Wisdom In Golf Review: great Golf Using Your Brain & Not Swing Positions

Is Wisdom in Golf right for you?

Are you sick of trying to remember dozens of different swing positions every time you stand over the golf ball? Can't get any consistency in your golf scores and haven't improved for years? If this sounds like you then Shawn Clements Wisdom in Golf might just be the system for you. I went through and fully tested the system and completed this comprehensive Wisdom In Golf review to give you a better overview of the system so you can decide whether or not it's right for you.

If you are a keen golfer and determined to improve your golf swing and lower your handicap, then this golf instruction system is a great place to start.

World-renowned golf instructor Shawn Clement has used his 30+ years as a head golf instructor to create a system that focuses on moving the golf club the way the body is designed to do so.

The system is super simple to follow and is suitable for golfers of all levels that want to improve.

The Wisdom in Golf system has been great for me and the thousands of golfers worldwide who have used it.

Here is my Wisdom In Golf review after watching the videos and implementing Shawn's concepts. 

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It helps you swing the golf club better by understanding your body's anatomy and how your brain works. In other words, you'll learn a simpler way to make more efficient golf swings that won't confuse you with multiple swing thoughts. This also reduces the chances of getting injured playing this great game.

The Wisdom in Golf system makes complete physiological sense which helps golfers understand why they need to do certain movements in the golf swing.

It's incredibly simple to use and ideal for beginner to top amateur golfers of all different ages, shapes, and sizes.

Its very low price makes it great value and affordable for even the most cash-strapped golfer.


The Wisdom In Golf system has been reviewed by thousands of golfers worldwide. A lot of golfers have experienced large drops in golf scores and handicaps just by following Shawn's simple teachings. 

Here's just a couple of the many testimonials golfers have written about their experience with the system.

"I am 67 yrs old and have been playing the best golf of my life over the past week since I bought the Complete Golf Wisdom videos. I can't believe how easy and efficient this approach is. I have literally thrown out all my other golf videos and instruction books... Everything else is noise. Yesterday I shot 78 which is the first time I have broken 80 since my earlier years playing good golf!" - Thanks, Charlie Thomas

"Absolutely Brilliant !! -

I could have saved a fortune if I had come across them earlier ---- but better late than never! I'm sure after a bit of Practice it will pay for itself with the return of my money that I have lost to my opponents over the last few years!" - 



After watching just a few minutes of the system, you'll soon see why Shawn Clement is one of the best golf instructors worldwide. You see the problem with golf in this video-driven and often over analysed world is, golfers can very easily become swing position-focused when it comes to their golf swing. Unlike a lot of other instructors, Shawn focuses mostly on feel and swinging the golf club in an anatomically correct way i.e. moving muscles the way they are designed to function.

This is a rare thing today and why Wisdom in Golf is refreshingly different.

Shawn's enthusiasm for the game is obvious in these videos which makes the learning process fun leading to better results.

What he teaches will install confidence in your game meaning better ball striking and the ability to shape your golf shots around the golf course. 

Clement demonstrates drills that help you get the proper golf swing plane and head position that result in life-lasting good habits. 

Shawn also shows how performing everyday activities relate to your golf swing making the understanding of how to swing the golf club much, much easier. 


One of the best parts of the Wisdom In Golf system that golfers love is that it covers all parts of your golf game. As previously discussed, it will teach you how to become a better ball striker by learning to hit the golf ball first and then the ground. Also, and a big part of the system is the critical skill of learning to release to the target.

In video 1 you'll learn how gravity plays a vital role in the golf swing and how you're already a 'gravity genius'.

Don't miss this part as it's a major piece and super important to shooting lower golf scores. 

This is what you'll learn: 

  • Release to the target

  • Hit the golf ball first and then the ground

  • Play a draw or slice on command

  • Get your swing on plane without complex movements

  • Generate more power without effortless lag


When Shawn Clement put together the system, he created it in a way so it would be beneficial and effective for golfers of all levels. Even if you have just started playing, Wisdom In Golf will provide you with the tools you need to swing the club properly right from the start. You may even shock your golfing buddies who have been playing the game for 20+ years!

If you are a 20+ year weekend golf veteran, the system may surprise you with some important concepts that will challenge your thinking and provide better ways of swinging the golf club. 

In fact, I guarantee Shawn's drills and concepts on releasing to the target will lower your scores just by changing the way you think about the game.

Better golfers on single-digit handicaps are not left out. You'll discover some simple principles that could just be the missing ingredient to take your game to an even higher level. 

The best part of all is regardless of your age, physical limitations, weight problems, or lack of flexibility, Wisdom in Golf is perfect for everyone so it's got all golfers covered. 

Overview of the Wisdom in Golf system

The Wisdom In Golf system focuses on one of the most neglected parts of the golf swing that's keeping your focus on the target. This key concept is what stands the system apart from many other golf instruction programs. 

Shawn's key messages throughout the system are this:

"Release to the target and forget about swing positions" and "You are a gravity genius and you can use this to become a consistent, solid ball striker". 

These make a lot of sense and explain why using your brain the right way as Shawn demonstrates is fundamental that you will learn in the system. 

The core program also covers important areas such as how to hit the golf ball off downhill, uphill and sidehill lies.


Five videos (34 - 58 mins each) showing you how to perform a consistent, simple golf swing that delivers a repeatable golf impact position

Here's just some of what's included:

  • Focusing on the target - how using your brain to focus on the target produces a more consistent impact position.

  • Using gravity to get the golf swing on plane - learn how to feel the weight of the golf club to get your golf swing on the correct golf swing plane every time.

  • Understand body anatomy and how it helps your golf swing - discover how your body works best and how to relate this to your golf swing to produce outstanding results on the golf course.

  • Shape the golf ball left or right on command - learn how to play a draw or fade just by making simple adjustments in your set up and focus at address.

  • Several drills to install confidence in your golf swing - discover simple drills you can practice at home that build muscle memory so you can swing with confidence on the golf course.

  • Learn the perfect head position at set-up that improves consistency - how to set up correctly in the golf swing and importantly where the head position in the golf swing should be.


With nearly five hours of golf instruction videos, the Wisdom In Golf system is one of the most comprehensive online. The system is retailing for $57, which is incredible value for the vast amount of valuable information it contains for golfers. 

For those golfers serious about lowering their scores, the best way for you to order Wisdom In Golf is through the links on this page.


It works for golfers of all golfing levels, handicaps, and all ages. Even if you're out of shape and overweight you'll get benefits out of the system. It provides valuable golf information for new golfers and those that are at a higher level and seeking that little bit more guidance. The content is easy to learn and implement and most golfers will starting seeing results in a short space of time.

One of the few golf instruction systems that focus less on swing positions and more on feel and releasing to the target to get results. 

Reasonably priced and also covers every part of the golf game including how to shape shots, chipping, bunker play and irons, woods, and putting. 

The Wisdom in Golf system is designed to be body-friendly and to work with your natural physiological makeup so you'll learn movements that will work for years.


The five videos in the system each go for up to 60 mins long, so for golfers with short attention spans, you may find it difficult to sit there and concentrate for the duration. For golfers who feel their technique is incorrect, you won't necessarily find the answer in this system.

However, the drills and methods taught by Shawn will fix a lot of your technical faults without even thinking about them.


If you are tired of trying out swing position-focused golf instruction then the Wisdom in Golf system is for you. Also, if you're a golfer that has too many swing thoughts going through your head nearly every time you stand over the ball, then it's definitely for you.

If you're struggling to make consistent and solid contact with the ball, break 100, 90, or even 80 then it's right for you.

Even if you are an experienced golfer who plays off a low handicap, there's still a stack of information that will benefit your game.

For those golfers off higher handicaps, then Wisdom in Golf by Shawn Clement will be the best investment you've ever made in your golf career.

Final thoughts

The Wisdom in Golf system lives up to its promise to provide a one size fits all golf instruction that delivers results for all golfers. 

Once you understand how the brain works in relation to your golf swing, better golf is guaranteed.

If you have any questions about this Wisdom in Golf review please let me know and I'll be happy to answer them for you.


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