Golf Training Aids: #1 Tools Producing Amazing Results

Golf Training Aids Every Golfer Needs

In this blog post, I’m going to review the best golf training aids in the world, helping you to play better golf. It’s hard to know which ones are right for you and your golf swing, with so many available today. You can get a golf training aid to fix every golf issue you have, so it’s essential to get the right information. I’ve tested hundreds of training aids, and some are good, and some are bad. You can spend a few dollars to a few hundred dollars, so you need to choose wisely. A useful golf training aid is an excellent investment in your golf game, leading to lower golf scores.    

Suppose you have trouble getting to see a golf professional for lessons. In that case, an effective golf training aid can be a real-time and money saver.

Putting in time and effort working with the tool can produce real breakthrough improvements in your golf game.

The training aids reviewed cover everything from stand-alone tools such as alignment sticks and impact bags. Some attach to your club and body like the Swingyde and the Total Golf Trainer. 

Read through each review and find which one best fits your golf swing and practice regularly ingraining the new body movements into your game. 

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When used correctly and regularly, useful golf training aids offer many benefits to your golf game. You can quickly and easily build and ingrain new movement patterns, which can be challenging and time-consuming without. Most are small and compact and can be taken on the go and used indoors and out. A good golf training aid isolates the exact swing problem you have and works to correct in just minutes a day. 

Train yourself to fix common golf swing issues without vising a local golf professional for lessons.

Through controlled repetition, any level golfer can practice the right feel for a correct golf swing pattern and see fantastic improvement.

Golf swing problems can be mastered, such as creating lag in the golf swing and fixing your golf slice.

Getting yourself one or two excellent golf training aids could be the difference between breaking 80 in golf or shooting over 90. 


The Lag Shot Golf training aid is one of the most useful golf training aids available in the world today. Its unique design with its lightweight, flexible shaft and weighted head makes it a fantastic training tool. It teaches golfers how to sequence the golf downswing without any conscious thought. It encourages you to correctly load the golf club, ensuring you create lag and get the club in the correct position throughout the golf swing. You will develop a repeatable golf swing that produces reliable and more consistent ball-striking on the golf course. 

Designed to build lag naturally without any involuntary movements throughout the golf swing, making swinging the club easier.

Ingrain smooth tempo and timing just by feeling the clubhead's weight instead of traditional, more complex methods.

Teaches you to feel the correct movement of the hips, legs, shoulders, and arms in the downswing regardless of your current skill or golf handicap.

If you want more effortless distance and greater accuracy, then the Lag Shot Golf training aid is a must for the avid golfer.


The GravityFit TPro is fast becoming one of the world’s leading golf training aids and is used by many top touring professionals in world golf. These players include Cameron Smith, Jonas Blixt, Lydia Ko, and Tommy Fleetwood. This training tool comprises strong rubber bands attached to a robust plastic device that sits in the centre of your back. The TPro is all about giving instant feedback around your posture, rotation, and arm movement. It builds quality muscle memory, which is a big part of making substantial improvements in your golf swing. 

The GravityFit TPro helps build spinal, shoulder strength, and stability, creating a better-connected golf swing.  

Get instant feedback from doing incorrect swing movements while activating key muscles that work in your golf swing. 

It works for all golf handicap levels, improving everything from your chipping and putting to your full swing.   

It fixes all swing issues giving instant feedback for problems such as over the top, chicken wing, and early extension. 


The Total Golf Trainer is an all-in-one versatile golf training aid helping you build your own perfect golf swing from start to finish. It’s designed to reinforce proper golf swing fundamentals, so you can swing more efficiently, improve quickly, and shoot lower golf scores. It comes in a lightweight case making it easily transportable to and from the golf driving range or when you’re away and on the road.  

It provides instant feedback if you’re performing incorrect swing positions, so you can make the necessary changes.  

It trains every part of the golf swing, from the backswing to the downswing, including wrist and hip positions. 

The Total Golf Trainer 3.0 takes the guesswork out of where your body should be at all stages of the golf swing.

It fixes common golf swing problems such as crossing the line at the top of the backswing, hips spinning too fast, and many more. 



When it comes to practicing the ideal golf impact position with your irons, the Acu-Strike Golf Impact Training mat is number one. This revolutionary training aid is a must for golfers wanting to know how to hit the ball first, turf second contact with your irons. Train yourself to make consistent, solid contact with the golf ball from anywhere in the world. It’s perfect for golfers who struggle to compress their golf iron shots and tend to lift or scoop the golf ball. 

Gives instant feedback leaving a mark on the unique fabric, letting you know where you’ve contacted the golf ball.

The Acu-Strike Golf Impact Training mat can be used at home without hitting a golf ball or can be taken to the golf driving range to improve your ball-striking.

Swing path is easily identified, showing you if you’re coming over the top, too steep, or coming too far from the inside.

Square, open or closed clubfaces can be quickly detected, providing valuable information on possible grip or swing tendencies that need correcting.



The Rotary Connect is a great golf swing training aid from Rotary Swing Golf Founder Chuck Quinton. This powerful device holds your arms and legs at a consistent distance throughout the backswing and downswing. It encourages you to apply pressure to the training aid inside, teaching you correct muscle activation. It's lightweight and easy to carry and can be used pre-round, at home, or practicing at the golf driving range. 

It teaches you to feel the golf swing's correct positions, freeing your subconscious, and fast-tracking the learning process.  

If you struggle with a flying right elbow in the backswing or chicken wing in the follow-through, the Rotary Connect fixes both these problems. 

Learn the backswing faster by getting instant feedback on the correct positions and what they feel like.

Eliminates swing thoughts about keeping your arms in sync with your body, ensuring a stress-free golf swing


One of my favourite golf training aids is the Swingyde. It is the ultimate training tool that is second to none when practicing the golf swing's right swing positions. It attaches easily to the bottom of the golf club's grip. It provides excellent feedback on the position of the club and clubface during the backswing and downswing. Not surprisingly, it is used by thousands of golfers worldwide include many of the top professional golfers on both the PGA and European tours. 

The Swingyde golf training aid is a lightweight training tool that can be practiced at home with or without hitting golf balls. 

Suppose you suffer from casting the golf club in the golf downswing. In that case, it provides instant feedback through touching the forearm, ensuring you retain more lag. 

It sets your trail hand's correct hinge position, getting you in a great golf backswing position at the top. 

The Swingyde can be purchased for as low as $35.00 and is a must-have training aid for avid golfers.


A good golf impact bag is one of the first golf training aids you should consider buying. The golf impact position is arguably the most critical part of the swing and should be practiced often. Hitting into a golf impact bag reinforces that and should be a regular part of every golfers’ practice routine. Get this part of the golf swing right, and you’ll not only strike the golf ball better, but lower scores will inevitably follow. 

A good golf impact bag enables you to focus your attention on the moment of impact, ensuring the clubhead and body angles are in the right position.

It helps train your body to rotate correctly, create lag in the golf swing, and release the clubhead efficiently.

An impact bag helps you create forward shaft lean with your irons and maintain a flat lead wrist at impact.

Impact bags such as the impact bag by Dr. Gary Wiren can be purchased for as little as $40.00, or you can create your own with an old sports bag filled with towels and old rags.


One of the most essential golf training aids every golfer should buy is a couple of alignment sticks. Nearly every good golfer from top amateur to professional I’ve seen, they’ve utilized alignment sticks somewhere in their practice regime. Alignment sticks are inexpensive and offer numerous benefits to your golf game. It should be the first golf training aid you purchase on your path to becoming a better golfer. 

They are an excellent directional tool, enabling you to align squarely / parallel to the target, building a good set up routine. 

Alignment sticks can be used as visual guides when placed at certain angles in the ground when working on improving your golf swing plane.  

You can use them as an extension to your golf club, enhancing the vision of where the golf club needs to be at certain stages of the golf swing.

Use your alignment sticks as a feedback tool when attached to your golf club as part of golf chipping drills designed to improve arm and body connection through impact.  


One of the best golf training aids for sequencing your golf swing, especially the downswing, is the Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer. It has a weighted handle and clubhead with a flexible shaft, making it an excellent way to train yourself to properly sequence the golf swing. If your movements are out of sync, the Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer will give you instant feedback by bending and flipping at the wrong time in the golf swing. 

Teaches you to maintain the correct wrist angles throughout the golf swing. The round orange ball at the end moves out of place if you make any incorrect movements.

Great for learning how to maintain lag in the golf swing enabling you to generate more power and distance in all your golf shots.

Learn to feel when your golf swing is in rhythm and balance, ensuring you swing the golf club correctly, without worrying about the clubface's position.

The Orange Whip Golf Swing Trainer is also a useful warm-up tool by stretching your golf muscles while performing a solid tempo and balance in the golf swing.


When it comes to golf, seeing is believing. And having and having a 360° mirror is a wise investment. This is important, especially when practicing on your own. You want a visual of what you’re practicing or changing in your golf swing. A 360° mirror shows you what you’re doing right or, hopefully not, what you’re doing wrong. 

Provides excellent and fast feedback for swing changes when you need a quick check on fundamental movements in your golf swing.

Works for the full golf swing, chipping, putting, and every other golf game aspect every golfer wants.

See your swing from face on and down the line views showing everything from your set up to golf swing plane.

The Eyeline 360° mirror is excellent at identifying swing faults and rehearsing new movement patterns for lasting improvement.



Your golf training aid is only as good as the way you practice with it and the amount of practice you’re able to put in. They are all different. Each one requires different movement patterns, repetitions, and some training with or without golf clubs. Discuss with your golf instructor the best way to practice ensuring you do enough and the right path for your golf swing. Seek out as much information as you can on the training aids, and you’ll find them to be a useful tool for fast-tracking your golf improvement

Always read the instructions that come with each golf training aid. They are designed to be used a certain way, so be sure not to waste time during incorrect movements.

Allocate at least 10 minutes a day practice with your training aid. This ensures you consistently build the new movement pattern into your subconscious.

Keep your golf training aid in a place that is easily seen. This way, you won’t forget it and lose valuable practice time.

Perform the movements slowly and deliberately, especially in the beginning. This ensures optimal practice leading to better golf.


Getting yourself some excellent golf training aids is one of the best investments you can make in your golf game. 

Not all golf training aids are created equal. However, using the ones discussed above is a great starting point for enhancing your golf practice. 

Work with your golf coach ensuring you choose the right training aid for your needs, and you’ll be on a path to better golf and lower scores.

If you have any questions about this golf training aids post or how I can help you play better golf, please let me know. I would love to hear from you and give you my honest thoughts.


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