I'll make you a better golfer & show you why you get certain results in your own golf swing!

Troy Vayanos is the owner and founder of Hitting It Solid.com a golf instruction website online

If you’ve been playing golf for any amount of time, you would have experienced all the highs and lows of this wonderful game. Just when you think you’ve figured it all out, it comes back to bite you harder than ever!

I started ‘Hitting It Solid’ out of pure frustration at the lack of quality, detailed and actionable golf instruction online. I’d read one instructor saying this and then other one would say the complete opposite … how frustrating! I wanted to know the real truth about how and why certain swings would make the golf ball go a certain way.

You see, even when you get pretty good at this game you always want to improve and keep getting better. I wanted to provide simple, proven fixes for the most common golf faults for golfers just starting out or those ‘weekend warriors’. Everything from slicing, hooking, over the top, casting, loss of lag, early extension, topping and hitting it fat.

Hundreds of posts packed with videos of simple, hacker-proof drills mean you’ll be ready to hit the golf course with new found confidence and zest.

Ready to go?

One happy readers says:

“Hi, Troy, until today when I purchased your 6 min. swing fixes I was really struggling with a great big fade with my driver and I hit a long ball. Luckily I live on a farm and my husband built me  a driving range so after two hours doing your drills and pulling out the BIG club – I sent the ball straight over and over again!?”

Thanks again for your help with the 6 swing fixes- I was starting to lose my mind- and was considering using my irons from the tee box 100% of the time.

Cheers, Tina"

My Story

My name is Troy Vayanos, I'm a husband, father and proud Australian. My golf game was a disaster when I first picked up a club in 1989. It was an endless horror story of 120+ rounds that resulted in agony, frustration and plenty of thrown golf clubs.

I’ll never forgot my “glorious” round of 145 at a local golf course here in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia that almost broke my heart as well as my playing partners who had to watch in despair for over 5 hours! I still loved the game, however so many times I questioned why I took it up in the first place.

I spent most of the 1990’s to 2012 working on improving my golf game and expended numerous hours watching and studying other golfers from the professionals to seasoned A-graders at my local club.

Through much time and error I eventually made tiny bits of progress enough to go from a 27-handicapper to a 4-handicapper. But, do you think I was satisfied?

The penny dropped, and so did my game.

Troy can take your golf game to the next level with simple golf swing fixes to lower your scores

the most efficient golf swing in the world

Moving forward to 2013 my game had stalled. I was still playing okay but not really improving and shooting the scores I knew I could. It wasn’t until a closer examination of my golf swing on video that I realised just how much work I had to do.

I was doing a multitude of things wrong and was relying on compensations to hit the ball well. This explained why I could shoot 85 one day and then 73 the next!

Later that year in my never ending search for the golfing holy grail, I come across a team of dedicated golfers at Rotary Swing. They didn’t make any wild promises but did promise to teach the most efficient golf swing in the world.

A golf swing that worked with the law of physics and didn’t require any special moves or techniques to produce a fluent and balanced movement. A swing that was body friendly and I could perform well into my retirement years.

Their coaching has been the backbone of my new improved swing that not only feels better as I get older but I am still gaining distance despite being on the early side of 40.

You see, you know yourself with your golf game, it’s vital you get an understanding of the real reason why you are hitting certain shots, not some 60 second band-aid or compensation that only lasts 1 round and then falls apart the next. I consider myself a living, breathing example of the Rotary Swing golf model and continue to improve each and every round I play.

This guy watched my video and improved:

“Hi Troy, I watched your video on the correct hinging motion of the golf club and hit some balls on the range, I was absolutely astounded as to how much more solid and powerful my shots were!! I was definitely hinging on the inside for many years and not realizing until I saw your video!”

I am truly truly grateful to you.

Warm regards, James."

Learn how to make the most efficient golf swing for you through the simple methods taught at Hitting It Solid

What can I do for you?

With the knowledge I’ve gained over the last 27 years, I’ve seen everything there is to know about golf instruction. The modern golf swing is more bio-mechanically efficient today and the best players swing the club to not only play well, but to ensure longevity in the game.

I’m a big believer in swinging the golf club the most efficient way possible for your body and thatevery golfer can do this regardless of age and size. I want you to enjoy playing this game well today and well into retirement!

I’ve packed everything I know into each post with proven methods to fix your golf swing so you can make real progress in the fastest amount of time possible. That’s my mission at Hitting It Solid and I would love to help you achieve your golfing goals.

See you on the course!