Best Golf Apps: The 4 Best Making Playing Golf Easier

The best golf apps online today

It only makes sense that if you want to play your best golf, it helps to have the best technology at your disposable. Having the best golf apps in your arsenal is a great way to get the edge in your golf game and make improvement faster than ever. Golf swing apps can help you identify problems in your golf game quicker than any golf lesson could.

The question is, with so many golf swing apps available which one do you choose and which one is right for you?

There's apps that help fix golf swing faults, provide golf distances and ones that track the biggest tours around the world.

We've broken it down to the top 4 best golf apps that you the golfer should consider getting to make the fastest improvement in your golf game.

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Arccos 360 is the only tag-less GPS tracking sensor system available in the market today. It is very accurate and both the app and web app are very intuitive.

It is relatively complicated to install, as you need to ‘sync’ each sensor one by one, and since it utilizes your phone microphone to track swings, you will need to keep your phone in your pocket.

If you can live with those minor hassles, however, the Arccos 360 is the most ‘real-time’ swing analyzer system you can get.


Game Golf Live, in many ways, is similar to the Arccos 360 golf swing app. It features multiple sensors attached to the end of your clubs that are easier to install than those of the Arccos 360.

Overall, it has the same accuracy compared to the Arccos 360, but the winner here is the separate wearable device, which is far lighter than your phone and can be worn on your hip.

Unlike the Arccos 360, however, you do need to ‘tag’ after each shot.


For those who want simplicity, the Zepp Golf 2 is for you. It is also very affordable, and unlike the other two above where the sensors are attached to your clubs, here you get only one, very light sensor that can be attached to your golf glove.

You don’t get any complicated GPS rangefinder feature or hole-by-hole tracking analysis, but it does get the job done as a swing analyzer.


Quite similar to the Zepp Golf 2 is the Blast Motion Golf. It features a detachable sensor you can install on the end of your club grip.

The key highlight here is how Blast Motion Golf is very accurate in tracking your swing timing, both for your backswing and downswing.

As a swing analyzer, and especially for putting, the Blast Motion Golf will provide the most value in improving your swing tempo. There is only one sensor included, but you can move it between clubs.


Arccos was one of the first companies that used GPS sensors attached to the end of your clubs with their Arccos Golf Gen 1, released back in 2015. The Arccos 360 is the 2nd generation system, featuring the same technology with several new features. There are 13 sensors included in the package, plus another sensor for your putter.

If you are familiar with the Arccos Golf app, the sensors are all thinner and lighter now, except for the putter sensors that stayed the same.

Setting up the system is a bit complicated since you will need to sync each sensor, one at a time after they are attached to your clubs. To do this, you will need to turn the sensors towards the skies, one by one.

The sensors are battery-operated and non-replaceable. They are guaranteed to last at least 2 years, which is totally acceptable. In fact, if you are playing 50 rounds a year, the battery can last for 5 years before you will need to replace the sensors.

Also worth noting is that the putter sensor won’t fit counterweight putters. You can cut off the screw part and glue the putter sensor, as well as other modifications, but it’s still a bit unpractical.

The system works by tracking sound using your phonemic. So, you will need to keep your phone in your pocket, and not in your bag, which can be a hindrance.

As a result of this rather complicated system, however, the sensors are very accurate, if not one of the most accurate available.

All the data is tracked in real-time, so you won’t need to do any syncing on and off the course.

The real highlight of the Arccos 360 is the Arccos Caddie service, which is available for $49.99 a year.

The AI-based caddie software developed by Arccos and Microsoft is available after you play 5 rounds with the Arccos 360.


  • Very Accurate Sensors
  • Arccos Caddie service, the world’s first AI-based caddie platform giving you recommendations across the course
  • Very easy to use and complete golf swing app
  • Real-time data collection, no need to sync anything


  • The putter sensor won’t fit counterweight putters
  • Operates in conjunction with your phonemic, so you will need to carry your phone at all times
  • The sensors are battery-operated unlike many other competitors, and as a result, also a little thicker than most


Apart from the minor hassles with the sensors, the Arccos 360 golf app is one of the most accurate swing tracker systems out there, and the Arccos Caddie service is definitely worth it.


Game Golf, together with Arccos, is the pioneer of using sensors on the end of your clubs, and as with the Arccos 360, the Game Golf Live golf app is the 2nd generation of their product. There are many similarities between Arccos 360 and Game Golf Live golf apps, mainly because they use very similar systems. So, a comparison between the two will be unavoidable.

While the Arccos 360 uses your phone’s mic to track your swings, the Game Golf Live uses its own device, which you will need to wear on your hip. Arguably, this is simpler than bringing your phone during the round.

The sensors are also easier to install, as you won’t need to sync each sensor like the Arccos 360. So, there are already two advantages over the Arccos 360.

The price you will need to pay for the extra simplicity is that while the Arccos 360 is a totally tag-less system, you will need to ‘tag’ after each shot with the Game Golf Live. Arccos 360 is by far, the only tag-less swing tracker system available.


  • Very accurate sensors
  • Very easy to set up
  • Real-time syncing after each round
  • Intuitive, easy to use app


  • Tagging after each shot
  • You will need to wear the game golf device to your hip


For accuracy and app interface, we can say that both Arccos 360 and Game Golf Live are on par with each other, and so the main difference between the two will be the easy set up VS tag-less system.


The Zepp Golf 2 is a little different compared to Arccos 360 and Game Golf Live golf apps discussed above. While the two previous systems use sensors attached to your clubs, there is only one Bluetooth-based sensor that is very compact with the Zepp Golf 2, which you will need to wear on the back of your glove.

The wearable device is USB-chargeable. It is very light, and once it’s attached to the Velcro closure on your golf glove, you will hardly notice it’s there.

The sensor will record impacts automatically, and so it won’t record a practice swing without any impact, which is a plus. Also, if you want, you can put your smartphone in your front pocket with the app on, and it will measure your hip turn.

The app is very intuitive and accurate and is an excellent analyzer you can use to improve your swing. It is also relatively affordable, although you won’t get any GPS tracking as with Game Golf Live and Arccos 360.


  • Very simple system, no need of any installation on your clubs
  • Very accurate swing analyzer
  • An intuitive, well-designed app
  • Very affordable
  • Comfortable to wear, ultra-light


  • No GPS features


If you only want to track -and improve- your swing, the Zepp Golf 2 is a very simple and very useful golf swing app to help improve your golf. Considering its affordability, the Zepp Golf 2 offers much value.


Blast Motion is known as one of the leading brands in swing analyzer technology. Their products are not limited to golf, but also for baseball and softball, where their swing analyzers are also regarded as some of the best available. The Blast Motion Golf system only includes one sensor, which can be attached to the end of your clubs.

It’s a similar system as Arccos and Game Golf. Yet, there’s only one sensor included in the package, which can be charged wirelessly.

You can use the sensor with multiple clubs, as it doesn’t require screwing the sensor, but it does take a bit of effort.

So, our suggestion is to keep the sensor fixed on one club, and we personally find the Blast Motion Golf is really good at tracking your putts.

It is very accurate in tracking the timing of your swing, both your backstroke and forward stroke, and the Blast Motion golf is especially useful in improving your tempo and swing fundamentals.


  • Very accurate swing analyzer from one of the top brands
  • Very easy to use, can switch the sensor between clubs
  • Wireless charging
  • Very intuitive app
  • Can track swing timing


  • Only one sensor included, can only track one club at a time


A very accurate swing analyzer especially to track timing. The inclusion of only one sensor is a bit of a letdown, but it is still a more affordable golf app than Arccos 360 and Game Golf Live.


Game Golf live brings the most value out of the four best golf apps we’ve reviewed.

It includes sensors for all your clubs, very easy to install and use, a GPS rangefinder feature, and automatic shot tracking.

The only major downside is that you need to ‘tag’ after each shot, but it will be second nature in no time.

the best choice for you

Overall, we feel Game Golf Live offers the most value out of the four golf swing apps because of its ease of use and a rather complete package.

That doesn’t mean the other golf swing analyser apps don’t have their value, as Arccos 360 does offer a tag-less system with similar accuracy to that of the Game Golf Live.

For those who want affordability and simplicity, the Zepp Golf 2 is an excellent choice, while for those who want more accuracy regarding timing and tempo, there’s the Blast Motion Golf.

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