Reverse Slice Sequence Review: Fix Your Golf Slice In 15 Shots

Can the reverse slice sequence fix your slice?

The golf slice has been destroying golfers scores, confidence and love of the game for hundreds of years. Many golf instructors and golf instruction online have devoted much of their time to fixing the golf slice. The Reverse Slice Sequence by Eric Cogorno has developed a system that is transforming the way golfers think about curing their golf slice. I wrote this Reverse Slice Sequence review to give you all the information you need to make your own decision on whether it’s right for you. I have also had great success fixing the slice with the lag shot golf training aid.

What you’ll soon discover is how the Reverse Slice Sequence system is different from all the other golf slice fix systems out there.

World-renowned golf instructor Eric Cogorno takes you through the training system and gives you the pieces you need to cure your golf slice forever.

He’s given thousands of golf lessons worldwide to golfers of all skill levels, and is well qualified to deliver this golf training system. 

Here is my Reverse Slice Sequence review after going through and using the program.

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The Reverse Slice Sequence main purpose is fixing your golf slice. However, apart from doing that it helps you develop a natural draw that travels further and a more pleasing ball flight. The training system targets the key fundamental problems why golfers slice the golf ball, rather than just giving random band-aid fixes that don’t last in the long term. When you implement the proper golf backswing through to downswing movement, your slice will disappear.

When you go through the system, Eric shares key insights that are rarely spoken about in the golf instruction industry. These are extremely powerful when it comes to golf instruction and ensure real improvement.

Here’s some more of what you’ll learn:

  • Eliminate multiple swing thoughts whilst standing over the ball
  • Learn to tap into your right brain, the side used by the pros to play at the top level
  • Fix 3 core parts of a golf slice from the set-up, open clubface and the over the top
  • How to grip the golf club that ensures no golf slice and increases the chances of a draw


The Reverse Slice Sequence has been reviewed by thousands of golfers worldwide. A test of 215 golfers went through and applied this golf training system. Amazingly, 213 (or 99.07%) of the 215 golfers successfully got rid of their golf slice within just 15 golf swings. 

Here's just a few reviews from actual golfers who have achieved incredible results with the system:

“Eric’s Reverse Slice Sequence is very easy to understand and almost instantly helped me turn my slice into a small baby draw.”

Scott Sannes, Age 49

“After using the system in only one summer I was able to eliminate my slice, gain 20+ yards and knocked 12-15 shots of my score. I’m now shooting in the low 80’s and am enjoying the game more than ever.”

David Zangrilli, Age 28

“I’ve been struggling to hit my irons solid for years. After a few minutes of instruction from Eric, I was able to start hitting high flush iron shots. The game has become fun again!”

Daniel Mantey, Age 55


With the golf slice being a universal golfing problem, a lot of golf instruction online has been produced aimed at fixing it. After going through and testing the training in the system, Eric’s methods don’t just work in the short term, they will produce long term benefits in terms of lower golf scores.

The main reason being, he doesn’t rely on mechanical swing thoughts and focuses on using your right brain.

This ensures the results you receive are longer lasting, and will help you play better golf for years to come on the golf course.

Not only will you fix your golf slice, but other swing issues will be eliminated in the process leading to a long term better golf game.


One of the things that’s great about the Reverse Slice Sequence is that it shows you how to fix the number 1 cause of the slice, the clubface. Eric goes into detail how to square the clubface the right way, resulting in more golf shots starting on the right line towards your target.  He spends time in each of what he says are the 3 keys to getting rid of your golf slice, the set-up, the clubface and the over the top golf swing  

Here are just some of the things you'll learn:

  • The 3 main reasons why you slice the golf ball
  • How to use your right brain to play your best golf
  • Set up to the golf ball that encourages a draw instead of a slice
  • Square the clubface that eliminates the side spin that produces golf slices
  • One elbow trick that fixes your golf slice so you can hit the ball straighter
  • Special brain hacks to eliminate too many swing thoughts
  • Position of the thumb on the grip and how it stops you drawing the golf ball



The Reverse Slice Sequence was designed for all golfers regardless of age, sex, body shape and most importantly, skill level. Eric explains in detail the reasons why you slice the golf ball and how you can fix it so all golfers can understand. This golf training system will work for you as long as you’re committed to working through the videos and putting the changes into practice.

If you’re off a weekend golfer with a high handicap and been slicing the golf ball for years, the system will help you eliminate your golf slice and hit the golf ball straight.

Out of shape golfers will benefit as long as you can swing a golf club and apply the simple fundamentals that Eric recommends.

It’s particularly effective at helping golfers learn and develop good golf swing habits that will last a lifetime on the golf course.

Get your access to the Reverse Slice Sequence today, and start hitting longer, straighter and more consistent golf shots.

Overview of the Reverse Slice Sequence

Not only does the Reverse Slice Sequence provide you with cutting edge golf swing instruction, there’s many other benefits to owning the training system. You’ll receive a system that’s specifically designed to fix the most damaging golf problem in the history of the game.

Eric Cogorno gives you the tools and the confidence you need to take you current golf game to the next level.

The Reverse Slice Sequence includes all of the following and more: 

  • 9 videos of the core training system – over 60 mins of game changing content
  • 4k video quality
  • Desktop and mobile friendly lifetime access 24/7
  • Free bonus: behind the scenes with students
  • Free bonus: 14 days free access to the Scratch club
  • 200% money-back guarantee

If you’re a golfer that been struggling with a golf slice recently or your whole life, the Reverse Slice Sequence is your must have golf training system to get your golf game on track. 


As a former slicer, I’ve tried many golf slice training systems over the years. I believe the Reverse Slice Sequence to be tremendous value for money. Eric Cogorno is a true golf professional and delivers a first class video training series that’s helping thousands of golfers worldwide eliminate their golf slice

It’s great value for a training system that provides so much information and includes some great bonuses.

At just $47, it’s half the cost of most one-on-one local golf professional in person lessons, making it amazing value.

The online training videos can be watched in just over 1 hour, so you can be hitting the range by late morning and putting the methods into practice. 

Purchasing the Reverse Slice Sequence is one of the best investments you can make for your golf game.   


As advised previously, the system fixes the 3 key areas that cause a golfers slice. You’ll learn not only how to fix your golf slice, by fixing the root cause of the problem, but you’ll improve other areas of your game in the process. It’s the most effective training system online when it comes to eliminating a golf slice. 

The videos are easy to understand and golfers of all abilities will be able to follow and implement changes within minutes, if not seconds. 

The system has a high success rate which speaks volumes about the quality of the training videos Eric has produced.

Backed by a 200% money-back guarantee, you have the comfort of knowing your purchase is protected if you are unable to fix your golf slice after going through the entire golf training system.


If you’ve been slicing the golf ball for years it will likely feel uncomfortable making some of the changes outlined in the system. You will need to put in some time and commitment to practice the drills and set up changes, to ensure you give yourself the best chance of eliminating your golf slice.

Golfers short on time will have to make some time and effort if they want to cure their golf slice and improve.  

A couple of the videos are over 10 minutes long, so golfers with short attention spans wanting quick answers to their problems, will have to be patient. 


The Reverse Slice Sequence system is different from others in the industry, because it targets the main cause of the golf slice, an open clubface. It doesn’t stop there though, and provides detailed ways how to fix the other 2 main contributors of a golf slice. Most golf slice fix training systems only talk about fixing the over the top golf swing and forget about the importance of fixing the set up and the open clubface.

Rather than traditional left brain learning in golf instruction, Eric teaches you how to tap into your right brain which is how professional golfers learn and play golf at the highest level.

This ensures you learn the information correctly and don’t get stuck with too many technical swing thoughts like most golf instruction online.

Eric Cogorno doesn’t just give you golf swing tips to fix your slice, but provides a simple and powerfully effective training routine that you can implement that ensures you start getting rid of your golf slice.  

Regardless of how bad your golf slice is, or how long you’ve had it for, the Reverse Slice Sequence is the right system for you. 


The Reverse Slice Sequence golf training system delivers on its promise to provide an effective solution to fix your golf slice in just 15 shots.

Eric Cogorno has produced an in depth and game changing golf instruction videos series that’s eliminating golfers’ slices worldwide.

Don’t let your golf slice control your golf anymore, and get your exclusive access to this proven golf training system today.

If you have any questions about this Reverse Slice Sequence review, please let me know and I’ll be happy to answer for you.


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