GravityFit TPro Review: Why It's The #1 Golf Training Aid

Learn in this GravityFit TPro review how this powerful golf training aid can improve your golf swing through correct posture and body feels in the golf swing


With all the hundreds of different golf training aids online it’s confusing figuring out which one can your golf game. Many of these are good, practicable tools that can help golfers like you lower your scores. However, the GravityFit TPro is unique in that it is the only golf training aid that teaches you correct golf swing movements by providing instant feedback to the muscles in the body. After some extensive testing I felt compelled to write this GravityFit TPro review so that golfers like you could use and get the benefits like I have.

It's called the GravityFit TPro which was founded by Dr Carolyn Richardson.

As I stated above, it is the only training aid that provides immediate impact on your golf movements by encouraging a better golf posture.

It's used by over 30 PGA Tour professionals and coaches including PGA Tour winners Cameron Smith, Jonas Blixt and Harris English.

Many are using the TPro to build their spinal and shoulder strength and stability in addition to their regular golf swing practice routine.  

I personally use the Gravity Fit TPro on a daily basis and experienced immediate improvement the first time I used it.  

Here is my GravityFit TPro review after going through and using the training aid.

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Not only does it improve your golf swing and scores, the TPro strengthens the key muscles you need to perform, heal and live your life to its fullest. The GravityFit TPro targets the deep muscles that protect and support your spine. A good example of its benefit is when looking at people that slump or hunch in their posture.

By working with the TPro you will strengthen the spinal core muscles making it much easier to maintain a good posture that will protect you from injury.

Some more benefits you’ll receive:

  • 50 golf specific exercises and movements designed to get the best out of your body

  • Better core stability and golf posture

  • Reduced risk of injury so more time playing rounds of golf

  • Light and small in size and can be easily used at home or taken on the road

  • Instant postural awareness making it easy to feel the correct golf positions.

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gravityfit tpro REVIEWS

The GravityFity TPro has been reviewed by many PGA Tour professional golfers, top amateurs and everyday weekend golfers worldwide. It’s helped all of them achieve more consistent golf swings leading to lower golf scores and more fun on the golf course.

Here's just a few reviews from real golfers who have achieved incredible results:

"I use the TPro to train my body and arm connection in my swing. It basically guides me into the right position and I just repeat the movement I want to make, it’s really simple."

Cameron Smith, PGA Tour winner

"I use the TPro to simplify the process of understanding swing path and connection between arms and body - great product!”

Hamish Robertson

"I initially had great success with myself then saw huge gains with my 14-year old son, taking his handicap down significantly since using GravityFit in his warm up."

Steven Loader

If you want to find the most comprehensive GravityFit TPro review to learn how it can help you play better golf, then this is the only review you need to read.

This review outlines all the pros and cons of the GravityFit TPro golf training aid which teaches you the most effective way to set up to a golf ball and make a consistent golf swing.

Learn in this GravityFit TPro review how this powerful golf training aid can improve your golf swing through correct posture and body feels in the golf swing


A lot of golf instruction online is ineffective, offering band-aid solutions and doesn’t produce long lasting results. I’ve been in this position before and I typically get frustrated and then resort back to bad habits.

After first using the GravityFit TPro, you’ll quickly understand how the correct posture feels and become aware of longer term benefits for your golf swing and body.

This is not something found in any traditional golf instruction, and will have huge positive impacts on your longevity in the game.

Getting this instant feedback on your posture and rotation leads to a more consistent golf set up, golf swing and better results from your golf shots.

The coloured bands on the TPro help you stimulate shoulder stability and scapula control which form part of any long lasting and repeatable golf swing.


One of the things golfers love about the GravityFit TPro is the ease of set up and the ability to use at home or on the golf course. It’s light weight, takes up little room and can be stored in a small bag and taken with you anytime you’re on the go. You can be up and running in just seconds without too much difficulty.  

Here are just some of the things you'll learn:

  • How to warm up in the safest, most effective way before a round of golf

  • Strengthen the most important muscles in the golf swing

  • The feeling of what the muscles should be feeling like during the golf swing

  • Why having a more connected golf swing will develop more consistent golf shots

  • How the GravityFit TPro can help you keep the clubface square for longer in the downswing leading to better golf shots.





The GravityFit TPro was designed for all golfers seeking improvement in their game. It’s based on pure science and hasn’t been developed just for tour players or aspiring professional golfers. The TPro will work for you as long as you’re prepared to put in some work to use it the way it is designed to be used.

If you’re off a high handicap and been playing for years or even a low handicap golfer, it will help you progress and overcome scoring barriers.

Even if you’re out of shape and carrying a few extra pounds, the TPro can help.

The way the TPro is designed, its works for golfers big and small and develops good habits in your swing that are long lasting.

Get your own GravityFit TPro today and get started on building a stronger, stable and more consistent golf swing.

Learn in this GravityFit TPro review how this powerful golf training aid can improve your golf swing through correct posture and body feels in the golf swing

Overview of the GravityFit TPro

The GravityFit TPro focuses on the key areas of building a connected and more stable golf swing that leads to better quality golf shots. When you train your body using this golf training aid, you’re training your body to move the way it’s meant to.

You’ll be getting a proven, game changing piece of equipment that’s bio-mechanically designed to work with the correct movement of the golf swing.

Depending on your budget, there are several different options of GravityFit TPro that are a great choice for your golf game.

  • TPro with yellow bands

  • TPro with green bands

  • Swing kit

  • CAB with Telme

  • Golf pro kit

  • Client kit

  • Yellow bands for TPro

  • Green bands for TPro

  • Gravity cap

  • 2 x wallcharts

  • GravityFit online golf coaches course

  • Pro kit

  • Level 1 Online course – introduction to GravityFit therapeutic exercise model

  • 12 month subscription to online exercises

  • Level 1 GravityFit Coach course – full day

  • Golf coach package

P.S. The GravityFit YouTube channel is a great resource for numerous more golf specific exercises that you may not find in the package you purchase.

A great starting point is the TPro with yellow bands (lesser resistance) as an introduction to the product.

VALUE for money

After trying many different golf training aids, I believe the GravityFit TPro to be tremendous value for golfers. The yellow band TPro sells for around $65.00 USD and you can get it online or from your favourite golf store.

It’s great value for a training aid that offers so much immediate and long term benefit to your body and golf game.

Many training aids you’ll pay twice this amount of money and won’t see any improvement to your golf scores!

The cost is lower than most one-on-one golf lessons with a PGA professional, so you have nothing to lose by trying it out.

Purchasing a GravityFit TPro is one of the best investments you can make for your golf game.  

Learn in this GravityFit TPro review how this powerful golf training aid can improve your golf swing through correct posture and body feels in the golf swing


It performs well for golfers of all shapes and sizes and handicap levels. Comes with step by step instructions how to perform the key core strengthening exercises plus links to numerous online tools so you can get the most out of the TPro.

Lightweight and easy to set up so you can be using it in just seconds.

Affordably priced so every golfer young and old can purchase and start using.

Not only provides multiple benefits for your golf game, but provides long lasting benefits to your overall wellbeing off the golf course.

CONS of the tpro

It does take a bit of getting used to for first time users. The feeling of the tubing on your hands is a bit uncomfortable and will take practice.

If you currently have a poor posture at golf or in general, the TPro will be a big change and may put off some people.

Learn in this GravityFit TPro review how this powerful golf training aid can improve your golf swing through correct posture and body feels in the golf swing


One of the few golf training aids that improves the posture, rotation and arm movements used in an ideal golf swing. It works with your natural body shape and size and there’s no adjusting to fit a typical golf swing.

It teaches you the correct muscle feels in the golf swing which is very unique in the golfing industry.

You’ll learn what it feels like to make a better connected golf swing rather than just swinging a certain way that may or not get you better results.

Regardless of where you are at with your golf game, the GravityFit TPro works for every golfer whether you’re a weekend hacker struggling to break 100, top amateur or PGA professional.

FINAL THOUGHTS on the gravityfit tpro

The GravityFit TPro delivers on its promise to provide a safe and effective solution to help golfers develop a better golf swing.

Fitness lead Nick Randall walks you through all the exercises so you can start getting immediate benefits on and off the golf course. It’s the only golf training aid you’ll need to lower your scores.

If you have any questions about this GravityFit TPro review, or would like to know anything else please let me know.

I'm happy to help you out.


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