The Truth About Putting Review: The #1 Putting Program Online

Why you need The Truth About Putting program

Do you have more than 33 putts every round of golf you play? Do you struggle to make those nervy 6-foot putts for par and 3-putt more than once every 18 holes? If you’re guilty of either one of these, then The Truth About Putting program is just what you’re after. I went through and tested the program and completed this comprehensive The Truth About Putting review to give you a better overview of the program so you can decide if it’s right for you.

What you’ll discover is that it’s the most comprehensive golf putting instruction online and covers everything you need to know to become a great putter.

Former trainee pro Anthony Procopis has put together this highly rated program that has achieved amazing results for golfers of all handicap levels.

Rather than solely focus just on putting technique which has limitations, Anthony focuses on key aspects of feel and target orientation.

Here is my The Truth About Putting review after going through and using the program.

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It helps improve your putting largely without directly working on your putting technique. This means less confusion and a simpler way to hole more putts. You’ll learn how to hole more putts under pressure like those tricky downhill sliders for par to win a match-play event at your local golf club.

By discovering an easier way to sink putts you’ll reduce your scores quicker, because putting makes up such a large chunk of your overall score.

The program teaches you the simplest way of improving your putting so you won’t have to buy a new putter every 6 months looking for a quick fix to your putting problems.

In section 1, on page 31 you’ll discover 11 golf anchors you can use immediately that will make you a better short putter at your next round of golf.


The Truth About Putting program has been reviewed extensively online making it one of the best putting tips related programs online. Many golfers have achieved personal best golf scores and reduced their total putts per round from 36 to 26.

Here’s just a couple of reviews of what some golfers have had to say:

“I have been following Anthony's Truth About Putting since its first edition came out a few years ago. I can honestly say if there is any piece of instruction of the tons of material now on the web that has really helped me improve my putting is The Truth About Putting. Its simple routine based method is easy to follow and to remember in the course without having to study it as if you were into college, and it’s tremendously effective. I certainly recommend this publication”. Marino Costa.

“I play full time Senior Amateur golf, living in St Andrews Scotland. I have found that the best way to improve in any aspect of the game is to build small stepping stones. This book and it's simple effective advice has helped me to improve my putting, therefore, to anyone (even accomplished wielders of the short stick) I would thoroughly recommend the message that Anthony puts forward”. Ian Jeen.


After you start going through the program including the drills and videos you will understand why Anthony Procopis is regarded as one of the foremost experts when it comes to putting. He understands what it takes to hole more putts and has developed this program specifically for everyday golfers to achieve just that. Anthony teaches simple methods that focus less on technique but on feel which makes them easy to understand and put into practice.

It means the results you get won’t disappear overnight and will stay with you for years to come.

You’ll get quicker results reducing your putts and overall golf scores every round you play.


The Truth About Putting program covers everything about putting from long and shorts putts and many other important aspects. It’s not just a collection of best putting tips, but a complete program of proven methods for making you a competent, consistent putter. It provides detailed descriptions and pictures of all the methods, plus videos for easier learning.

The program covers in detail every step required to becoming a great putter regardless of where your level of putting currently is.

This is just some of what you’ll learn:

  • Make all your short putts
  • Eliminate 3-putting forever
  • How to read greens
  • Average 25 – 30 putts a round
  • How to practice for instant results


When Anthony Procopis put together the program, he wanted it to work for not just better golfers but golfers of all levels including high handicappers and part-time golfers. It doesn’t matter if you’re a weekend hacker or just a once a month golfer, the program will work for you and improve your putting. If you’ve been playing golf for years and putting okay, you’ll still benefit from the putting information covered in the program.

Don’t worry if you think your putting sucks and can’t be fixed, I guarantee there will be one method that sparks an instant improvement in your putting.

Likewise for you A-graders or even professionals, the sections on finding an anchor will particular benefit you as it will for all golfers.

Overview of The Truth About Putting program

The Truth About Putting program by Anthony Procopis focuses on creating a putting system that works for you to save you strokes on the golf course. Did you know that most putting issues result from not poor putting technique but the routine and lack of feel or awareness in the putting stroke?

Yet surprisingly, most golf putting tips or programs online focus entirely on the technique!

The Truth About Putting focuses on learning how to become a better putter mostly through developing your own putting system.

This is what all great putters have done and you can do too!

The Truth About Putting program includes all of the following:

A 125-page eBook written by Anthony Procopis, 50+ short videos giving you a visual demonstration of the program.

  • Eliminate 6 biggest putting mistakes
  • Master green reading and distance control
  • Use missed putts to putt great the rest of the round
  • How to practice putting effectively
  • Techniques to putt stress-free and full of confidence
  • The secret to developing a world class pre-shot routine

Bonus additional 12 lessons emailed over 6 weeks plus much more …



With a proven track record of delivering fewer putts and lower scores for golfers, The Truth About Putting program is fantastic value. The eBook and instruction videos are worth far and above the low purchase price of $59 considering the success rate it has achieved.

You could spend more four times this amount in local professional lessons and still not get even close to the same quality of instruction you’ll receive.

Better still, you have access to the eBook and videos for life so you can watch over and over whenever you feel you need a refresh.


One of the few specifically designed golf instruction programs just for putting, so you won’t have to skip through sections to get to the part you want. The program works for golfers of all skill levels, ages, physical condition and gender. You won’t have to learn or change your current putting technique, the methods taught will improve your putting through feel and other non-technical ways.

Has achieved thousands of positive reviews from golfers of all handicap levels around the world, which means it’ll work for you regardless of where your putting is at now.

Its low price of $59 comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, means if your putting doesn’t improve you can request a full refund.

Comes with 12 free bonus lessons spread over 6 weeks received via email.


The eBook is 125-pages long so you’ll need to make some time to sit down and read through the content to ensure you absorb it all. In saying that, there are videos included that gives a visual demonstration of the eBook content but just not as in depth.

If your current putting technique has major faults you may not find the answer in the program as it doesn’t focus much on technique.

However, many golfers with poor putting strokes have been able to find improvement by focusing less on technique and more on feel and routine.

Final thoughts

The Truth About Putting program delivers on its promise to provide the best golf putting instruction to help golfers hole more putts and lower their scores.

Anthony Procopis has put together a complete program that will improve your putting.

Don’t forget, you can test out the program first and if you don’t see a reduction in your putts you can request a full refund within 60 days.

If you have any questions about this The Truth About Putting review, please leave a comment below and I’ll be happy to answer.


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