5 Golf Lessons I Wish I Learned 20 Years Ago That'll Lower Your Scores

Golf lessons you must know to play better golf

Don’t you wish you could turn back the clock in life and fix what you now know? It's vital you learn the important golf lessons to get the most out of this great game. If you don’t learn the right basics from the start you can suffer with years of pain and frustration on the golf course. We pick up bad habits over time on the golf course that can become almost impossible to stop despite our strongest desires.

I don’t know how many times I’ve said to myself ‘I know I’m doing this wrong but I can’t stop myself from doing it’.

Our sub-conscious has trained our body to swing a certain way which makes even the slightest change really tough.

The good news is it’s never too late to make a positive change to your golf game. It just takes a little more work to build it into your sub-conscious to ensure you do it right every time.

What’s even better now is with today’s technology you have any extra weapon on your side to help you create the right golf swing for you.

The golf lessons I learnt in the Perfect Impact System will help you hit the golf ball longer and straighter.

Read below five golf lessons I wish I learned 20 years ago and focused on better right from the start.

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This is where it all starts and is the real key to performing a repeatable solid golf swing. Start with setting up in the classic ‘reverse k’ position. 

It’s the most common set up used by professional golfers. When you set up in this position it actually fixes most common swing faults.

This golf set up is so important I wrote an entire article on the very subject.

Imagine fixing your golf slice, take away, wrist hinge and swing plane all in one go simply by changing your set up?

This is a vital golf lesson!


I spent the first 10 years of my golfing life using the old fashioned baseball grip. The one with both hands on the grip wide apart like I was ready to hit a home run. I was fortunate to have enough talent to play to single figures with this grip but ultimately it couldn’t help me improve any further.

I recommend starting with gripping the golf club with the standard interlocking grip.

This is where the pinkie of the right hand interlocks between the index finger and middle finger of the left hand (see picture right).

This golf grip is used by over 90% of professional golfers worldwide.


Putting can account for as much as 40% of your total golf score. One of the best golf lessons you can learn is to improve your putting. All those years I spent at the golf driving range I probably spent only about 10% of that time on the putting green.

No time is wasted working on your golf swing but it is if it’s at the expense of your putting.

To make any sort of improvement in golf you must become a good putter. It’s often the difference between an A, B, C or D grade golfer.

Good putters save themselves up to 6 strokes every game by holing those clutch six footers.

Click here for a great tip on applying the right grip and holing more putts.


Like putting chipping is another area that I wish I spent more time on. I always had the mind-set if only I could hit the ball further and straighter then everything would be okay. The problem was I never got to the stage where I was hitting every green in regulation. Then I had to figure out a way to chip the ball close enough to the hole to make a par.

The results were not that good!

Professional golfer Justin Rose led the US PGA tour in 2012 in greens in regulation at just over 70%.

This means nearly 30% of the time he was missing the green which is one in three.

This is why the professionals spend so much time practising their chipping. They know they’re not going to hit every green in regulation.

A good chipping game can turn an average ball striking round into a great round of golf.

Learn how to hit solid golf chip shots and get up and down every time here.


Not as important as chipping and putting but still a vital part of your golfing arsenal. When you miss the green in regulation there’s a good chance you won’t always find a nice piece of grass to chip from. Quite often you’ll find yourself in a green side bunker forced to play a high soft shot to try and get close to the flag to save par.

Being a good bunker player can get you out of many tough situations on the golf course.

Bunkers can also be the downfall of many golfers. I’ve seen golfers take as many as five shots to get out of them.

Learn how to get out in one go and close to the flag and you will save yourself not only strokes off your game but a lifetime of frustration.

Discover more about how to play sand bunker shots here and get up and down every time.

What Next?

That’s my top five golf lessons I wish I had learned right when I first started playing the game.

Spend the majority of your practice time getting these five areas right.

They provide the basic foundation and path to shooting lower golf scores and enjoying the game more.

Don't forget to try out the Perfect Impact System like I did as it's one of the best ways to improve your golf swing and lower your scores.

Let me know how you go and what results you get, I would love to hear?

If you have a favourite golf lesson that’s really helped your game please share it with me.


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