ben Hogan moves you'll incredibly fix common swing faults you may already have such as thin shots, fat, slices, hooks, and pull shots.

It doesn't matter if you've just started playing golf or even played for 30 years, learning this one secret move will lower your scores.

With a no-risk 60-day money-back guarantee there's no reason why you shouldn't at least give it a try and see if it works for you.     

Final thoughts

The Stress Free Golf Swing system lives up to its promise, and Jeff Richmond has delivered a simple, no-frills system that gets results.  

Learning just the one incredible swing thought makes the golf swing easier and lower scores are very achievable. 

If you have any questions about this Stress Free Golf Swing review please let me know, I would love to hear from you and give you my honest thoughts.


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