Best Young Golfers: What Makes Them Great With A Big Future

Best young golfers in the world today

World golf is fortunate to have a number of talented young golfers as we enter 2018. All golfers have proven themselves to have incredible world-class talent and have been successful on the global stage, some even at the highest major level. These best young golfers have combined to win all four majors collectively and represented their countries at both the Ryder Cup and President’s cup. So what makes their golf game so good and why they’ve achieved the success they have at such a young age?

These are the four golfers in no particular order that are the players to watch when the big tournaments come around in the years to come.

Jordan Spieth, Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas, and Matthew Fitzpatrick.

All four players are in their early twenties at the time of writing and two each from both the USA and Europe.

Read below where I go through the strengths and qualities of these young, world-class golfers.

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The younger American has achieved more than most in his early twenties and looks set for a distinguished career in golf. He’s been the best golfer in the world and at the time of writing has already won 14 professionals tournaments including 3 majors.

He’s one of the best young golfers to come out of America since Tiger Woods. 

Jordan only requires a victory at the US PGA Championship to complete the rare achievement of winning all four major tournaments in golf.

He has represented Team USA at 2 Ryder Cups and 3 Presidents Cups and proven to be a formidable opponent in all formats.

Whenever he tees it up in 2018 and beyond, Jordan will be in the mix regardless of wherever he’s playing around the world. 


Jordan has a very sound, efficient golf swing that produces a lot of solid golf shots and hits most fairways and greens in regulation.

Like a lot of successful golfers, his swing has some quirks, mainly his left arm “chicken wing look” finish and his rolling lead ankle.

However, at this stage of his career, those aspects of his swing pose no problem and he continues to play consistent, competitive golf.

Not one of the longest hitters on tour by any stretch, but he’s still long enough to threaten any golf course.

Jordan’s short game and especially his putting is first class. His cross-handed putting grip has been so successful that many golfers have followed suit as a result.


The young Spaniard has performed strongly on the world circuit since turning pro in 2016 and looks set to contend in major tournaments and future Ryder cups for Europe. Although at the time of writing he’s only won 3 professional tournaments, he’s collected numerous top-10 finishes on the PGA tour including several at the season-ending FedEx Cup in the USA which comprises the best players in the world.

Jon averages over 300-yards off the tee and hits a high percentage of greens in regulation which results in him making a large percentage of birdies. This equals low scores!

He’s a certainty to make the 2018 European Ryder Cup team and won the rookie of the year on the European Tour in 2018.

From 2018 and the future, Rahm looks like a player that has all the hallmarks to achieve major stardom and numerous world championship wins.


Jon has a very powerful golf swing that enables him to not only reach a lot of par fives in two but long enough to hit short irons into many par fours increasing his chances of birdies.

He has a very high clubhead position at the start of the downswing where he uses gravity to drop the club further meaning more clubhead speed into the impact position.

His stock shot is a high fade with which he can launch drives over 305-yards with laser-like accuracy. He even produced a drive over 420-yards during the 2017 season!

Despite his obvious power, Jon has a great short game and is more than capable of scrambling around the greens and making putts that count. 

With power and touch at his disposal, Jon Rahm looks primed for a lengthy and successful career and makes him one of the best young golfers in the world. 


Like his good friend and fellow best young golfer Jordan Spieth, Justin Thomas has already achieved more than most in professional golf. At the time of writing, he’s had 8 professional wins including a major championship, PGA player of the year honors and steadily climbing the ranks, and fast becoming the best golfer in the world.

He’s had a distinguished junior career where he represented the USA multiple times and has since made the President’s cup and soon to be on the Ryder Cup team.

Justin has tremendous power off the tee giving him an advantage on long par 5’s and 4’s where he’s capable of reaching more than other players.

His future is looking strong beyond 2018 and has the golf game to challenge the world’s best week in, week out. 


Another best young golfer with a golf swing that launches drives consistently over 300-yards plus. He gets great width and extension in his golf swing, plus a big shoulder turn and minimal hip turn which helps produce all that power he generates at impact.

Justin’s right foot gets well off the ground at the start of the downswing which isn’t usually recommended, but he’s learned to work with it to produce consistent, solid contact with the golf ball.

Tee to green he’s been one of the best during his short career and has been a big reason for his steady rise to the top of the world golf rankings.

Rounding out his solid long game is a great short game lead by his putting which regularly averages 28-putts a round making him a complete and well-rounded golfer.


The young Englishman has created a big impression since touring pro in 2014. He’s won 4 times on the European Tour and his profile is steadily rising thanks to continued solid performances. Matthew has already represented Europe at the Walker Cup and Ryder Cup and been competitive in his limited appearances on the more competitive US PGA tour.

Matthew became the first golfer since 1930 to concurrently hold the low amateur at both the US Open and Open Championships. This made the golfing world stand up and take notice.

He again proved his status as one of the best young golfers by finishing tied 7th at the 2016 Masters and respectable performances at all four World Golf Championship events in 2017.

2018 is looking bright for Fitzpatrick and he will be pushing his way up the world rankings from top 30 to inside the top 10.


Fitzpatrick is not as long as the other best young golfers in the world, however, he’s not short either and makes up for it with his laser-like accuracy.

He’s very straight off the tee and combined with a similar iron game, results in a lot of greens hit in regulation.

His strong left-hand grip means he is able to keep the clubface square through impact for longer which explains his tremendous accuracy across all clubs.

A deft putting stroke creates and makes a lot of birdie chances and makes shooting low scores more a reality than just a possibility.

Matthew has used the same putter since he was 13 showing the confidence and trust he has in it to continue holing big putts and not resort to short-term fixes like a new putter or unorthodox putting grip.

Where to now for the best young golfers

So there’s my list of the best young golfers and just some of the golfers to watch in 2018.

All four golfers have had strong starts to their careers and appear destined to even more success on the world stage.

With a blend of power and touch, they have the complete golf game to dominate world golf for the next decade and beyond.

Just how far they progress and what they’ll achieve is unknown, but more tournament victories including majors look to be a real possibility.

Learn more about Jordan Spieth’s golf swing here and also check out the Rotary Swing golf instruction system that teaches the fundamentals of each of these great young players’ golf swings.


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