How to Stop Annoying Golf Partners From Destroying Your Round Of Golf

Annoying Golf Partners

Stop annoying golf partners fast

Golf can be a tone of fun, however like all good things there is always some element to it that can detract the enjoyment that we all like to experience. I’m talking about annoying golf partners, whether deliberate or not that ruin a great day out on the golf course. If you’ve played golf for any length of time you’ve come across one of these people.

They make what should be a pleasant experience into 4 ½ hours of torture.

I honestly believe most annoying golf partners don’t actually set out to upset their fellow golfers, they are just misguided in their endeavors.

Often they are just trying to break the ice, or just naturally chatty people who just want to help.

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You can fix the problem

The good news is there is a way to overcome these people and still play and enjoy a great round of golf. It only takes a bit of practice and any golfer can get good results.

Here are some of the more popular traits from annoying golf partners that I have experienced over the years.

Please bear in mind whilst these habits bother me they might not bother someone else, it’s just a personal opinion.




Asks several personal questions & talks too much

This is a huge one for me and something that I experience often. I had a guy once that right from the 1st hole continued to ask me personal questions. They ranged from - where I was born and my parents, how many brothers, sisters etc.

He then when on to ask - where I lived, where I worked, how long I have been there and same questions of my parents.  

That was just the start and it followed on to - if I had a girlfriend, wife and kids etc.

This went on for close to 9 holes and covered practically my whole life ... I was mentally exhausted.

This is a tough one because when you are in a confined group it’s difficult to sometimes get away from them.

What to do

I found the best way was to give very short, brief answers. Usually when people are probing for more information they will be left speechless when you don’t give them everything that they want.

Next I make a concerted effort to walk away from these annoying golf partners after the tee shots are hit.

I’ll deliberately try to hit before them if possible and be ready to move as soon as all four have hit.

This way I stay in front of them and can focus on my next shot.

Giving out golf tips

This used to be a major issue for me but thankfully has not happened for a little while. I always believed there was an unwritten rule in golf that you should never give a playing partner a tip unless he/she asks for it. Unfortunately this has never managed to get through to some people.

I remember a few years ago when my handicap was about 8 I used to play in a group with a guy off about 17.

This gentleman would regularly try to give me advice after I hit a poor shot in a round.

Despite his handicap being double mine he seemed to feel the need to offer his “advice” to helping my game.

Doesn’t occur as often these days as my golf is at a much higher level.

How I handled it

This answer to this one is quite simple, be very direct with the person in a firm but polite manner. In the example above I did the very same and it achieved the desired result. I said to him “look I appreciate the help, however I would prefer to fix the problem myself or from a trained professional”. 

Additionally I also politely advised “I prefer not to receive golf tips on the course as it takes away from the enjoyment of the game, but thanks anyway”. 

The key to this is you have to be bold and confront the person in a nice way, that’s the only way they’ll get the message.

If you want to know how to stop annoying golf partners from ruining your round of golf you've come to the right place. Learn the strategies and techniques to apply to stop annoying golf partners from destroying your round of golf.

Thinks they are better than they are

This is the golfer that lets their ego get the better of them and actually slows down the round. I have come across these annoying golf partners particularly on par 5’s. They’re the ones that think they can get home in 2 when they really have no chance at all. I recently played a round with a guy that twice during a round did this.

Once after duffing a tee shot on a par 4 and was left with about 240 metres into a breeze to get home.

The group in front was on the green and he said “if I really get this I could put this on, so I better wait”.

We told him to just hit and the guys would be fine. Sure enough he hit it okay but ended up about 40 metres short.

This one I come across all the time and more commonly with the higher handicap player.

For some reason they feel the once in a blue moon golf shot is achievable for them on a regular basis.

If you want to know how to stop annoying golf partners from ruining your round of golf you've come to the right place. Learn the strategies and techniques to apply to stop annoying golf partners from destroying your round of golf.

What I do

For me I simply walk out to the side of the fairway as far as possible to not intrude or enter the golfers line of sight. I then walk to towards the hole along this line until I reach my own golf ball. From here I look back and ensure I watch the shot and am not in danger of being struck. This enables me time to focus on my shot without being held up waiting for someone else to hit.

It speeds up play because by the time he/she has hit and walks up the fairway I am ready to go.

These are just a few of the annoying golf partners that you may come across during your weekly rounds of golf. Unfortunately it is a part of this great game and the best way to fix the problem is by finding a way to manage it and work around it.

Finally I would like to share with you one of the easiest and simplest way to fix any of the above issues.

It’s not always possible but wherever you can you should do it.

Don’t play with these annoying golf partners at all

Most club golfers these days put their name down online before each weekend’s game.

Take the time to memorize or even write down the name of golfers who have annoyed you in some way in the past.

This way you’ll be one step ahead of avoiding a possible issue with them on the golf course.

I do this every week and it has helped me stay clear of many annoying golf partners at my local golf club.


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