Tour Distance Review: Add 30-Yards To Your Golf Drives

Tour distance is ready for you today

Have you tried dozens of different golf swing speed or extra distance instruction programs online and still not seen any extra yardage on your drives? Are you struggling to hit most par fours in two or regularly need to hit a 3-wood or hybrid to try and get anywhere near the green?  If this sounds like you, then in this Tour Distance review by Todd Kolb, you’ll discover how to regain lost power and how you can gain up to 30+yards off the tee and make your golf game easier.   

It's very different from most other "hit the golf ball further" systems online and for that reason makes it an exciting resource for the distance-challenged golfer. 

PGA instructor Todd Kolb has created a unique system in the golf industry that is delivering some incredible results for golfers of all levels.   

Todd's golf coaching is refreshingly different when it comes to increasing swing speed and distance as he doesn't focus much on changing your current golf swing but rather on improving other areas.  

This is probably different from anything else you have tried and that makes it well worth you at least checking it out.  

Here is my completed post of the Tour Distance Review after watching and applying the drills and methods as I went through the system for the 1st time.  

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It makes it easy to generate more distance off the tee because you are focusing less on technique changes and more on set up adjustments and practice drills. This means you won't have several different swing thoughts going through your head every time you tee off.  It provides you with the tools and information you need to hit the golf ball longer and straighter and make the game of golf easier.  

The Tour Distance is suitable for all different handicap level golfers and doesn't restrict you in any way regardless of your physical condition.   

In the driver set-up module you'll learn 6 different (super easy) changes to your set-up that can immediately add 20+ yards to your drives.  

For the powerful information it contains, the very low asking price compared to seeing your local golf professional per hour is awesome value.  

Golfers from around the world who have used the system have all increased their driver distance and as a result shot lower golf scores

The Voice Caddy SC 200 Portable Golf Launch Monitor is a recommended addition to the Tour Distance system as it will track your progress and give you feedback as you begin to hit the golf ball further.


The Tour Distance focuses mostly on how you can get extra yardage off the tee. So why does this matter? Well, as Todd explains wouldn't you rather be hitting an 8-iron or pitching wedge into a par-4 instead of a 3-wood or hybrid? It only makes sense that to shoot lower golf scores it's easier to do if you're hitting a shorter iron rather than a longer one for your approach shots.

Your odds dramatically increase to hitting the green in two and ultimately making a lower score.

This is what the Tour Distance system does and how it can lower your golf scores by increasing your golf swing speed and distance off the tee. 


After you start to go through the system you'll begin to see many drills and methods that you haven't seen before. Todd makes a point of saying most golfers have the inherent ability to hit the golf ball longer but lack the basic knowledge and skills to make this happen.  The results you get will depend on your dedication and willingness to give the Tour Distance system a good go.

I mean to really try out the recommendations such as the changes in set-up and all the drills that can reinforce the moves needed to launch those longer drives.

If you can take the time to go through and implement all the information provided there is no reason why you shouldn't start to see an increase of 15 - 20+ yards in your drives.

This is especially true if you are hitting the ball around 200 - 225+ yards at present, which means you'll have more scope for improvement.

If you're already hitting the ball 250+ yards plus, you'll still see some extra distance but it won't be as significant as the shorter hitters.


The Tour Distance system provides everything you need to make better contact with the golf ball and crush your driver further. The incredible part is, it doesn't force you to make drastic changes to your current golf swing. In fact, most of the changes will be in your set-up which will ultimately lead to swinging down and through with the greatest force through impact leading to increased distance. 

Here are some of the things you'll learn in the Tour Distance system: 

  • No major swing changes

  • A set-up that encourages more power

  • The right angle of attack that increases distance

  • Secret move that generates more power

  • How feet weight distribution leads to more centre face strikes

  • Much, much more ......


Todd created the Tour Distance with a simple goal to provide a system that any level golfer could understand, implement and start seeing an increase in distance on the golf course. He made sure the content was easy to follow by not just lower handicap golfers but also those off higher handicaps that struggle more with the game.  

What's amazing is, even if you're not in the best shape of your life, the Tour Distance is the perfect way to increase your golf swing speed and lower your scores.   

If you've just started playing golf, the system is perfect to ensure you get the basics in place early so you're not missing out on extra yardage off the tee that's so important.  

What's super exciting for you is, your newfound distance without major swing changes will wow your golf mates who have been out driving you for years!

They will wonder what's happened!

For the seasoned golfer, this system will surprise you with some unique ways you can squeeze out extra yardage just when you thought it wasn't possible.   

For example, you'll be shocked at just how simple a change to your set-up can result in powering the golf ball another 20+ yards extra down the fairway.  

So whatever your current golf handicap is or whatever score you normally shoot, the Tour Distance system has something for every golfer.  

Overview of the Tour Distance system

The Tour Distance system focuses on every-day golfers generating more power off the tee and making the game of golf easier. Most golf instruction systems talk about changing your entire golf swing, this system focuses mostly on improving the set-up and practicing unique drills that lead to increased distance off the tee with the driver. You won't need to learn new golf swing techniques, but you'll learn how making some subtle changes to your set up can have major impacts on the distances you hit your driver.   

This means you'll discover how to hit the golf ball at the correct angle of attack that significantly increases your chances of launching longer drives and therefore shorter irons for your approach shots.   


35 videos showing all the driver set-ups, techniques, drills, and more

  • Correct angle of attack

  • Right pressure movement in your legs

  • Ball position and weight distribution

  • Biggest place most golfers lose power

  • Ball position and where to place to improve contact

  • Adjust the handle to play an on-demand draw shot

  • Advances in technology and how they can help you

Special Bonus: There's also an additional video module on the SECRET MOVE that will have you rethinking everything you thought you knew about golf.   


As mentioned the Tour Distance system provides 35 videos of distance generating instruction that will propel your current level of drives to areas you've never been before on the fairway. The set-up keys, drills, and concepts in the system are a must for all golfers seeking extra golf swing speed and distance to make shooting lower scores easier.

The system is retailing for $67.00, which is insane value for the dozens of game-changing videos from an instructor coaching golfers on the world international tours. 

It's amazing value when you compare it to seeing your location PGA professional which will set you back anywhere from $100+ an hour!


The system gets results for all golf handicap levels from the very young beginner to veteran golfers who've been playing for years who aren't in the best shape. Regardless of whether you have just started play golf or been golfing for years, the Tour Distance system provides valuable information that will increase your driver distance.   

Yes, even those of you that are struggling to break 100 or worse!

It's one of the few dedicated golf systems online that focuses entirely on generating more power off the tee without changing your golf swing.   

Well priced and most of the videos are short (around 2 minutes) so you can digest the information quickly without getting bored as some 20-minute golf instruction videos can.  

No outdated golf swing techniques to learn, just simple set-up changes and practical drills that are designed to increase your distance off the tee. 

Get taught by an industry expert in Todd Kolb who has over 25 years of experience in the industry and coaches top players on the major golf tours. 

Laid out in a simple, friendly way where it's easy to learn at your own pace and test out the set up moves and drills.  


Some of the suggested changes/drills are a little bit different from what you may have been taught or known before. For this reason, you may find it hard to believe and trust that they are the right way to go for you. There's very little information about what changes to your swing are required to generate more power.

So if you feel this is an issue in your current swing you probably won't find the answer in the Tour Distance system.   

I'd recommend getting your golf swing reviewed via an online golf lesson such as Rotary Swing to see where your shortfalls are.


If you struggle to reach most par fours or are always the shortest hitting in your group, then the Tour Distance system is definitely the golf system for you. By learning the driver set-up changes contained in the system you'll be in the best possible position to launch longer, fairway-splitting drives every time.  

Your distance off the tee will increase regardless of whether you're a beginner golfer or a seasoned veteran who's been playing for over 20 years. 

Learning how to hit longer, draw-shaped drives is a skill any golfer can learn with a golf improvement system.

Final thoughts

The Tour Distance system is the perfect answer to all golfers struggling to hit the ball far enough to see real improvement in their golf scores.

Todd Kolb has put together a simple, yet powerful system that I believe will see an increase in all golfers’ drives who apply the information. 

Don't settle for hitting your 3-wood or hybrid for your approach shots and discover how you can enjoy the feeling of hitting a 7-iron or even a wedge in.   

If you have any questions about anything that I have covered in this Tour Distance Review, please let me know and I'll be happy to share my honest thoughts. 


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