Play Better Golf Today: The 7 Critical Golf Swing Steps You Must Know

Play better golf with these 7 Steps

What makes golf difficult is the thousands of different golf instruction methods available and the endless confusion it causes golfers. Most golfers get overwhelmed and lose sight of the very basic steps that are needed to play better golf. The internet has caused much confusion to golfers with its endless supply of videos and articles giving golfers a non-stop supply of knowledge on their golf swings.

If you’ve found yourself trapped in this cycle of watching video after video with no improvement, you need to take a step back for a minute

Concentrate and ensure you are performing the key fundamentals right and you’ll play better golf and get on the right path to success.

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LPGA top-50 teacher in the world Maria Palozola said this after reading the eBook:

“Golf is one of the most difficult sports to learn, but Troy makes it is easy with these simple illustrations and descriptions of the golf swing! Most of us don’t fit the mold and Troy’s suggestion to create your own swing for your own body will save you a lot of frustration and lead to faster development of a swing that will be repeatable for you. Whether you are a brand new golfer or a seasoned one, these 7 simple steps in an easy to read format should be staple of your golf training. ”

— Maria Palozola, LPGA top-50 teacher in the world


Another happy golfer had this to say:

“Finally an eBook laid out in a way that golfers can understand. Troy provides really simple pictures with descriptions showing me ideal positions I need to aim for that even a hacker like myself can make sense of”.

James, Florida USA

Hit the shot you know you can hit, not the one you think you should
— Dr. Bob Rotella

Where golfers go wrong

So much goes on during a round of golf, that it’s quite easy to get off track and forget what you should be doing. Playing a bad shot, annoying playing partners and having other things on your mind can cause golfers to forget about the golf swing basics that make up a consistent golf swing.

If you don’t play golf every day or at least a few times a week it can be difficult to ingrain these fundamentals and play better golf on a regular basis.

Once a bad shot happens, you chop and change things in a desperate attempt to ride the ship and get your game back on track.

Unfortunately, more often than not the opposite happens and things just get worse.

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My Creation helping golfers like you

I’ve played golf for over 30 years and learnt a lot about the golf swing and why certain things work and why others don’t. I created 7 Steps To Creating Your Perfect Golf Swing to provide golfers with an easy reference to ensure you grasp every part of the golf swing.

I’ve poured my heart and soul into this eBook to provide you with the simplest and easiest ways how to get better at golf fast.

It’s not complex or difficult to learn and is perfect for any level golfer looking to get a visual check-point on where they should be in the golf swing.


Here’s a preview video of the benefits of following the methods in 7 Steps To Creating Your Perfect Golf Swing:


How 7 Steps To Creating Your Perfect Golf Swing helps your golf game

When I was brainstorming ideas for the eBook I wanted it to be a useful tool that showed golfers how to swing a golf club step by step. It contains very clear and detailed pictures of every stage of the golf swing complete with descriptions showing ‘ideal’ positions.

You can get a quick reference either during a round or a practice session at the range of where you should be swinging the golf club.

You’ll know immediately where you have gone wrong and where you need to be to get your golf swing working well again.

The mobile friendly images with descriptions are convenient and perfect for the busy golfer on the go who wants quick and simple information.

We create our success or failure on the course, primarily by our thoughts
— Gary Player

Is this eBook right for you?

Whether you’re a once a week or once a month golfer the golf swing methods in this eBook will work great for you. If you’re struggling with a slice, hook, fat or thin shots you’ll get enormous benefit.

Male, female, tall or short the eBook suits every possible shape and size of golfer you fit into.

It’s the complete go to guide that helps you on the golf course or during practice sessions at the driving range.

You’ll learn how to play golf better a lot faster and start enjoying the game again.

What does it include?

The eBook includes all of the following in 38-pages of quality golf instruction:

  • Images of each stage of the golf swing

  • Marked descriptions of key parts of each stage of the swing

  • 4 mental golf game strategies you can take to the course immediately and get results

  • Printable and downloadable golf swing images you can take anywhere

  • View high quality swing images on mobile, iPad and desktop devices

Golf is not a game of great shots, but a game of accurate misses
— Gene Littler

Getting the most out of this eBook

With all golf instruction you only get out of it what you put into it. To get the most from this eBook it’s best to have your golf swing recorded so you can see exactly how your current swing looks.

You’ll then be able to make a quick comparison with the images provided and see what changes you may need to make to start seeing improvement.

You may find there’s only one or two areas that need improvement … and that’s fine. You can work on fixing those areas first and start getting better results.

Lastly, save the images to your phone and take it to the range so you have a quick reference to check and evaluate after each golf swing.

mental golf keys revealed

Apart from learning the key parts that make up the perfect golf swing, you’ll learn powerful mental game secrets used by the professionals. Playing better golf is not just about the golf swing, it’s also about thinking your way around the golf course. These techniques are a vital piece that when applied with the 7 Steps To Your Perfect Golf Swing can significantly boost your performance.

Unfortunately for golfers, the best golf swing in the world won’t produce great golf if your mental golf game is not up to scratch.

The mental golf tips you’ll learn show you how to play better golf by applying simple and proven techniques.

Together with your new and improved golf swing, you’ll have the mental golf keys to take your game to the next level.

Key downswing position you’ll learn

In my opinion the downswing in the golf swing is the most vital and is what most golfers mess up in their golf swings. I’ve deliberately made this very clear and easy to understand as it’s critical in the golf swing.

If you can get this one key part right in your golf downswing your golf game will improve dramatically.

Watch your favourite touring professional on television and you’ll see them round after round nailing this position.

This helps you play better golf and improve your ball striking consistency leading to lower scores.


At just $9.95 the 7 Steps To Creating Your Perfect Golf Swing is terrific value. I’ve purposely made it affordably priced so that all golfers can afford and start shooting lower golf scores.

You often pay double this amount for similar eBooks online, but at this price there’s no reason why you can’t get it and start seeing improvement.

I’ve packed lots of great golf instruction in this eBook and added an additional chapter of mental golf tips which is a massive add-value for golfers.

Online golf instruction gone crazy

Whilst the information age is great in many respects, it’s caused much confusion for golfers. Head over to Google and type in the search box, play better golf, and you’ll see 446,000,000 results … YIKES! No wonder golfers find it difficult get better with so much golf instruction available in just seconds. If you’re a golfer wanting to improve your game and shoot lower scores this can be overwhelming.  

I created 7 Steps To Creating Your Perfect Golf Swing for golfers like yourself, who are confused and overloaded with golf instruction tips and tricks.

This eBook is a simple, step by step guide that shows you how to make the best golf swing for you that will produce better results on the golf course.

Before you take the plunge and search online, get your copy and start creating your perfect golf swing today.

What makes 7 Steps To Creating Your Perfect Golf Swing Different?

With hundreds if not thousands of golf instruction products online it can be difficult to know which one to buy. Most golf instruction comes with pictures that are not clear and won’t show you how to improve at golf quickly.

The eBook provides clear and vivid images marked with arrows on each stage of the golf swing showing key areas so you know exactly where the club should be going.

It also provides a detailed but not complex descriptions of each position so you understand the key areas to get right.

You’ll receive downloadable images from every step of the swing that can be viewed perfectly on all digital devices.

This is something you won’t get with other online golf instruction products.

what you risk if you don’t read this eBook

If you’re anything like I used to be after hitting a poor golf shot or a bad round of golf, this will sound familiar. After I’d hit a bad shot, I’d start experimenting with golf swing tips and techniques I saw online in a desperate attempt to find a magic fix. To complicate matters more, I’d jump onto YouTube straight after the round and start searching for ‘golf slice fix’, ‘pulled shot fix’ or whatever bad shot was giving me grief that day.

This is a path to disaster and will not improve your golf game. This eBook provides the only fundamental steps you need to know that fix all swing problems.

By not reading, you risk getting back on that never ending golf merry go around searching for that magic swing secret that doesn’t exist.

Make the best decision for your golf game and get 7 Steps To Creating Your Perfect Golf Swing and play better golf.

 What you need to do now

With the abundance of golf instruction available today, it makes it difficult to know how to play better golf and what to choose.

Do what more golfers are doing and get your copy of the 7 Steps To Creating Your Perfect Golf Swing.

It’s the most detailed collection of images of the correct steps in the golf swing and a must have for all golfers.

Take the first step to playing better golf and grab your copy and start shooting lower scores today.


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