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Simple Swing Fixes For Weekend Golfers!

I help golfers reach their golf goals, lower their handicap and increase their confidence by showing them how to get the best out of their golf game. With over 25 years golfing experience I know what it takes to go from a high 40+ handicap to lower single figures. I've experienced all the frustrations you are going through such as fat, thin, slice, hook, toe and just plain awful golf shots. I know the ups and downs and the pain you go through trying to improve. I know it all, and I'm here to give you the 'pro-tour' methods that will not only lower your golf scores, but give you the confidence to play any shot and have more fun on the golf course. 

I'm here to give you what I wish I had 25 years ago, when I took up this wonderful game!


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I’ll make you a better golfer & show you why you get certain results in your own golf swing!

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never give up

Your next shot is a new experience. it might be the best shot you ever hit in your life.

I watched your video on the correct hinging motion of the golf club and hit some balls on the range, I was absolutely astounded as to how much more solid and powerful my shots were!! I was definitely hinging on the inside for many years and not realizing until I saw your video!

I am truly, truly grateful to you!
— James
I just had to let you know that your video drill worked immediately and it was so simple the way you explained it [...] It’s great to see the balls releasing forwards when they land instead of bouncing off to the right like they used to do! I’m not usually one for posting comments on the internet but I just had to say thank you! I can’t wait to take it to the course tomorrow.
— Keith


play smart

play the golf shot you know you can hit, not the one you think you should hit.


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